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Rush Makes Half Of A Great Point

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Yesterday, conservative talk radio superstar Rush Limbaugh had a great segment on the Democrat presidential candidates offering free stuff to everyone as part of their 2020 platform.

Rush started out riffing on California Senator Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign announcement and then transitioned to dissecting former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz’s 60 minutes appearance wherein he said he is seriously considering running for President.

After playing a soundbite from the 60 Minutes interview, Rush zeroed in on this segment:

SCHULTZ: (haltingly) Every American deserves the right to have access to quality health care. But what the Democrats are proposing is something that is as false as a wall, and that is free health care for all, and which the country cannot afford.

Rush then said, “Mr. Schultz, do you think we’re idiots? If you’re gonna run around and your campaign is gonna say, ‘Every American deserves the right to have access to quality health care,’ they’re gonna think you’re offering free health care! That’s exactly the trick that Obama pulled off! The day Obamacare was signed into law, people all over this country thought that they had free health care that day! Talk to doctors. People were showing up at the doctor’s office expecting not to have to pay.”

Rush went on to say, “If you’ve got a voter base that does want freebies… This guy’s not gonna run against people wanting freebies. That’s the whole Democrat Party voter base. It’s not that they want freebies; they’re demanding them. But they don’t care how much it costs.”

And later, “It’s as though money doesn’t really exist when you’re talking about government. I’m talking about the mind-set of average American voters. What things cost is as irrelevant to them as whether or not there’s gonna be water in the faucet. It’s expected, they don’t think anything about it, as much as they need, it’s there when they turn on the tap.

“And they look at money, federal money, government money the same way. And I don’t mean in terms of government checks, Social Security, welfare. I’m talking about the philosophy that the government has run out of money. They don’t see that. ‘How’s the government run out of money when they’re spending money left and right, giving it away here, giving it away there. If they’re gonna give it away, I want mine. If the government is Santa Claus, I want presents under my tree every day’.”

Rush is certainly right about people demanding freebies being the Democrat Party voter base, but that’s only half the point.

The reason that people think that government money is like water coming from the faucet – it’s always going to be there – is because Republicans, especially during the Speakerships of Speaker John Boehner and Speaker Paul Ryan stopped talking about spending and the growing deficit.

A decade ago, when Republicans were last in the minority in the House, “the cost of government is not what it taxes, it is what it spends,” was a staple of Republican talking points on the growth of government, spending and the dangers of the growing deficit.

Once Boehner and then his acolyte Ryan took the helm of the House GOP all criticism of deficit spending ceased, even as conservative economists and pundits raised the alarm about it and grassroots conservative voters wondered what the devil happened to the idea Republicans were the party of fiscal restraint.

Here’s the deficits run by Congress by year while the GOP held the House majority and allegedly controlled the federal purse strings:

2011 = $1,295   

2012 = $1,087   

2013 = $679       

2014 = $485       

2015 = $438       

2016 = $585       

2017 = $665       

2018 = $779       

We might add these massive deficits were being racked-up by House Republicans at the same time tax collections were hitting all-time records, so it was not tax cuts or revenue losses that drove the deficits – it was the sheer volume of spending.

The bottom line is, Rush is right too many people have bought into the idea that the bill for free stuff from the government will never come due, but the part he left out, or perhaps saved for a future monologue is that one of the main reasons that is so is because under Speakers Boehner and Ryan Republicans stopped talking about fiscal restraint and started spending like Democrats.

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