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7 Glaring Omissions In The Mueller Report That Kill Its Credibility

Ben Weingarten, The Federalist

The following are seven of the most glaring omissions from the collusion section of the redacted Mueller report—since collusion, not obstruction, was the theory from which the investigation stemmed. 1. No Attempt to Grapple with the Investigation’s Troubling Underpinnings. 2. No Discussion of Whether the Special Counsel’s Appointment Was Legitimate. 3. No Discussion of Special Counsel’s Perceived Bias. 4. Skating Over the Papadopoulos Predicate for the Collusion Investigations. 5. Never Mentions Steele or His Dossier in the ‘Collusion’ Section. 6. Excluding Relevant Information About Numerous Actors. 7. Raising Potential Russia Violations about Trump Not Applied to Clinton. We must have a thorough investigation of the investigators. The growing cacophony of attacks on Attorney General William Barr are a testament to it.