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The Washington Post's Fake News On Trump's Alleged Racism

Race-baiting President Trump has become a staple of the front page of Leftwing billionaire Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post, but the high school newspaper of the Swamp’s inside elite may have hit a new low with this editorial cum news report: ‘I’m not going there’: As Trump hurls racial invective, most Republicans stay silent.

Trump tweet dogThis time the lead paragraph was about the tabloid-level news of the Twitter war between Trump and fired staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman, “Omarosa” to followers of the President’s former reality TV show, The Apprentice:

The president of the United States had just lobbed another racially charged insult — this time calling his former top African American adviser a “dog” — but Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) had no interest in talking about it.

Of the three premises in the lead paragraph of the article two are not just disingenuous, but downright false, and the third is a classic of the new media genre of “Republicans disavowing Trump.”

First of all, the President’s “top African American advisor” would be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, and former Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, not a staffer in the White House office of public liaison.

Secondly, we find no evidence that calling someone a “dog” has any history of being a racial insult, especially from the President.

“Dog” has been an equal opportunity insult from Donald Trump. A quick Google search turned-up former campaign CEO Steve Bannon, former NBC news personality David Gregory, #NeverTrump commentator Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, Chuck Todd, #NeverTrump commentator George Will, unfunny TV personality Bill Maher, Mitt Romney, Ariana Huffington, David Axelrod, even our friend, conservative stalwart Brent Bozell got hit with the epithet when he criticized Trump during the 2016 campaign.

As for the new media genre of “Republicans disavowing Trump,” here’s how it works.

Some Republican elected official is minding his own business doing the people’s work, and suddenly he is ambushed by reporters from the Washington Post, asking him or her to disavow some remark the President has made – in this case characterizing an employee fired for cause as a “dog.”

The Republican elected official having no “dog” in the fight naturally demurs, at which point the story becomes “Republicans refuse to support Trump.”

In order to invent this “news article” the Washington Post staff allegedly called all 51 Republican members of the Senate, but only perennial Trump critics Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona and Robert Corker of Tennessee – both of whom are retiring after getting crosswise with Trump – came out and hit the President.

Senator Perdue said in an interview that he believes Trump is results-focused and “trying to be ­all-inclusive,” and that Democrats are the ones using race as a political issue. “I have many friends in the African American community and they’re tired of being treated as pawns,” said Perdue.

Flake, a frequent Trump critic who is retiring, rattled off examples when asked by the Washington Post team if there were times he felt Trump had been racially insensitive.

“It started long before his campaign, the whole Barack Obama, the birtherism . . . that was abhorrent, I thought,” Flake said in a phone interview. “And then you know, the Mexican rapists . . . on his first official day as a campaign. And then you know, Judge Curiel, the statement that he couldn’t judge because of his heritage. Failure to, you know, condemn in Charlottesville. Just the willingness to go there, all the time. Muslim ban. This kind of divide-and-conquer strategy. It’s just — it’s been one thing after another.”

Notice that even Flake can’t say President Trump is a racist – because he isn’t – instead he uses one of the Democratic Party’s favorite “words that work” which is “divisive.”

Anything that treats humans as individuals and judges them on their individual accomplishments and actions is automatically “divisive” to Democrats, so naturally Trump is “divisive” because he (correctly in our judgement) treats individuals according to their individual actions.

The Post then launched into a lengthy recitation of the standard Leftist revisionist history of Republican Party racism – conveniently forgetting that the most vehement opponents of civil rights and fulfilling the promises of the Constitution to all Americans were not Republicans, but Democratic Governors, such as Georgia’s Lester Maddox and Arkansas’ Orville Faubus, and that it was a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower, who turned out the military to enforce Brown v. Board of Education, that desegregated Little Rock’s schools, leading the way to nationwide school desegregation.

It is clear to us that it isn’t President Trump’s choice of the word “dog” to describe a disloyal staffer that is driving this latest example of “Trump is a racist” yellow journalism, it is Trump’s rising popularity among black voters that has the determinedly Leftwing Washington Post in a panic.

As our friend Deroy Murdock observed in a recent column for the Manchester Union-Leader:

THE LEFT and its henchmen in the old-guard media relentlessly insist that President Donald J. Trump is America’s racist-in-chief. This exhausted lie seems to fall on increasingly skeptical ears. And a surprising number of them are black.

An Aug. 7 NAACP poll found that 21 percent of black registered voters approve of Trump’s job performance. Even better, in Wednesday’s Rasmussen tracking survey, 36 percent of black voters gave the President thumbs up, compared to 19 percent a year ago.

We don’t think a staffer who was fired for cause and who possibly broke the law, and surely committed a serious security violation, by recording conversations in the White House should be called a “dog” because dogs are generally loyal to those in whose house they live.

If we have a criticism of the President in this case it was not that he insulted Omarosa Manigault-Newman by calling her a “dog,” it was that he brought man’s best friend into disrepute by the comparison.

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