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American Association of Evangelicals Releases Wise Welcome: A Bible Study on Immigration

Wise Welcome
Our friend Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder and spokesperson for the American Association of Evangelicals (AAE) and a moving force behind Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration (EBI) has just released, in association with Old Testament Professor James Hoffmeier, a must-read e-book, Wise Welcome: A Bible Study on Immigration. (You may download a free copy through this link.)

This short booklet is devoted to a biblical understanding of immigration, both the obligation to care for strangers and the responsibility to protect a nation’s citizens. The authors’ goal is to highlight relevant Scriptures and provide some much-needed contextual clarification about critical passages, hoping this approach helps arm Christians with the whole counsel of Scripture.

Sanctuary cities. Caravans. Children without adults. Asylum seekers. DACA “dreamers.” Travel bans. Voter fraud. Escalating drugs, crime and murder. No single issue is dividing America, including Christians, more than immigration. How tragic, and how unnecessary is the division in our country when a biblical understanding of a wise welcome could heal both the Church and nation.

Wise Welcome: A Bible Study on Immigration, will help Christians answer the question at the heart of the immigration debate: How can we balance security and hospitality in America, historically known as the world’s most generous and welcoming nation? And how can we honor and preserve the Constitutional republic that our Founders entrusted to us?

Kelly Monroe Kullberg began to search for the answer to that question after volunteering with grad students to help turn a Salvadoran garbage dump into a livable community for 8,000 people in desperate poverty.

After working on that mission Kelly was shocked to see the mission organization, World Relief, and other “voluntary agencies” (VOLAGs) begin to close down good, hard-fought efforts (circa 2009) to prioritize placing migrants to the United States. She also came to the recognition that agencies and nonprofits like World Vision, Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services (LIRS), Catholic Charities, U.S. Catholic Bishops, and others began to receive  hundreds of millions of dollars from the U.S. Department of State, USAID, and curious anti-faith “progressive” foundations to “resettle” large migrations of people in American cities.

Ironically, she discovered much of the funding for these efforts comes from U.S. taxpayers who, polls clearly show, do not desire an influx of foreign labor and porous borders. Though news media tend to focus on the divisions in our cultural conversation, a recent wide-reaching poll conducted by Harvard University reveals that 79 percent of U.S. voters — across party lines — agree that the U.S. needs secure borders.

However, some ministers, who have made it a point to be seen and heard on migration issues, seem to have forgotten that biblical wisdom belongs in public as well as in private, and cherry-picking Scripture for various unstated political ends can be deceptive and dishonoring of the Lord and of one another.

In contrast to the scriptural “cherry-picking’ approach of some immigration activists, this Bible study guide attempts to encourage readers to explore the whole counsel of Scripture with a more balanced view for what is “just” for both citizens and those desiring to enter our nation. What a treasure of insight Scripture offers.

From our perspective, one of the most interesting sections of Wise Welcome is its exploration of the concept of “sanctuary.”

The idea of short-term “sanctuary” originated in Old Testament Israelite law. This practice had specific requirements and was open to people who had accidentally killed someone. The biblical practice of sanctuary, either in the Temple or a city of refuge, was to protect the offender from vigilante justice and to ensure that he received a fair trial.

Numbers 35:15 – These six towns will be a place of refuge for Israelites and for foreigners residing among them, so that anyone who has killed another accidentally can flee there. The passage notes that these six “sanctuary” cities were open to both Israelites and foreigners alike. The concept was to protect a person who had accidently killed someone from those seeking a vigilante retribution.

The accused found temporary protection in the sanctuary until they could receive a fair trial. This term is now abused as a safe space for those who wish to hide from authority and law forever. As Wise Welcome explains, sanctuary was never intended as a place to avoid the law, but to allow the law to take its proper course rather than retaliation when it was not called for.

American cities and churches that offer sanctuary for illegal aliens cannot claim to be following the practice described in the Bible. Rather they are twisting biblical statutes and subverting federal law note the authors of Wise Welcome.

The goal of the authors of Wise Welcome, is to help Christians be centered, deeply grounded and accurate on what the Bible says about immigration and welcoming the stranger.

We hope this Bible study inspires you to love as the Lord commands. Equipped with clarity from Scripture, let’s move past the pundits, activists, and politicians to embrace “wise welcome,” because biblical wisdom is the highest love for human beings and the greatest good for all cultures.

For readers who desire further study, we suggest that you carefully read the longer Bible passages themselves. You will also benefit from Dr. Hoffmeier’s classic book, The Immigration Crisis.

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How do you get right with the law?

In 2001 as a citizen and pregnant my husband and I went to an attorney to adjust my husband status. The attorney told us there were no options as he entered illegally and we consulted yearly until 2016. In 2015 I found out I was pregnant and we seriously considered abortion because we knew sponsorship would be impossible with another child, if an option ever became available, yet we had no options but for him to leave 10 years and I still cannot afford to raise 3 kids alone. I've been on housing lists and child care lists for over 10 years. He will leave when I get approval for these options.

In 2016 before Obama left office he expanded 601 waivers. Our attorney was happy to help us submit an application but we needed a co sponsor since I didn't make enough money or 3 times that amount in assets. It has been 3 years and I'm still trying to make more money and now Conservatives are making it more difficult by changing the "public charge" rules. It is now impossible for my husband to help me because we have a disabled child. There is no due process and our group has 600 wives with over 2,000 children without 1 parent (Deportee Wives Club).

Over 8 million citizen children have a USA are without a parent due to these immigration policies that work to destroy families.

Catholic Charities offers immigration services which is more services provided than the simple broadcast of a radio show that doesn't address the fact that millions of citizens are being separated from their spouses and their is no support system, no child support system to collect money from deported spouses to care for USA children and no pathway to keep families together. I'm moving abroad and have found while Christian organizations allege sanctuary is for lawlessness it is sometimes the only options to keeping kids with their parents and from getting sucked into the foster care system or more single parent families.