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Jim Jordan: House GOP Leaders Blew 2018 Election

Freedom Caucus co-founder Jim Jordan, who is running for minority leader, has a tough message for his colleagues: If House Republicans had done more to change Washington and deliver on their campaign promises, they would still be in the majority.

“This might be a tough pill to swallow, but I believe that if we’d handled the past two years differently, we would Jim Jordan Minority Leaderstill be the majority party in the House of Representatives,” the Ohio Republican wrote in a dear colleague letter first reported by Roll Call.

In other words, the Ryan – McCarthy leadership team blew it.

“As the minority party in the House, the top priorities of our conference for the next two years should be to defend the president and to regain the trust of the American people so we can win back the majority and enact good policy,” Jordan said. “To do this, we need new leadership. We can’t just stay on the same path and expect different results.”

“Even though the American people share our conservative values, we need to play strategic defense on policy in the minority,” the letter said.

Jim Jordan is right, and as wee see it, what is needed is a wartime leader for House Republicans, not an accommodationist like California’s Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

Don’t get us wrong, while McCarthy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, he could have been a good Majority Leader.

But instead of spending the past two years gathering votes to pass the conservative – populist agenda that put Donald Trump in the White House, he spent his energy and considerable talents as a salesman undercutting that agenda and all but destroying the House GOP’s brand.

Jim Jordan was one of the few Members of Congress who was willing to call McCarthy and Ryan out on their broken promises and government by crisis, predicting back in August that if Republicans didn’t pass funding for the Wall, they would lose the election.

In a wide-ranging interview with our friends at Conservative Review, Jim Jordan said he did not want Republicans to pass non-controversial spending bills, delaying a vote on funding a border wall until after the November elections. He wanted Republicans to fight.

More importantly, he wanted them to win and deliver legislative victories for President Trump and the American people.

Unfortunately, the messaging of the national leadership of the Republican Party was largely content-free or Big Government Republicanism, which is the type of campaign that lost the GOP the 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections.

And now that Republicans are in the minority, the fight is the only thing they have; going along and getting along is the recipe for returning the GOP to the permanent minority status they had before Newt Gingrich taught them how to fight.

Democrats are going to spend the next two years harassing President Trump and offering free stuff to voters.

The only thing Republicans have that can beat free is what Jim Jordan has been running his campaign for Minority Leader on – keeping the promises made in the 2016 election.

“The next two years of Congress and the presidential election of 2020 will define the future of our country,” Jordan concluded in his letter to his House colleagues. “If we are to regain the majority, we cannot continue on the same path.”

As we have often said, no voter in their right mind – and the conservative voters the GOP needs to win are more attuned than ever – is going to vote to continue the Ryan – McCarthy legacy of betrayals, lies and failures.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to sign our letter to newly elected Republicans urging them to vote for Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader and to call their Republican Representative TODAY to urge him or her to vote for Jim Jordan when the House Republican Conference meets next week.

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Jim Jordan GOP leader

Paul Ryan was and is a butt boy for strap on Nancy...the leadership of the GOP were RINO's...that has to change! the people are sick & tired of being lied to...period!