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Jim Jordan For Speaker By The Numbers

Our friend Michael W. Chapman of CNS News recently posted what is the definitive analysis to-date of what grassroots conservatives are telling conservative organizations and pollsters about who and what they want in the post-election of leadership of Congress.

Surveys by five conservative grassroots organizations show that their members overwhelmingly support Rep. Jim Jordan for SpeakerJim Jordan (OH-4), a founding member of the House Freedom Caucus, as the next Speaker of the House should the Republican Party retain its majority in the November midterm elections.

It is not surprising that surveys would show grassroots conservative would want new leadership in the House after suffering through the RINO leadership of John Boehner and Paul Ryan, but the level of demand and support for Jordan was a near 90 percent, or more, in every poll.

“When we first saw the results of this poll, we were shocked," said FreedomWorks President Adam Brandon. "We knew our grassroots favored Rep. Jordan for Speaker, but we had to double-check to make sure that wasn’t a typo."

In the FreedomWorks poll of 4,200 members reported by Michael W. Chapman, 99.2% (4,203) said they support Rep. Jim Jordan for Speaker vs. 0.08% (32) that support Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) for Speaker. McCarthy currently is the House Majority Leader.

Things were little different in the Tea Party Patriots poll analyzed by Mr. Chapman. The Tea Party Patriots, which has more than 3 million members, found that 98.4% of its supporters would like to see Rep. Jim Jordan as the next Speaker.

“Since the birth of the Tea Party movement, our supporters have consistently demanded two things – that our political leaders keep their promises, and that they act in Washington the way they act back home, when they’re running for reelection,” said Jenny Beth Martin, the honorary chairman of Tea Party Patriots Action.

“Jim Jordan is one such leader,” said Ms. Martin.

MRC Action, the grassroots army of the Media Research Center, also polled its members, reported Mr. Chapman. From the 2,552 responses, 96.5% said they would like to see Rep. Jordan as the next Speaker of the House.

According the analysis of Michael W. Chapman, the survey further showed that 96.2% believe Jordan is the better pick to support President Trump's agenda compared to Rep. Kevin McCarthy (3.8%). As for a better leader to enact a conservative agenda, 96.3% picked Jordan over 3.7% for McCarthy.

The Club for Growth polled a sample of more than 3,800 members of its 250,000-member network. According to Mr. Chapman’s analysis, the results showed that 95% prefer Jordan and 5% prefer McCarthy.

“Jordan’s massive margin of support reflects the disappointment economic conservatives have in the current House Leadership,” Club for Growth President David McIntosh told Chapman.  “The Leadership failed to keep its campaign pledges to fully repeal Obamacare and control government spending."

ForAmerica, a digital conservative grassroots army of 8 million people, also polled a sample of its members.

ForAmerica asked, "In a matchup between Rep. Jim Jordan and Rep. Kevin McCarthy, who is your choice to be the next Speaker of the House?" More than 4,800 members responded: 86% picked Jim Jordan and 14% picked Kevin McCarthy.

"After taking the pulse of the grassroots, it is clear they want change in GOP leadership given the current leadership’s abysmal failures on key conservative campaign promises," ForAmerica President David Bozell told Michael W. Chapman.  "Failure theater has become the norm on Capitol Hill and the list of broken promises from Congress is a mile long and growing."

"There is a thirst for new blood in leadership, and for someone who knows how to take on the power structure in Washington – and Jim Jordan fits the bill," said Bozell.

As we have often said, no voter in their right mind – and these polls show the conservative voters the GOP needs to win are more attuned than ever – is going to vote to continue Paul Ryan’s legacy of betrayals, lies and failures.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Republican candidate for Congress and urge him or her to have Rep. Jim Jordan come to your district and campaign on the #DoWhatWeSaid agenda of putting Americans back to work, building the Wall, cutting regulations, cutting spending, defunding Planned Parenthood, rebuilding our military and governing according to the limits enshrined in the Constitution.

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