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President Trump, Take Your Case For The Wall To The People

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As CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, documented in his book TAKEOVER, on October 27, just a week before the election, Ronald Reagan delivered on behalf of Senator Barry Goldwater’s faltering presidential campaign what became known in conservative circles as “the speech.”

A week out from what was to be an electoral defeat of epic proportions, the establishment media largely ignored “A Time for Choosing,” but it did two things that were essential to the rise of Ronald Reagan and Reaganism: First, in its substance Reagan didn’t talk only to Republicans or conservatives, he spoke to all Americans selling the conservative ideas that would make him president. Second, he established the effectiveness of the extended TV speech as a means of taking conservative ideas directly to the American people by offering them in a format outside the 30 second TV commercial and free of the liberal filter of the establishment news media.

Ronald Reagan regularly made use of that technique as a candidate and as President, and we urge President Trump to do the same to sell the public on the necessity of building an effective wall at our southern border.

Conservatives who are President Trump’s staunchest supporters on the issues of border security and preserving American sovereignty and exceptionalism are well aware of the dangers and the costs of the Far-Left Democrats’ open borders policies.

The President’s economic nationalist supporters are equally aware of the economic and quality of life benefits to American workers and their families of not diluting the American workforce with millions of low-skilled, low-wage illegal aliens.

However, millions of fair-minded Americans, who may be open to the Left’s stories of persecution and hardship on behalf of the illegal border crossers they are inducing to come to our country have not heard the facts of illegal entry into our country.

As Benjamin R. Dierker pointed out in an article for The Federalist, the media has kept national coverage of the border wall deceptively superficial. If we think about the border wall in limited terms, we will only see limited benefits. Some intentionally blind themselves to the benefits in order to downplay the need for border infrastructure. While a wall is a clear deterrent to illegal immigration, it will also protect and improve the lives of millions of Americans in less than obvious ways.

By creating an effective deterrent, Dierker, a border wall minimizes the pull factor of illegal immigration. A child or family is less likely to take a perilous journey just to end up staring up at a 30-foot wall or being turned around by security personnel.

A border wall saves lives by reducing weaponry, drugs, and human trafficking, while protecting the environment from devastating impacts. Since 2009, heroin seizures at the southwestern border have almost tripled, while meth seizures quintupled through 2014. What’s more, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune, 80 percent of the fentanyl coming into the United States enters through the San Diego border before dispersing throughout the country to claim over 30,000 lives a year.

It is only rational to construct a barrier between dangerous places and safe ones. And as Benjamin R. Dierker observed in his piece for the Federalist, one Mexican state bordering the United States is subject to the strictest travel warnings the State Department issues, due to criminal activity and violence. Two Mexican border cities were ranked among the top most dangerous in the world. The wall would reduce the spillover of violence, drugs, and burglary that plague so many along the border.

Our friend Jenny Beth Martin, of Tea Party Patriots, made the case to President Trump for a primetime presidential address on border security this way:

You hold the most powerful office in the world, and it is your obligation as President to use all the tools at your disposal to effect the change you promised.

Please, begin with a prime-time address from the Oval Office.

The presidential prime-time address is so valuable a tool to focus the concentration of the citizenry that it has been referred to as “the single greatest home-court advantage in the modern world.”

The Left has made its opposition to the border wall clear, not only through direct commentary, but by what they leave out. Clear benefits of a border wall are being ignored, and only you, Mr. President, using the proven technique pioneered by President Ronald Reagan can make those benefits known to the American people.

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Border security is a necessity!

Many on the right object to a border wall also, why? The almighty dollar. The left says that it is in favor of border security (and pigs fly), but won't give Pres. Trump the money he needs. Thus the shutdown and hell, a government that doesn't represent the people (except for the president's little team) how necessary are they? The government has grown waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too large, I agree take the argument directly to the people, we are who is affected by this invasion. At least until the border wall is up (I'd say even after) let the military carry rifles and use them. I do commend the idea of an electrified fence at the top (I don't know how many others heard about this), use the same technology in the Rio Grande and other waters. Now the elephant in the room that we are distracted from. We do have a northern border to defend also and yes not many but some are coming in there too. Remember border security's assessment of the situation-"broken arrow." They need our help NOW!

The Wall

If Trump can't get funding for the wall, perhaps he can disincentivise migration by eliminating citizen funded monetary and benefits support for who are not citizens. Remember the Boston Tea Party? The reverse should also be true.