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Will Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein Investigate Herself?

It took a tweet from President Trump to expose what had been quietly hidden by the FBI and the Senate’s security staff:

“Dianne is the person leading our Nation on “Collusion” with Russia (only done by Dems). Will she now investigate herself?” Trump tweeted.

Feinstein Chinese SpyWhile Democrats take to cable TV daily to spin fantasies of “collusion” between President Trump and the Russians, another Democratic politician has been enmeshed in an espionage scandal and cover up.

Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, former Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, was penetrated by the Communist Chinese for some twenty years and hid the penetration from her staff and the public.

The details about the Feinstein staffer were first revealed in a Politico report last week about the West Coast becoming a growing target for foreign intelligence agencies.

The San Francisco Chronicle followed up, reporting that the FBI alerted the senator five years ago that her driver was being investigated for possible spying on behalf of the Chinese. The staffer also ran errands and served as a liaison to the Asian American community, the report said.

But CBS channel 5 KPIX San Francisco has a deeper dive.

Feinstein — who was Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee at the time — was reportedly mortified when the FBI told her she’d be infiltrated.

Investigators reportedly concluded the driver hadn’t leaked anything of substance and Feinstein forced him to retire.

Former FBI agent and KPIX 5 security analyst Jeff Harp said he was not surprised.

“Think about Diane Feinstein and what she had access to,” said Harp. “One, she had access to the Chinese community here in San Francisco; great amount of political influence. Two, correct me if I’m wrong, Dianne Feinstein still has very close ties to the intelligence committees there in Washington, D.C.”

Harp ran counter espionage for the FBI in the Bay Area. He said in addition to traditional political intel and diplomatic secrets, Bay Area spies are often focused on things like R&D, technology and trade secrets.

“They also have an interest in the economy here. How to get political influence here,” said Harp. “What’s being developed in Silicon Valley that has dual-use technology. All of that is tied to the Bay Area.”

And he says, like in many areas, when it comes to counter intelligence and espionage, the Bay Area is a trend setter.

“As the Bay Area goes, so does the nation when it comes to technology,” said Harp. “So why not when it comes to spying?”

Harp pointed out politicians with access to classified information are generally trained on what not to say and when not to say it. But he also noted when you have a driver behind the wheel day in and day out for 20 years, there are more opportunities to slip up.

So, just to make this clear.

Senator Feinstein’s office is compromised for 20 years.

The spy is not charged or locked-up or sweated in Gitmo.

Instead he’s allowed to retire on a federal pension.

What’s more, as The Federalist’s Bre Payton noted in a recent article, in her capacity as ranking member on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Feinstein unilaterally released testimony from Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson to the public earlier this year, violating committee precedent. When she released these records, she failed to disclose that one of her former staffers, Daniel Jones, had hired Fusion GPS and ex-British spy Christopher Steele to dig up dirt on Donald Trump after the 2016 election.

What’s more Feinstein and her husband, financier Richard C. Blum, have deep ties to Red China.

Back in 2000, Lance Williams of the San Francisco Examiner, revealed public records that showed a venture capital firm backed by Blum's investment bank owned millions of dollars’ worth of stock in corporations doing business in China.

All at the same time Senator Feinstein was boosting expanded trade between China and the United States.

Over the course of two years, Blum’s firm pumped more than $400 million in U.S. venture capital into East Asian businesses. Three of the companies are partly owned or founded by the government of China: Zhongxing Suntek Data Communications Corp., a joint venture involving one of China's leading telecom manufacturers; China Civilink Ltd., China's biggest dot-com; and North Dragon Iron & Steel Works, a Manchurian mining operation.

Williams reported that Feinstein once recounted in a speech to the Senate, that her official contacts with China date back to 1979, the year before her marriage to Blum, when she established a sister-city relationship between San Francisco and Shanghai. Over the years, she has made a series of visits to China, becoming close to then-Shanghai Mayor Jiang Zemin, later China's president.

After she was elected to the Senate in 1992, Feinstein began boosting trade as the key to improved U.S.-China relations.

In 1994, when the Senate was considering withdrawing most favored nation trade status from China because of human-rights abuses, Feinstein called the move "counterproductive."

Tough measures would only "inflame Beijing's insecurities" and turn it away from Western-style reform, she told the Senate. And, she argued, trade with China boosts the American economy reported Williams.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: While Feinstein was Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, CIA informants in China begin to disappear. In all, 18-20 in total are killed or imprisoned between 2010 and 2012. The loss is later pinned on Jerry Chun Shing Lee, a former CIA case officer disgruntled because his career plateaued.

With Senator Feinstein’s deep ties to Red China it is fair to ask what if this anonymous “spy” was a lot more effective than has been admitted? And what ties are there between Feinstein’s economic interests and those of the People’s Liberation Army, the real owner of many Chinese companies?  There’s a lot more to this story than has currently come out, not the least is why the infiltration of Feinstein’s office was covered up and why the spy was treated with kid gloves and never prosecuted.

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