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A Very Trump Thanksgiving

The election of Donald Trump was a beginning, not the end, of a great struggle to reestablish constitutional government in America and to defeat the anti-constitutional forces of Progressivism, that for the past three decades have run largely unchecked through the government and the major cultural, religious and academic institutions of this country.

Electing Donald Trump gave limited government constitutional conservatives the opportunity, not the guarantee, Donald and Melaniathat we could roll back the damage Progressivism has done to our culture and national fiber.

Mr. Trump has largely fulfilled his promises and our expectations, the Republican Congress that was elected with him did not, and as a result, many of the Republicans who opposed the conservative – populist agenda that elevated Donald Trump to the presidency were defeated in the recent midterm election.

While it would be better if Republicans had remained in the majority in the House of Representatives, President Trump, and his conservative – populist supporters, achieved a remarkable victory in the Senate; increasing the Republican majority in the Senate by a net two seats.

This victory was almost entirely the result of President Trump’s tireless campaigning on behalf of candidates who supported his Make America Great Again agenda.

And make no mistake about it: As hard as the Washington political class may spin that “suburban women” and various other demographic groups rebelled against President Trump, where Trump campaigned, Republicans won.

No one in the establishment media will credit Mr. Trump for his herculean effort, and few in the conservative media have been gracious enough to admit it, but without President Trump, America would be in the hands of the new, radically Leftist Democratic Party.

But for Donald Trump we would be two years into the kleptocratic rule of Hillary Clinton and a Congress bent on opening our borders, amnestying millions of illegal aliens, increasing our taxes, confiscating our guns and passing other new restrictions on our liberty.

President Trump, and his wife, have borne an almost inhumane burden ever since he announced his candidacy. They have been reviled, harassed, bullied and subjected to a continuous torrent of the vilest abuse not for who they are, but for who they represent – the American heartland’s forgotten citizens.

While few in Washington’s elite salons will offer their thanks for the election of Donald Trump or for his herculean effort during the midterms, we believe among the millions of America’s working families who want nothing more than to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, worship as they see fit, enjoy the pleasures of a happy home and pass on to their children the fruits of their labors he should be and will be honored this Thanksgiving.

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