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Mr. President, Veto McConnell’s Sellout On The Wall

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Alex Pappas of Fox News reported yesterday that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced a stopgap measure to continue funding the government and avert a shutdown later this week – but it won’t include President Trump’s desired $5 billion for border wall funding because of the “reality of our political moment.”

“Later this morning, we’ll introduce a continuing resolution that will ensure continuous funding for the federal government,” McConnell, R-Ky., said on the Senate floor. “The measure will provide the resources necessary to continue normal operations through February 8th.”

What Mitch McConnell meant by “the reality of our political moment” was not that the American people or the Republican base wouldn’t support President Trump or Republican Senators if they fought for the much needed and long-promised border wall. It is that Sen. McConnell and his establishment Republican allies don’t have the stomach for the necessary fight, now or ever.

Does McConnell think that Republicans will be in a stronger position to fund the wall in February than they are right now?

Surely, he doesn’t, because come January Democrats will control the procedural strings in the House and they’ve made it clear that under no circumstances will they approve money for the wall.

And having control of those procedural strings Democrats can erect a host of barriers to the President’s plans to build the wall, from riders on bills, to report language, to their own shutdown threats, Democrats will be in a stronger position to thwart the President in February than they are today.

And the President is not without allies in this fight. House Freedom Caucus spokesman Darin Miller told Fox News that the group of conservatives will try to amend any spending bill so it funds the border wall.

“They see this as the last real chance to try and keep their promise on this issue,” Miller said.

And of course, the House Freedom Caucus analysis is correct, all Mitch McConnell has to do is listen to Speaker of the House in waiting Nancy Pelosi and take her at her word.

Since 2016 Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority Leader McConnell have moved the goal posts at least four times, always putting the fight and the vote to fund the wall off to some undefined time in the future.

That’s how we got to this “political moment.”

The House Freedom Caucus will offer two amendments to the year-end spending bill. First, propose to end the catch and release problem. Second, they propose $5 billion in unrestricted funding for the border wall.

Meadows and Jordan say House Freedom Caucus members will not vote in support of a bill that doesn’t include these provisions.  And they say the president should also use his veto pen to ensure that Congress listens.

Securing the border isn’t going to happen in a Pelosi-run Congress. Republicans still have two weeks.  That’s more than enough time for them to do what they said on building the Wall and securing the border.

We urge President Trump to veto any spending bill that does not have his minimum $5 billion for the wall, have the battle for the border wall now before Democrats are stronger and have more tools at their disposal.

We also urge CHQ readers and friends to lend their voices to our “Don’t Waste The Lame Duck, Build The Wall” campaign. Click the link above and send a letter to Republicans in Congress demanding that the GOP stand with President Trump and fund the wall on our southern border, and use this link to contact the White House to let President Trump know you back him and want him to fight the battle to fund the wall TODAY.

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Mitch and Paul

These two idiots are RINO's and swamp members. One down and one to go!

Budget resolution

Mc Connell and Ryan are RINOS. Mr President we back you, and it would prudent to veto any offer that does not satisfy the lynch pin of your election BUILD THE WALL.. Screw a few GOv employees who will get a longer Christmas holiday due to a shutdown of the non essential personnel. In fact, if they are really non essential, don's have them come back. Just run with what you have.

Build the WALL

I support building the wall. Do this NOW, befor Pelosi has a chance to stop it. Pelosi is a bigot with dreams of "FREE MONEY FOR ALL from the U.S. GOVERNMENT". DON'T LET HER or THE DEMOCRATS ruin our country.