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Who Is Behind The “Caravan” Invasion?

The establishment media would like Americans to believe that thousands of Hondurans spontaneously got together, packed their lunches and set off for a 2,000-mile march to the United States, where they expect us to provide them with jobs, social services, education and more.

Trump tweet aliensOur friends at WND and talk radio superstar Rush Limbaugh aren’t buying it – and neither are we.

Sources have told WND the caravan is organized by a group called Pueblo Sin Fronteras, but the effort is supported by the coalition CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which includes Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLIN), the American Immigration Council (AIC), the Refugee and Immigration Center for Education and Legal Services (RICELS) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) – thus the acronym CARA.

It should be noted that there are deep ties between the Leftwing activists attacking the border and corporate and foundation sponsorship, as Pueblo Sin Fronteras has been recognized as a member of the National Day Laborer Network – a group affiliated with United for Justice and Peace, Caravan Against Fear and the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.

WND has reported. “At least three of the four groups are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.”

Rush isn’t buying it either. “They’re trying to make this look organic, but it can’t be! It can’t be organic! Something like this has to be planned… And so I’m asking myself, who’s behind the planning? I’ve asked the question, well, they have to eat. Well, they have to use the bathroom. Well, there’s some kids there without their parents,” Rush said Monday.

Rush speculated that “rich Democrat donors” anxious to embarrass the president could be behind it, and he’s not alone.

WND columnist Brent Smith has posted some of the most insightful analysis of the situation, writing, “Who is coaching these marchers? Is it once again Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the George Soros funded group who bankrolled the April 2018 march to the border, or is it Honduran communist Bartolo Fuentes, looking to cause upheaval to regain power in his country?”

American Thinker columnist Daniel John Sobieski insisted, however, that “evidence exists that these migrations are not spontaneous, with both of the governments in question encouraging them as a political and economic safety valve and a source of foreign currency, financed in part by foreign leftists with connections to George Soros.”

“Who is funding the migrant ‘caravan’? Each migrant’s passage can cost as much as $7K each. Per capita income Honduras is $2.3 K. It is doubtful that such sums came from the kiddies’ college funds. Evidence of Soros funding of an earlier ‘spontaneous’ migration have been found among the tentacles of support that flow from his Open Society group coffers,” he wrote.

Sobieski also said some of the participating groups “are funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Why do it now?

“It could be that they want to demonstrate the cold-heartedness and the mean-spiritedness of Donald Trump by having him do what he said he would do, not let them in. Basically, shut down the border. If the Democrats are thinking that, man, oh, man, do they not get it,” Rush said.

Rush, echoing the point we made yesterday in our article, “Meet Them With Tanks?” said that for Democrats to get a political boost from the caravan, something bad would have to happen to someone in it. Then, he said, the media and the Democrats could blame Trump.

Otherwise, he said, the caravan is “a microcosm” of what got Trump elected. We agree with Rush, American Thinker columnist Daniel John Sobieski and WND’s Brent Smith: It’s pretty clear the Soros-funded Left is behind this invasion, but if they think it is going to help them in the election they are badly and sadly mistaken.

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