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Assault on America, Day 85: Can the GOP ignore the popular vote and win again in 2020?

Trump 2020
Question: If you’re about to engage in a critically important competition and concede in advance that you’ll lose one crucial aspect of the match that could easily impact the outcome, do you still take part?

This isn’t sports; speaking of the 2020 presidential election where President Donald Trump looks to follow-up on his incredible 2016 feat -- namely earning enough Electoral Votes to attain the Oval Office once again.

Confident Democrats line up by the dozen to bump off Trump. Buoyed by the expectation of an almost certain win in the national popular vote (thanks to inflated victory margins in hugely populated blue states like California, Illinois and New York), these hopefuls reason if they merely do slightly better than Hillary Clinton did in several key swing states, the next one taking the oath of office will surely be a Democrat.

Apparently establishment Republicans already accept they’ll lose the nationwide vote tally. David M. Drucker reported in The Washington Examiner, “Senior Republicans are resigned to President Trump losing the popular vote in 2020, conceding the limits of the flamboyant incumbent’s political appeal and revealing just how central the Electoral College has become to the party’s White House prospects.

“Some Republicans say the problem is Trump's populist brand of partisan grievance. It's an attitude tailor-made for the Electoral College in the current era of regionally Balkanized politics, but anathema to attracting a broad, national coalition that can win the most votes, as past presidents did when seeking re-election amid a booming economy. Others argue that neither Trump, nor possibly any Republican, could win the popular vote when most big states are overwhelmingly liberal.”

The last fact is most salient. In today’s day and age of a pampered American citizenry conditioned to receiving government assistance to purchase everyday necessities -- food, housing, healthcare, education, etc. -- the race to subsidize everything is lost for the GOP. Democrats have already convinced significant majorities of minority groups to religiously back them, not only by demonizing their political opposition as racist, sexist, xenophobic “deplorables” but also by promising to provide for basic needs as a matter of “fairness.”

Many a bleeding-heart Hollywood limousine liberal and Silicon Valley tycoon is all-in with the Democrats and their phony we-need-to-spread-the-wealth socialist mission. The Constitution’s implicit and explicit guarantees of individual rights and equality of opportunity, liberty and justice for all aren’t sufficient for these politically correct value shamers. It’s their way or the highway. Not hard to figure out.

When paired with the modern American culture’s serious slant to the left it’s enough to put every Republican presidential candidate at an intrinsic disadvantage. It isn’t just Trump, either. Is there a Republican in the land who could hope to beat Democrats in the popular vote in 2020?

In 2004, George W. Bush was the last Republican to prevail in the popular vote (and ironically almost lost the Electoral College. If John Kerry had carried Ohio, he would’ve bested 270 electoral votes) and unless conditions change markedly, he’ll likely be the last of his kind, too. Bush’s margin was 1.4 percent, an almost unthinkable surplus in today’s national campaigns.

Demographically speaking, there just aren’t enough Republican-type voters left anymore to counter the Democrats’ near complete dominance with young voters, urban liberals and minority factions. Trump could talk until he’s blue (or red?) in the face and he still likely wouldn’t break a certain threshold with black, Hispanic or Asian voters. Decades of wishy-washy malfeasance by the GOP establishment in neglecting to appeal to these groups won’t be made up within the span of a few years.

So that leaves the Electoral College, where Republicans feel significantly more bullish about their chances. Drucker added, “[T]he president’s team, planning for higher voter turnout in 2020 but privately bracing for a second popular vote defeat, is moving to build on 2016 by going on offense in Democratic-trending battlegrounds that Trump lost to Clinton by surprisingly narrow margins.

“Some states on this list were targets three years ago. Trump is prepared to commit substantial resources to Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, and Nevada despite 2018 midterm election results suggesting tough sledding there ahead. New Hampshire may also be a target.”

Republicans should never let “tough sledding” deter them from working to retake ground in a national election. Democrats may be out of reach in the ultra-liberal northeast and the big blue states with massive cities packed full of leftist Democrat machine organizations that prey on the gullible and churn out near-automatic votes, but several more states are still within reach for the GOP with a turnaround of a few percentage points.

Minnesota in particular appears ripe for the taking. The Gopher State almost went for Trump in 2016, with the president losing there by about 45,000 votes and 1.5 percentage points. Neighboring midwestern states Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana all chose Trump, leaving only Minnesota and beyond-reach Illinois as unbroken bricks in the blue wall. There are enough Republican-type voters in Minnesota to give the GOP hope that the land of 10,000 lakes is fertile ground for an “upset” next year. Stranger things have happened…especially if Democrats continue on their downward slide into socialism.

Democrats also make the mistake of figuring Trump’s continued lukewarm ratings in national polls translates into popularity -- and votes -- for their side. Trump may not be the most well-regarded president of all-time but when pitted against the likes of screechy liar “Pocahontas” Warren, the intellectually bankrupt Kamala Harris or Corey “I am Spartacus” Booker, the brash New York real estate tycoon appears “moderate” by comparison.

Theoretically speaking, perceived “moderate” Joe Biden could go toe-to-toe with Trump in several of the Republican’s hardest won states, but the former Vice President’s already run for president three times and was always lacking in the most important category -- votes. Biden’s foot-in-the-mouth disease figures to be especially acute when all the attention is on him, too. This election is far from a foregone conclusion.

Because of the Republicans’ obvious reliance on the Electoral College as a path to victory, Democrats have begun their all-out assault to discredit it. Its essential nature is clear. Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “Most of our political problems today are a result of our political gatekeepers surrendering to the mob. All extreme political movements are hostile to restraints on their will. This is what unites the progressives who want to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the Electoral College, and ‘reform’ the ‘undemocratic’ Senate with those on the right who celebrate President Trump’s emergency declaration and other attempts to rule by fiat.

“In a healthy democracy, leaders are answerable not just to voters but to legislatures, the courts, the states, and parties. The decades-long trend has been to dismantle this arrangement to make presidents answerable to no one but the slice of electorate that voted for them. And even there, those voters are increasingly more interested in seeing their leader ‘win’ than in holding them accountable. Abolishing the Electoral College would be another step toward a kind of national absolutism, which is an even worse medieval relic.”

#NeverTrumper Goldberg couldn’t resist lumping Trump supporters in with the leftists vying to ditch the Electoral College and alter the other institutions he mentioned, as though Trump was acting despotically by lawfully and constitutionally using his executive powers to declare a national emergency where there legitimately is one. But that’s an argument for another time.

This isn’t complicated; Democrats hope to plant enough discontent in Americans’ brains to foster a popular uprising against the Electoral College and the Constitution. Rest assured, had Hillary Clinton won in 2016 no liberal would be talking about this now. Sore losers are sore losers.

With the Mueller report failing to show any “collusion” between Trump and the Russians, expect Democrats’ calls to prop up the popular vote and abolish the Electoral College to intensify. Republican leaders may have already given up on winning the vote tally, but it won’t matter in the end.

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