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Memo To New GOP House Members: Kevin McCarthy Is Too Dumb And Inept To Be Minority Leader

If House Republicans want to effectively represent the conservative views of their constituents and regain the majority, they should reject Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s bid for Minority Leader and choose Rep. Jim Jordan to lead their Conference.

In the past two years of the Trump presidency Majority Leader McCarthy has been MIA or on the other side in almost all of the big battles for conservative principles and values; he’s produced no funding for the Wall, Kevin McCarthyadvocated for amnesty for illegal aliens, funded Planned Parenthood, caved on new restrictions on the Second Amendment and continued the authorization and funding for scores of Democrat programs and priorities.

But McCarthy’s ineptitude goes back well before President Trump was elected, back to his days as Majority Leader under establishment disaster Speaker John Boehner.

The last time he ran for the top House Republican leadership position McCarthy appeared on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News and Hannity hammered him with a list of House Republican failures, broken promises and outright betrayals.  (While we don’t necessarily agree with all of Guy Benson’s analysis you can watch the video through this link to Townhall)

McCarthy’s biggest problem as a leader is that he relies heavily on Speaker Boehner ‘s philosophy that “we have to formulate a strategy to win before we can even start the battle” not recognizing that Democrats see the battle as the whole game, and so merely to fight is to gain a victory because it shows ideological commitment, forces the agenda, motivates the base,  and makes the Party relevant.

McCarthy understands none of this, and what’s more he is completely inept when forced to think on his feet.

The low point of McCarthy’s appearance on Hannity came after Sean goaded him with a long list of failures and McCarty finally came forth with what he thought was a “win.”

He claimed the select Benghazi committee drove Hillary Clinton's polling numbers down and that was a “win,” noting that nobody would have known about her email scandal "had we not fought."

First of all if the Benghazi hearings are strictly political why would Kevin McCarthy be so dumb as to admit it?

To claim a purely political motivation for the Benghazi committee’s creation and investigation was quite possibly the dumbest and most disrespectful thing a Republican “leader” could say about the multimillion dollar effort to get to the bottom of the events leading to and flowing from the death of four brave Americans; U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer Sean Smith and CIA contractors, Tyrone S. Woods and Glen Doherty.

Second, what McCarthy said is demonstrably not true as regards the effect of the House Benghazi committee’s actions – which were at best inconclusive because they treated Hillary Clinton and her associates, such as her Muslim Brotherhood influenced confidant Huma Abedin, with a kid glove deference no other witnesses would have received in similar circumstances.

Judicial Watch, not the Benghazi committee, was the organization that forced the most damning revelation about the Hillary Clinton’s email.

The incontrovertible evidence that she used her private server to send and receive classified email – a felony violation to say nothing of a national security disaster – was generated by Judicial Watch and its relentless pursuit of its Freedom of Information Act law suits.

It was the Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuits, not the Benghazi committee, that have provided the “drip, drip, drip” that Hillary Clinton complained hurt her poll numbers.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Kevin McCarthy’s incoherent attempts to clean up the mess he created with his braggadocios response to Hannity’s goading was a political gift to Democrats that they mined throughout the campaign to try to make Hillary Clinton look like a victim.

David Brock, a Clinton ally who runs an assortment of Democratic groups that aggressively defended her, told The Washington Post that McCarthy’s suggestive comment changed everything.

“To put it simply, the game is over, and they’ve lost,” Brock said according to reporting by Philip Rucker and Robert Costa. “This was supposed to be the big moment for Gowdy and his committee and instead what we have is the person who’s likely the next speaker validating everything critics have been saying. . . . Now everyone can see the fact that this has been a partisan charade all along.”

Looking ahead to the general election, Brock told Rucker and Costa: “With this clip, we now have the ad we want.”

And Brock was right – watch the clip at the top of this link and ask yourself how Kevin McCarthy can have any credibility as the top spokesman for House Republicans when it comes time to complain about the politically motivated witch hunt against President Trump, his Cabinet and Justice Brett Kavanaugh that Democrats have already promised.

According to media reports, House leadership elections are set for as early as tomorrow, we urge every House Republican to view the clips of Kevin McCarthy’s amazingly dumb and inept comments on Hillary Clinton and the scandal of Benghazi attacks and then ask themselves if that’s the kind of “leadership” they need to combat the Democrats and advance the conservative agenda in the House?

If the answer is YES, and Kevin McCarthy is elected Minority Leader, then we predict House Republicans will continue to lurch from disaster to disaster because Kevin McCarthy is just plain too dumb and incoherent to effectively speak for the Republican minority, let alone lead Republicans to regain the majority.

Democrats have made it clear that once they take over the House in January 2019 that their “Resistance” will ramp-up to an all-out war on President Trump and the conservative agenda that won him the presidency in 2016 and grew the Republican Senate majority in 2018.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to sign our letter to newly elected Republicans urging them to vote for Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader and call their newly elected Republican Representative TODAY to urge him or her to vote for Jim Jordan when the House Republican Conference meets.

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