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Assault on America, Day 83: Mueller conclusion leaves Dems in shallow woeful loser bracket

Mueller No Conspiracy
Well, it’s finally over. The long-anticipated Robert Mueller report is complete for the authorities’ eyes to see.

For over a year the Special Counsel was rumored to be wrapping up his ill-defined probe. Cable news channels and establishment media pundits devoted thousands of hours to speculating on how it would turn out. Those who surmised the report would be the nothing-burger of all nothing-burgers won the prize for most on-target prediction. At a time of year when Americans study their NCAA tournament brackets intently praying for a victor, the results are in.

And while there are a couple weeks remaining until we crown the 2019 college basketball champ, there’s already a winner and a tournament full of losers in U.S. politics. President Donald Trump gets the trophy; the Democrats and their government honks lost. It wasn’t even close. Now it’s time to name names and call out the perpetrators.

Kurt Schlichter wrote at Townhall, “Those of us who are neither shameless liars nor blithering idiots – or, such as my congressjerk Ted Lieu, both – never bought into this transparently ridiculous notion. But the Democrats, their slobbering media suck-ups, and their conservagimp submissives did, or at least pretended to. Why? Because the dumpster fire ruling class they represent was outraged that we, the People, rejected its divine right to govern us when we chose a brash, pugnacious outsider over their designated monarch to-be, Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit.

“This sham investigation was not anything like the administration of justice. It was part of, as people say but we’ve stopped being shocked when we hear it, a soft coup. It was a deliberate attempt by the powerful to use the levers of government to eliminate a threat to the ruling class’s hold on political power by manufacturing a false narrative with the active assistance of those in government and media whose whole job is to prevent these sorts of fascist shenanigans.

“The damage to our country is hard to calculate right now…”

Indeed it is. It’ll take weeks/months/years to assess the fallout. Perhaps it’ll result in Trump’s reelection next year. Or maybe clarity could come sooner, with investigations/indictments into the true culprits in evidence here. Something’s wrong within the great marbled walls of Washington DC’s government buildings -- and it doesn’t have anything to do with the president or his people.

Trump’s ego is already large enough but Democrats somehow found a way to inflate it. That takes some doing, too.

How do you make a man like controversial lifelong celebrity and real estate tycoon Trump appear as innocent as a choir boy? Answer: you accuse him of colluding with America’s greatest enemy of the 20th century to steal an election, base your accusation fantasies on salacious garbage dreamed up by leftist political operatives coupled with a British spy-guy with a grudge, filter it through the corrupt upper echelons of the infamous anti-American “deep state” echo-chamber and then lie your rear end off about what’s going on in the special counsel’s investigation for two full years.

While all of this was going on there was the thought, ‘Couldn’t they come up with something better?’ Yet half the country latched onto the ruse like a trout chasing a lure, falling for it hook, line and sinker. Trump’s haters wanted so badly for their scam to be true they obligated themselves to stumping for a woman who couldn’t win a dog catcher election if there was an alternative body on the ballot.

Several Democrat leaders (not candidates) were caught up in the embarrassing trap -- Wikileaks’ release of tens of thousands of emails between party movers and shakers that painted them in a not-so-flattering light -- so they drummed up an excuse that sounded plausible and sellable to a gullible public. When Trump mockingly (in July, 2016) urged the Russians to find and release the rest of Clinton’s missing emails, it planted a sinister seed in Democrats’ compromised skulls.

Most of the establishment media, themselves desperate to rid the nation of a candidate (and then president) who refused to play by the swamp’s rules, “colluded” with the liberal liars to pass on the absurd premise. It certainly looks pretty stupid now, doesn’t it?

The amount of egg on Democrats’ faces could keep Cracker Barrel and IHOP in business for a decade. Just peel it off, fry it and serve sunny side up, over easy or even cold and runny scrambled. It doesn’t matter. The #resistance bet heavily on Hillary Clinton’s campaign handlers’ phony collusion theory and they’ve now lost everything, especially their dignity.

What began as a worldly self-righteous ruling class bellow is now a muted pitiable whimper. Trump’s enemies (both within his own party and the opposition) have been reduced to a collection of naked partisan pols claiming they still see “collusion” and intending to vigorously pursue charges of obstruction of justice. But if there was no “justice” to obstruct, how will they make it stick?

The same party that applauded former FBI Director James Comey (when he said there would be no prosecution of Hillary Clinton for her email crimes), then savaged him (upon announcing a couple weeks before the 2016 election that he was reopening the investigation based on Huma Abedin Wiener’s having shared a computer and electronically generated viruses with scumbag pedophile sex offender hubby Anthony), and then placed everything in the tall (6’8”) doofus’s hands when it was clear Comey was out to get Trump. Now they have no conquering hero.

Will Democrats still sign-up for Comey’s ethics course at William & Mary and wait hours for a signature at his book signings?

Democrats also made much hay over Russia in the leadup to last year’s congressional midterm elections on the supposed dirty dealings of Trump and the enemy. They called Trump and Vladimir Putin liars when the two presidents stated during a joint press appearance that there was no collusion. Nancy Pelosi dished on it; so did creepy “Chucky” Schumer. Who’re the fabricators now?

If Democrats no longer can get on TV talking Russia, Russia, Russia and Mueller, Mueller, Muller, what will they do? If they can’t drone on about how criminal Trump is, will they actually speak on issues? And if they do, how will the 2020 Democrat candidates distinguish themselves from each other?

No matter; Democrats will keep their coup dreams alive no matter what. Byron York wrote at The Washington Examiner, “Democrats seized on Mueller's decision not to make a call on the obstruction issue as a reason for more investigation. They must have all of Mueller's evidence, Democrats said, to show the American people whether the president obstructed justice. Not that they have any doubts on the matter, remember that not long ago Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, stated flatly, ‘It's very clear that the president obstructed justice.’ Republicans, of course, also support the release of Mueller's evidence.

“Democrats will now point out that one can be charged with obstruction of justice even if there was no underlying crime. That is indeed true. But the Trump-Russia fight of the coming year will not be a legal debate. It will be a political debate, as Democrats seek to damage the president going into the 2020 election. And in the political debate, Mueller's clear conclusion on the underlying issue of collusion, that there wasn't any, will give the president a very powerful argument: You're saying I obstructed an investigation into something that didn't happen? I defend myself against false charges, and that's obstruction?”

Only to Democrats it is. They’ll try assuring folks that Trump’s firing James Comey two years ago matters now and he did so only to cover himself. The facts reveal otherwise. Granted there aren’t many, but the persuadable voters will see when they’re being duped. And they won’t like it.

Robert Mueller’s conclusions didn’t surprise anyone who’s paid attention to the facts since the sorry episode began. Democrats placed all their eggs in the wrong basket -- again -- and it’s left them looking puny and pathetic. Their day of reckoning is coming soon; maybe by 2020?

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