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Censorship: The Dark Heart Of The Democratic Party

In the wake of the unprecedented big tech censorship of Alex Jones and his InfoWars website, Connecticut’s Democratic Senator Christopher Murphy tweeted:

Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it.

This, friends, is the equivalent of a Senator demanding that paper manufacturers stop selling newsprint to Alex Jones Censorshipnewspapers with which he disagrees, or that FedEx or UPS refuse to deliver products he doesn’t like.

To give you a more complete understanding of the campaign being waged against Jones, it isn’t just that he’s lost the ability to post content on Google’s YouTube for violating the company’s opaque “community standards.”

According to Caitlin Yilek of the Washington Examiner, Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and Spotify all removed Alex Jones and his InfoWars show from their platforms.

The removals, all within a matter of hours of each other, looked like a coordinated hit on Jones and his business.

Those tech giants were quickly joined by Jones’ email provider, MailChimp, and even professional networking site LinkedIn removed the InfoWars page, saying:

We have removed the InfoWars company page for violating our terms of service. We value the professional community on LinkedIn and strive to create a platform where the exchange of ideas by professionals can happen without harmful misinformation, bullying, harassment or hate.

We encourage our members to report any inappropriate content or behavior. We investigate and if it is in violation take action, which could include removing the content or suspending the account.

According to reporting by CNET’s Marrian Zhou, “After we inquired this afternoon about the Infowars company page, LinkedIn responded that it has removed the page from its platform,” it seems Pinterest also took down InfoWars' page after multiple people “flagged” the account to the company.

Although we are not sure exactly how Alex Jones and his often-bizarre theories about current events might qualify as conservative, the “flagging” of conservative content has become a ritual of life on social media platforms.

Anything that that tells hard truths about the Left, exposes the unbounded ignorance of many of its celebrity adherents, reveals its progressive “social justice” outrages, criticizes its sacred cows or exposes the Left’s increasingly violent tendencies is likely to get “flagged” for “violating community standards.”

Hard-Left threats, hate speech against conservatives, vulgarity and savage attacks are routinely ignored by the social media censors and the tech oligarchs who employ them.

Two questions that remain unanswered about the censoring of Alex Jones are why now, and how did the coordination come about?

The answer to the first one may be that Jones is being sued by the targets of some of his more bizarre conspiracy theories and this has put some of his more outrageous statements front and center in the news.

The answer to the second is likely that Jones has been the target of an ongoing campaign by CNN and various of Leftwing commentators, and their campaign finally gathered enough progressive trolls behind it to hit critical mass with the snowflakes who run the social media censorship teams.

Americans of all political stripes should recognize that this campaign by the Left and these comments by Senator Murphy are not isolated incidents focused on one obnoxious conspiracy theorist.

Back in 2014, as Congress prepared for its traditional Memorial Day recess Democrats in the Senate quietly snuck a bill to repeal the First Amendment onto calendar of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

The bill, actually a Joint Resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States, was sponsored by Sen. Tom Udall of New Mexico and 41 other Democratic and Independent Senators and was later heard before the Senate Judiciary Committee – fortunately it failed to make any headway.

Unfortunately for the cause of constitutional liberty, the Democrats’ urge to censor has not diminished.

In the past year Democrats have demanded that shipping companies stop servicing the firearms industry, and under pressure from Democratic politicians, banks and credit card companies have stopped doing business with the firearms industry, and now Democrats are calling on internet companies to censor those they don’t like or whose reporting shines the light of truth on their misdeeds and hypocrisy.

Make no mistake about this: Democrats demanding the “deplatforming” of Alex Jones and others whose opinions they don’t like is the 21st century equivalent of pressuring papermakers to stop selling newsprint to newspapers that criticize the King. A political party making such demands is unprecedented in American politics and public life and it gives voters who are paying attention a deep look into the dark, totalitarian heart of the new “progressive” Democratic Party.

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Democrat Party

My great-grandfather was a life long democrat very loyal to the party. He knew and told me decades ago that the Democrat Party was "socialism" without question. After watching his beloved party turn into a radical progressive fascist nightmare, his own words, in 2016 he voted for a Republican for the first time in over 50 years. He said he could no longer support the democrat party that was looking for one thing, to destroy America as it was established over200 plus years ago. He said this with tears in his eyes but he said it loud and clear.

Progressive censorship

Come on now. Let's stop with the platitudes of calling the DOC the new "progressive" party. In 2010 the Communist Party of the United States sued the DOC for stealing its platform. Allan West listed 72 members of Congress who are associated directly with the CPUSA which incidentally backed Hillary in the past election. As Pogo said: "We have met the enemy and he is us."