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Assault on America, Day 110: Nauseated GOPers sickened by Mitt Romney’s bashing of Trump

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You almost have to feel sorry for Mitt Romney. Almost.

Why, you ask? After all, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee and eventual election loser has lived a great life despite several significant political setbacks that would’ve devastated a more prideful man. The son of a wealthy politician (and presidential candidate) grew up in privilege, did all the right things in following his faith, married a great woman to share his hopes and aspirations and fathered five boys who grew to be men without embarrassing him or engendering damaging headlines.

Romney also was elected governor of a Democrat dominated state despite his party affiliation and ran for the senate from there as well. This past November he was elected by the people of Utah to represent them in the upper chamber, quite an honor considering he’s never really made his home there for years at a time. With all of this going for him, Mitt should be smiling from ear-to-ear, right?

He’s not acting like a satisfied and grateful man. Jordain Carney reported at The Hill, “Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said [last] Friday that he is ‘sickened’ by the behavior described in special counsel Robert Mueller's report, including the actions of President Trump.

“’I am sickened at the extent and pervasiveness of dishonesty and misdirection by individuals in the highest office of the land, including the President,’ Romney said in a statement posted to Twitter…

“’I am appalled that, among other things, fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia—including information that had been illegally obtained; that none of them acted to inform American law enforcement,’ Romney said.”

Considering everything we now know about American federal law enforcement under the Obama regime, should anyone justly be “sickened” that additional information wasn’t handed over to the likes of James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and the rest of the sorry cast of government sleazebags whose names are forever notorious to law-respecting Americans, not because they did their jobs as they swore to do, but because they allowed their personal biases and hatreds to cloud an extremely sensitive matter?

Not to mention the basis for the entire Mueller investigation was bogus, dreamed up by Democrats on a mission (first to stop Trump from winning the election and then to bring him down after he took office) and advanced by a slanderous piece of unsubstantiated campaign opposition research, bought and paid for by the eternally compromised and discredited Hillary Clinton?

And what does it mean to be “sickened,” anyway? Was poor Mitt doubled over in pain after he read the Mueller report, or down on his knees on the cold and hard tiled floor of his cushy living quarters emptying the contents of his stomach into the DC swamp’s sewage system? Should we feel sympathy for Romney or take him to task for injecting his own prejudices into a place they don’t belong? What did the Utah senator hope to gain from publicly releasing a Twitter statement on Good Friday instead of saving his opinions for an off-the-record intra-party caucus discussion when Congress reconvenes?

Why did Mitt handle it this way? By all appearances Romney’s “statement” was the latest in a long series of backhanded slaps at Donald Trump, the man who, at his request, enthusiastically endorsed him for president in 2012 (and early in the primary process, too, on February 2nd) and also for senate (in February of last year, well before Utah’s nominating process had commenced).

Romney should be thankful for President Trump, not concoct wild fibs about being “sickened” by the redacted Mueller report. Seeing as there was no underlying Russian collusion, the special counsel was compelled to include seedy hearsay details of purported conversations and reactions to make it appear he’d traveled the proper investigatory road and therefore justify the tens of millions of taxpayers’ dollars spent to sustain and prolong this farce.

If there was no “collusion,” how could there be obstruction into investigating the non-existent “collusion”? As Peter Strzok himself once texted, “my gut sense and concern is there's no big there there.”

So why the hate, Mitt? It can’t be because Romney felt compelled to put political distance between himself and the mildly controversial head of his party in order to keep Utah’s “moderate” swing voters onboard with him. Romney just turned 72 years-old and even if he decided to run for another term in 2024, he’d be a 77 year-old former presidential also-ran and likely still be the Beehive State’s junior senator (unless Trump nominates Sen. Mike Lee for a Supreme Court vacancy).

Not to mention Romney won his 2018 senate race with 62.6 percent of the vote, doubling the count of his Democrat opponent. Even if Trump isn’t wildly popular with Utah Republicans (surveys show Mormons don’t take to Trump’s staunch immigration stances and are repelled by his aggressive New York street-brawler attitude), Mitt shouldn’t feel a need to triangulate. He gains nothing from it -- and there’s no “principle” involved with criticizing Trump’s behavior... again.

Unless Mitt’s leaving options open for another presidential run, a primary challenge to Trump next year or even trying his luck as an independent with a microscopic fraction of Democrats inclined to support him along with the nebulous dwindling band of (so-called) conservative outcasts, the last vestiges of #NeverTrump.

With the long-anticipated release of the Mueller report, however -- and its findings basically officially exonerating Trump on all counts (except for a few tidbits of embarrassing stuff) -- there isn’t much basis for hoping to dethrone the sitting president from within. What would Mitt say in his campaign, anyway -- that the economy isn’t good enough? Or Trump’s too tough on illegal immigration?

Not even Romney can flip-flop that well -- and he’s the best at it!

Thankfully Mitt’s party heresy didn’t go unanswered by more responsible Republicans. Louis Casiano reported at Fox News, “Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee lashed out at Sen. Mitt Romney after the Utah Republican said he was ‘sickened’ by the level of dishonesty from President Trump’s administration in response to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s redacted report into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

“’Know what makes me sick, Mitt? Not how disingenuous you were to take @realDonaldTrump $$ and then 4 yrs later jealously trash him & then love him again when you begged to be Sec of State, but makes me sick that you got GOP nomination and could have been @POTUS,’ Huckabee tweeted Friday.”

Ouch. Casiano’s story highlights Romney’s and Trump’s history of animosity but clearly there’s no love lost between the 2008 GOP primary rivals either. It shouldn’t be forgotten how Huckabee, running mostly as an outsider against the two establishment favorites, (Romney and McCain, though the Arizona senator was clearly the choice of the elites) won in Iowa and seemed poised to embark on a potentially successful campaign until the swamp protectors sank their fangs into him (by labelling him a one-trick pony, appealing only to evangelicals).

Huckabee couldn’t raise enough money to compete, and although he won more delegates than Romney, was never considered McCain’s true rival. As a result, Romney took his “runner-up” status into 2012 and won the GOP nomination almost by default (main competitors were Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul).

Conservatives -- including Huckabee -- eventually consolidated behind Romney’s 2012 campaign in the earnest hope of unseating Obama. A common “enemy” was enough to bring everyone under the same tent. The détente didn’t last, however, as Trump’s candidacy and scorched-earth campaign style shattered the Jeb Bush-touting GOP establishment -- and it’s never been the same since.  

Romney’s a big reason why fractures remain among Republicans. As Huckabee suggested, first Mitt was against Trump, then he praised him (when there was potential for a Trump administration appointment) and now Romney’s back to being “sickened” because of the Mueller report.

Thankfully no one pays any attention to what Mitt Romney thinks these days. Perhaps he should realize it and cease taking cheap shots at a president who is keeping the party’s promises and faces what is sure to be a serious leftist socialist Democrat challenger next year. Can’t Mitt just shut up?

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