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Trump Is Right: Honest Vote Count No Longer Possible

"The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis in that large numbers of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged," Trump said via Twitter. "An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!"

The President was referring to the actions of Broward County’s Democrat Supervisor of Elections Brenda Trump TweetSnipes who has admitted to mixing ineligible provisional ballots with eligible ballots and previously was proven to have engaged in election impropriety, including destroying ballots.

As Olympic Media Managing Editor Katie Frates noted during an appearance on Fox and Friends, "She has had a long, long history of accidents and mistakes," Frates said. "In 2016 she did this to a Democratic opponent, a challenger to Debbie Wasserman Schultz...this woman has a very long history in this county."

However, Broward County isn’t the only problem county in Florida.

As our friend Sandy Fitzgerald of NewsMax reports, there are also issues in Palm Beach County, where Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher said Sunday that there is no way all the county's ballots can be counted before a Thursday afternoon deadline.

Frates added that she thinks there may be some "buyers' remorse" from Republicans, as Snipes was brought in to replace a supervisor over claims of improprieties," and Snipes "seems to be following in this exact same trend."

And that trend isn’t limited to Florida and Broward and Palm Beach counties.

In Georgia a judge ordered three heavily Democratic precincts to stay open late, introducing thousands of provisional ballots into the election.

Richard Barron, Fulton County, Georgia’s director of registration and elections, said the issue at Booker T. Washington and Archer Hall precincts was college students. Many were registered to vote elsewhere, but insisted on filling out provisional ballots where they were. Barron said there were so many people filling out provisional ballots at the high school that the precinct ran out of them and had to print more.

“I think it’s setting a bad precedent for the future,” Barron said of the efforts to keep those three locations open later. “It seemed to be judicial activism.”

The latest figures show Fulton County rejecting 1,556 of the total 3,722 provisional ballots cast. Nearly 1,000 of the ballots were disqualified because they were out of county, and another 581 were not registered to vote. Three were rejected because they weren’t U.S. citizens.

Those are the votes Democrats seek to add to their tally.

Speaking of judicial activism, Democrats have sought to delay Georgia’s statutory certification deadline until Wednesday and require counties to count absentee ballots rejected for missing information and other inaccuracies. The suit would also require that counties accept provisional ballots that were rejected because the voters live in a different county.

A separate filing by a Democratic congressional campaign seeks to delay Gwinnett County from certifying its election results in order to count a cache of nearly 1,000 absentee ballots that had been previously rejected. That echoes other lawsuits targeting Gwinnett’s disproportionately high reporting of signature-related absentee ballot rejections.

One Democrat lawsuit asks the court to require absentee ballots rejected for “arbitrary” reasons, such as a mistake in a birthdate or missing information, to be counted. As many as 2,000 ballots were dismissed because of such problems.

And it would require counties to accept provisional ballots that were rejected because the voters live in a different county. Abrams’ campaign said this could affect thousands of additional votes.

While many of Georgia’s rural counties have already certified their votes, most of the more densely-populated metro Atlanta counties that overwhelmingly tilted toward Democrat Stacey Abrams have yet to do so as the search for “new” votes widens.

And that search for “new” votes is bearing fruit.

A cache of 5,500 provisional and mail-in ballots were reported that showed Republican Brian Kemp’s lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams shrinking slightly to about 59,000 votes. Some came from counties that days earlier reported all votes had been tallied.

According to WSB-TV, Atlanta, the newly-reported votes overwhelmingly tilted to Abrams and triggered a wave of celebration for Abrams’ supporters.

If their goal was to completely undermine free and fair elections, then celebrate they should. Activist judges and post-election lawsuits to “count every vote,” whether legal or not, have made a mockery of election laws and made any election decided within the margin of litigation a mockery, leaving it to the whim of liberal judges, not the electorate, to decide who will govern.

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Honest voting

If the republicans and democrats want honest voting, they would:
1. Require a picture of I.D. of each voter
2. Not allow illegal aliens to vote
3. Not allow jailed criminals to vote
4. Require write in ballots across the country
5. Dispose of all of the george soros rigged voting machines
6. Impose fines and even jail time for voting fraud
7. Assure that all votes by our Best and Bravest military men and women be counted.\
Due to the fact that the republicans have Never done anything to correct the routine cheating by democrats it appears that they are not different political parties. There is actually no difference between the RINOs (republicans in name only) who control the republican party and therefore nothing will ever be done to stop the cheating by the democrat party.

Florida election fraud

The slapping of Florida with the revelation in the attached article is both good and bad. The good is that you can bet this same crap is going on in other state. California, Texas and Arizona to be sure and the horror of Florida may open more investigation in these other states. The bad is the Florida now looks like a substate of New York Communism. We are actually seeing a revised version of an old tactic if you rmember that JFK was elected with voter fraud in Dade County, Daly country, Chicago and LBJ followed suit with voter fraud in Texas. The inability of the left to get mega amnesty for illegals and therby enroll them into their victimhood voter scam is forcing them to "just do it" criminality. Time to get rid of the rats.
The real sour issue as I see it is the absentee ballot which is ripe for vote early vote often cheat. It really needs to be addressed and there has to be a national data bank of living US citizens with all associated ID and pertinent data available by state so that verification of every voter can be done efficiently and rapidly.