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Florida Democrat Andrew Gillum’s Campaign: 'It’s a cracker state.'

Our friend James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas Action has struck again, this time catching the campaign of Andrew Gillum, the Democratic candidate for Governor of Florida trashing the state and white voters.

Click here to view the Project Veritas video.

Project Veritas“It’s a cracker state,” campaign aide and former Gillum college roommate Omar Smith said. “Get it? Ask anybody outside of here. You go Port St. Lucie, Orlando … man them crackers ain’t gonna let us do that sh*t dawg. Boy, you crazy?”

Smith weighed in on the political spectrum, setting the parameters from the extreme left to the extreme right.

Smith said, “So you have the extreme right-wingers, those are the Trump, and the crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy Republicans. The Progressives are the crazy crazy crazy Democrats. Your hipsters, your hippies.”

Smith then proceeds to confirm that Gillum is part of this Progressive classification.

Smith explained that Gillum is playing the part of a reasonable moderate, but in actuality he is a far-left candidate who champions Medicare For All and “borderline socialism.” “Gillum is a progressive. He is a part of the crazy, crazy, crazies,” said Mr. Smith.

Smith repeatedly referred to white people as "crackers," saying further, Florida “is a f***ed up ass state.”

In another part of the expose, Smith goes on to explain that without corporate tax increases, the programs Gillum has promised would not be able to develop or even exist.

The Project Veritas journalist asked Smith, “[Gillum’s] counting on the Corporate Tax to fund all the programs he wants to fund?”

Smith: “Correct.”

When pressed by the Project Veritas journalist about the promise Gillum is making to voters while understanding those promises wouldn’t be funded outside of the increase of corporate taxes, the journalist asks if the voters know that’s the case.

When asked directly how Gillum plans to pay for many of his campaign promises, Smith said he couldn’t. “That’s not for them to know … That’s not for [the voters] to know. Remember our saying, modern-day fairy tales start with ‘once I am elected.’”

Smith added that Gillum's agenda "will never happen."

"So, let’s go back to Mr. Gillum’s platform, right?" Smith continued. "Raise the corporate tax in Florida from 7 to 11 percent. That will never happen. Raise teacher’s pay to $50,000, that will never happen. Give me another position. Medicare for all, that will never happen."

The campaign, said Smith, has "to appeal to white guilt."

Smith also says that “the rules in Florida are f*cked up” and that the Florida legislature has to become racially black for Gillum’s agenda to advance.

You can watch the video through this link.

Adrian Young, who works for the Florida Democratic Party, revealed that Gillum does not support the Second Amendment and wants to push for Far-Left bans on common firearms and accessories.

"I do think he’s not saying specifically like I’m going to ban bump stocks or I’m against ARs, only because he’s running a race right now," Young said. "I do think he would support anybody doing that stuff, Bill Nelson… But I don’t think he can say it just [be]cause he’s trying to get the moderates and the gun-toting people in North Florida."

Dale Holeness, who is a Broward County Commissioner and also works on Gillum’s campaign, further explained Gillum’s gun control views:

“There ought to be at least a three-day waiting period for everybody and a full background check for everybody… And we need to- And these automatic guns with sixteen rounds a minute, they ought to not be on the streets either, so that’s his plan.”

Said James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas Action:

“What we found in the Gillum campaign was just what we found in Missouri, Tennessee and Arizona, a candidate lying to the voters he needs to win the election.”

To watch the video click this link.

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