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What V.P. Mike Pence Asked Conservatives To Do

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Yesterday, CHQ Chairman Richard A. Viguerie, ATA President & CEO Kathleen Patten and CHQ Managing Editor George Rasley were invited to participate in a teleconference with Vice President Mike Pence and Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway.

The subject was the Wall and border security and what conservative leaders, law enforcement personnel and local political and community leaders can do to break the impasse in Congress and get the Wall built and our border secured.

The Vice President had one simple request of each person on the call: Call your Representative and Senators and demand they support the Wall and President Trump’s border security plan; then also encourage your constituents, family, friends, members of your organizations and colleagues to call Congress.

Frankly, we think the Vice President underestimated what the people on the call, and the President’s grassroots conservative-populist supporters, would be willing to do to help get the Wall built.

Yes, calling Congress is important – you can find a suggested message at the end of this article – the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) and we urge you to call your Representative and Senators right now.

And if you called them yesterday, call them again today and everyday until the Wall gets built.

But the impasse on the Wall is not going to be broken until two things happen: First, until Republicans on Capitol Hill feel enough heat to stay united behind President Trump and his border security plan, including the Wall; and second, until Democrats are convinced that Republicans ARE united and aren’t going to cave, as they almost always seem to do.

Right now, squishy Republicans are talking about voting with the Democrats to reopen the government agencies that are shutdown without funding the Wall and the President’s border security plan.

And they are being told this is the right thing to do by the cheap labor wing of the Chamber of Commerce, government employee unions, open borders advocates among the religious Left and of course the establishment media.

This means you must push back – starting with your local, state and national Republican Party leadership – who cannot be allowed to sit on the sidelines.

The Washington Examiner reports a huge majority of the Republican Party supports President Trump's handling of the partial government shutdown, according to a Huffington Post/YouGov poll.

A total of 84 percent of Republicans — 64 percent of whom strongly approve and 20 percent who somewhat approve — support Trump's refusal to accept a funding bill that does not include more than $5 billion for enhancing security operations at the U.S.-Mexico border.

It is time the GOP political leadership heard from that 84 percent of grassroots Republicans, because we can guarantee you that they are hearing from the Chamber of Commerce and other special interest lobbyists.

You can find a list of Republican National Committee Members through this link, this list is not perfect, some entries will have links through to contact information, others you will have to contact through your state’s Republican Party Headquarters.

We urge you to give the Republican Party leaders the same message that you give Members of Congress:

The chaos at the border is a politician-made disaster that President Trump has resolved to fix, and you support his plan and the border wall and demand that Democrat and Republican Members of Congress get behind the President and protect this country.

Democrats refused to even acknowledge that a crisis at the border exists, and they offered no plan for increased border security at all – merely more of the same open borders chaos, crime and economic hardship that made the wall one of the keys to President Trump’s 2016 victory.

You have empathy for those public employees who may miss a paycheck, but their short-term problem pales in comparison to the lives lost at the hands of illegal aliens, the drug crisis that is killing hundreds of Americans every week and the economic disruption that has roiled the private sector workforce during the illegal alien tsunami of the past 10 years.

The time to build the Wall is now and in the face of the multiple threats that the border chaos has created you can no longer accept excuses for congressional inaction.

The silence of Republican leaders has led Democratic leaders to think they’re winning the battle over the Wall and that they can hold out longer than the President.

And why shouldn’t the Democrats think they can win? For the past two years the GOP’s congressional leaders hid whenever the subject of the Wall came up and stalled around avoiding any showdown with the Democrats over the Wall.

The President made a powerful case for the Wall, it is time for the shameful silence of GOP leaders to end. And it is past time for Capitol Hill Republican leaders to – for once – listen to the conservative – populist base of their party and not only stand with the President on the Wall but speak for it and fight for it too.

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