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House Freedom Caucus Under Assault

Kevin McCarthy










After leading Republicans to a devasting loss in the 2018 midterm elections the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his allies are quietly working to take out key conservative allies of President Trump associated with the House Freedom Caucus.

One of the first conservatives to get hit in the purge was principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Jody Hice (GA-10). According to reporting by Scott Wong of the Hill, multiple GOP sources say that McCarthy and his allies on the Republican Steering Committee booted Hice off of the Armed Services Committee, making good on a vow to retaliate after the Freedom Caucus member voted for Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) for Speaker.

According to Wong’s reporting, Hice was one of six Republicans either in the Freedom Caucus or aligned with it who did not vote for McCarthy on the House floor during the Speaker’s vote on Jan. 3: Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) backed Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.), while Massie, Hice and Reps. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.), Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) and Scott Perry (R-Pa.) all voted for Jordan for Speaker.

Wong reports the fact that Hice was singled out by the Steering Committee during a closed-door meeting on Wednesday is significant: He’s expressed interest in running to be the next chairman of the Freedom Caucus, the group that helped oust Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) in 2015 and blocked McCarthy from succeeding Boehner as Speaker. Members are close allies of President Trump but frequently give their own leadership team fits.

A second GOP source familiar with the Steering meeting told Wong that Hice was denied his slot on the Armed Services Committee because he was not a team player.

“The votes just weren’t there,” the second source said. “Someone who votes against leadership and their own chairman is just going to have a hard time getting back on [Armed Services].

“It’s a pattern and he wasn’t a team player.”

This latest “not a team player” business reminds us of the way former Speaker of the House turned pot lobbyist John Boehner tried to run the House Republican Conference by telling reluctant conservatives to “get your ass in line.”

Back in December of 2012 then-Speaker Boehner ousted principled small government constitutional conservative Representatives Tim Huelskamp, Justin Amash, Walter Jones and David Schweikert, from their Committee posts because they voted and spoke against Boehner’s constant abandonment of conservative principles.

The whole point was to intimidate them, and if they couldn’t be intimidated, to generate a primary or general election opponent ready to run against them because their “demotion” rendered them less effective at obtaining the kind of taxpayer-funded largess that is the stock and trade of insider politicians. In the case of Huelskamp the strategy worked as he was later defeated in the Republican Primary.

But Hice, Amash, Walter Jones, Schweikert and Huelskamp are not the only conservatives to tread the hard path of taking on the establishment Republican House leadership.

In 2006, in the aftermath of the wipeout of Speaker Dennis Hastert’s Big Government Republicans, principled small government constitutional conservative Congressman – later to be Governor of Indiana and Vice President – Mike Pence challenged establishment Republican John Boehner for the House Minority Leader’s position saying:

"Only by making a dramatic turn in the direction of the agenda of the Republican Revolution can we hope to attain majority status again... We must again embrace the notion the Republicans seek power not simply to govern but change government. We are the agents of change and we must return to that reformist vision...

"I believe we must confront this moment with new leadership and new voices. We must take a page from the playbook of President Ronald Reagan who taught us that it is not enough to believe great things, we must effectively communicate great things to the American people..."

Pence lost out to Boehner, but two years later he was elected House Republican Conference Chairman and helped steer the House Republicans in a more conservative direction in the run-up to the 2010 Tea Party wave election that returned the GOP to the majority in the House.

The charge of not being a “team player” is what the Republican establishment uses to justify doing political damage to a conservative in the hope that the conservative will either be brought to heel, or, better yet, defeated in the next election.

From our perspective not being a team player is one of Jody Hice’s best qualities, particularly when the “team” is being led by a boneless wonder like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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MC CARTHY is just another PAUL RYAN......

He is a RINO to the core.....

JIM JORDAN should have been elected for the job instead of MC CARTHY.....

we can expect more of the PAUL RYAN AND ROMNEY bullshidt to continue......

we must remember...MC CARTHY is from CALIFORNA and ROMNEY is from 'wherever'....

both are as worthless as titts on a snake......

Power brokers

This is one of the major reasons nothing gets done in Washington. Both sides of the aisle are too busy brokering their own power base to take care of the people's business. If they weren't concerned about this their votes for these committees would be confidential. This nonsense needs to stop. Unfortunately, they are the ones who would have to stop it and they don't have any intention of doing that. All of America saw that when Feinstein threatened a fellow colleague during the Kavanaugh hearing. It's the same ploy Pelosi used to win the speakership again. I, for one, DO NOT have any respect for the majority of people playing (notice I did not say serving) in our nation's capital. In my opinion there isn't anything 'honorable' about them. It does my heart good to know President Trump has the gumption to tell Pelosi and company to take a hike!