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Trump Weighing All Options For Wall Funding

Trump on Wall
Yesterday, as it became clear that Capitol Hill’s establishment  Republicans had once again let down President Trump and the GOP’s conservative – populist base, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said the President was weighing "alternative options" for building a border wall and he'll keep them on the table, whether or not he signs off on the latest border funding bill that allows far less money than he believes is required to secure our southern border.

"Like the president said yesterday, he is not happy about it, but it is okay he will get the job done no matter what," Sanders told Fox News' "Fox and Friends." "He has alternative options. And he will keep those on the table. We'll see what the final package looks like. The president will make a determination whether or not he is going to sign it."

Sandy Fitzgerald of NewsMax reports the bill expands Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said Sanders, adding that there are some positives in the bill, but "not enough," so Trump is not happy with it.

"This has made some progress," said Mrs. Sanders. (House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi said she wasn't going to give a dollar for the wall. This has roughly $1.4 billion, that will go towards the wall, that the whole country knows that we need."

Sanders said Trump will deliver on his promise to build the wall, just like he has his other promises, but he wants to see what the final bill looks like before making a decision if he'll sign it.

One alternative President Donald Trump use to get funding for a border wall would be to reprogram funds Sen. James Lankford said Wednesday. Lankford said he agrees with Trump's assessment that there are problems at the border, and, it is "just not true" that everyone who is crossing the border is coming to the United States to find work.

"There are funds allocated to certain law enforcement entities, or to national defense entities, and to say those funds can also be used for border security, that stays within the parameters of the law and we don't have to deal with a court case," Fitzgerald reports the Oklahoma Republican told CNN's "New Day." "Declaring a national emergency, moving one fund to another is going to get caught up in the courts for years and it doesn't solve the problems."

Fitzgerald reports Lankford also said he anticipates agreeing to the funding bill announced earlier this week, but he still needs to get through details to make sure the "paperwork lines up with the rhetoric."

Meanwhile, says Fitzgerald, House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows said Wednesday that Congress could "do better" with its pending funding bill, but that doesn't mean President Donald Trump won't sign it and use it as a tool for building a border wall.

"I am disappointed with it," the North Carolina Republican told Fox News' "Fox and Friends." "If we look at it, the amount of money here, it would take 20 years to complete the wall. Will we wait 20 years to stop drug traffickers? Are we waiting 20 years to stop human trafficking?"

Fitzgerald reports Meadows said he won't be disappointed in Trump if he signs the funding bill, but he is disappointed in Congress.

"The president wants to keep the government open," said Meadows. "If he uses this as a vehicle, so be it. No one has seen the bill. They were still negotiating it last night. Democrats were trying to add things to this deal last night. Nobody has seen the text. Not even the conferees have seen it."

Lawmakers had two months to come together on the bill, said Meadows, adding that he is not optimistic that Congress will help Trump with the border, and he doesn't think Trump is optimistic either.

"You have a lot of Democrats who want an open border situation on our southern border," said Meadows. "When we look at this, what we have to do is have to encourage the president to take some type of executive action, if Congress is not going to work."

We urge CHQ readers and friends to have faith in President Trump’s commitment to building the wall. Call the Senators and Representatives on the Conference Committee TODAY. The toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044) tell them you support President Trump’s call for a wall on our southern border and if Congress remains in political gridlock you agree the President should use his Article II constitutional authority to declare a national emergency and have the Pentagon build the wall and other need security enhancements on our southern border.

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Wall Funding Alternative

I have read that there is $1.2 trillion dollars in "unobligated balance" money that Trump could and should use. This is appropriated money for other purposes that was NOT completely used. Hard to believe that Congress hasn't spent it all but so far it is available to Trump. All he needs to do is order the Treasury Dept. to "RECLAIM" these funds back into the Treasury. There is already precedent since three previous presidents took this very action before.