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Everything Is Trump’s Fault Is Fake News At Its Worst

How the establishment media lost its credibility with America outside the Beltway was neatly encapsulated in the headlines of the past two weeks.

First, there was the apparent political murder in Turkey of Jamal Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian citizen who had run afoul of the Saudi royal family. Khashoggi, a high-level Muslim Brotherhood operative was a sometime columnist for the Washington Post, whose specialty was criticizing the Saudi royal family and promoting the interests of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood-aligned terrorist organization Hezbollah, among the other anti-Sarah Sanders TweetAmerican forces in the Middle East he favored in his columns.

President Trump’s initial reaction was to ask for time to get all the facts and then to issue a strong condemnation of the apparent murder and cover-up. However, that wasn’t good enough for the establishment media, especially the Iran-loving Washington Post.

The story line quickly morphed from the pros and cons of how the murder might influence America’s Middle East policy to Trump’s “fake news” attacks on the domestic media had somehow emboldened the Saudis to kill Khashoggi.

In other words, the killing, grounded in the obscure intramural rivalries among the Muslims of Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, is all Trump’s fault because he criticizes the establishment media.

Next, came the bizarre non-bomb terrorism-by-mail campaign against prominent Democrats, anti-Trump mouthpieces and Far-Left liberal donors.

The fall guy in this is one Cesar Sayoc, a “crazed” former pizza deliveryman, body builder, DJ and casino employee who fancied himself as a defender of the “unconquered” Seminole Indian tribe and allegedly lived out of his vehicle for over a decade.

Sayoc’s mother, Madeline Giardiello has been active in Democratic politics and was an officer on her condominium board in Aventura for many years according to reporting by the Washington Post.

USA Today reported that online records show that Sayoc has a string of arrest records that date back to 1991 for alleged theft and drug offenses, along with traffic infractions. As recently as May 2015, he was arrested in Palm Beach for an alleged retail theft. He was found guilty in October 2015, the records reported by USA Today show.

In 2002, according to online court records from Miami-Dade County, Sayoc was charged with threatening to “throw, project, place, or discharge any destructive device.” The records don't detail the specific circumstances of the incident but a destructive device is described in the statute as a “bomb, grenade, mine, rock, missile, pipebomb or similar device.” Sayoc eventually was placed on one-year probation for the second-degree felony.

Multiple media reports claim he was registered to vote as a Republican, but after a Florida felony conviction that seems odd, given that Florida is so strict about felons losing their voting rights that a constitutional amendment is on the ballot this year to change the current law.

Sayoc lost his Fort Lauderdale home in a foreclosure in September 2009, according to court records reported by USA Today. He filed for bankruptcy protection in June 2012. The court records in that case state he had just $4,175 in assets, including a 2001 Chevy Tahoe with 285,000 miles, and $21,109 in liabilities.

According to media reports Sayoc has been out of work since January, his last job being a pizza deliveryman. Where did the pristine new white van covered in custom made Trump stickers that has figured so prominently in the establishment media’s coverage of Sayoc come from?

While internet sleuths have begun to piece together evidence offering at least the possibility that Sayoc is the patsy in a much larger scheme to dirty Trump through a false flag operation, no one in the establishment media seems interested in trying to run down Sayoc’s finances or where the van with the one-of-a-kind stickers came from, or how someone with his obvious mental health and financial problems was able to build and organize a fairly sophisticated terrorism campaign while living out of a van.

Why, because they were all too busy claiming that Sayoc’s long descent into mental illness was all President Trump’s fault.

Bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc, lost and angry, found his tribe with Trump,” blared a Miami Herald headline.

As bad as the fake news surrounding Jamal Khashoggi and Cesar Sayoc was, Saturday brought America a real tragedy that cynical Democrats and their Far-Left allies brazenly decided to also try to pin on Donald Trump.

Robert Bowers, self-styled Trump hater and virulent anti-Semite, stormed into the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh and murdered 11 congregants.

The shocking killings moved President Trump to order the FBI to assist in the investigation, issue an immediate statement of sympathy and to order flags to be flown at half-staff, but even the evidence of social media posts by Bowers reviling Trump for being “controlled by the Jews” didn’t stop the establishment media from shamelessly trying to pin the tragedy on Donald Trump.

Trump’s America is not a safe place for Jews” spewed The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank.

In his column Milbank chooses to dishonestly equate the economic nationalism of Trump and his supporters with anti-Semitism. Conflating criticism of the globalism of George Soros, a Nazi collaborator, currency manipulator and felon, with anti-Semitism is both dishonest and divisive, but that is par for the course at the Washington Post and other establishment media outlets.

Milbank has apparently not been to the campus of a major college or university lately, because if he had he would know that the most dangerous place in America for Jews is the Leftist academy, and that anti-Semitism is a central tenet of the Radical Left that is the center of the anti-Trump “Resistance.”

If you don’t believe us, Dana, then please go to the website and while you are there, please sign-up for their e-newsletter for some insight into where the most virulent anti-Semitism is in America today.

Of course, not all Jews share Milbank’s view, and many took to social media to rebut the claims that Trump is somehow responsible for the actions of a racist who hated him. Our favorite is from @ImAndrewMarcus, who tweets as “Red Pill Jew.”

Marcus tweeted yesterday:

DEMOCRATS ON MONDAY: Israel’s an apartheid state.

DEMOCRATS ON TUESDAY: Israelis are the new Nazis

DEMOCRATS ON WEDNESDAY: Israel’s the obstacle to peace

DEMOCRATS ON THURSDAY: Israel is why Muslims hate us

DEMOCRATS ON FRIDAY: Trump’s rhetoric caused the #synagogueShooting

We leave it to White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to offer the best rebuttal of Milbank’s screed as she tweeted:

Is there any tragedy the Washington Post won’t exploit to attack President @realDonaldTrump? The evil act of anti-Semitism in Pittsburg was committed by a coward who hated President Trump because @POTUS is such an unapologetic defender of the Jewish community and state of Israel.

The establishment media continues to be befuddled by their falling market share and polls that say Americans don’t trust them anymore. They need look no further than these three stories and the false narratives they promote for the answer to their problems of loss of trust and market share.

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