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Assault on America, Day 117: Joe (race) Biden (race), Democrat (race) for (race) President!

Joe Biden The View
If you’ve ever been to a restaurant, glanced at the menu and thought, ‘Everything looks good, I can’t decide what to choose’? Or in the alternative, you’re stuck at an establishment where none of the items even sound edible, with descriptions written in incomprehensible gibberish and presented in a way you’d need a decoder to decipher. In either case there’s a tough decision at hand.

A similar feeling describes the ever-emerging 2020 Democrat presidential field, which keeps expanding by the day -- or at least it feels that way. Last week brought the big news that Obama vice president Joe Biden finally officially entered the race, a curious way to describe the Democrat contest since “race” is what it appears to be all about.

Biden’s announcement video was shocking to many observers -- this one included -- not only for its startling and gloomy imagery but also for “creepy” Joe’s somber narration regarding his purported motivations for waging his third (and no doubt last) run at the Oval Office. Biden’s explanation basically boiled down to a desire to save America from the dark and ominous specter of another four years of President Donald Trump and the racist Republican minions the New York outsider supposedly represents.

The video featured Biden speaking measuredly while pictures flickered of torch bearing neo-Nazis from the August, 2017 Charlottesville protest, as though Trump himself was there marching in lockstep with the haters on the hallowed streets of Thomas Jefferson’s hometown.

That’s right, Joe, save us from ourselves! Max Greenwood and Lisa Hagen reported at The Hill, “Biden, who hesitated for months about entering the race and faces skepticism from some liberals in the party, is expected to cast himself as the candidate best equipped to defeat Trump in the general election.

“’I believe history will look back on four years of this president and all he embraces as an aberrant moment in time,’ Biden said in the video announcement. ‘But if we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation — who we are — and I cannot stand by and watch that happen…

“’With those words [‘some very fine people on both sides’], the president of the United States assigned a moral equivalence between those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it,’ Biden said. ‘And in that moment, I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I’d ever seen in my lifetime.’”

By highlighting the Charlottesville controversy so prominently Biden’s already based his campaign on half-truths, intentional misconstruction of Trump’s post-incident remarks, and, there’s no way to sugarcoat it, outright lies. Trump did indeed say there were “some very fine people on both sides,” but he was referring to those who felt strongly about whether to take down or leave in place a statue of Robert E. Lee from a city park (where it’s been since 1924).

The “fine people” Trump mentioned weren’t the neo-Nazis who shouted, chanted, raised fists and occupied space; it’s folks who think historic statuary should be preserved for a wide variety of reasons. The past is the past -- Robert E. Lee died in 1870.

The infamous non-related “Unite the Right” rally centered on the statue but didn’t represent the decent folks who favored keeping it. The clash between the white supremacist human vermin and the leftist Antifa thugs and criminals took place the next day (after the torch bearing march) and proliferated largely because then Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his staff decided to pull the police away from the rapidly deteriorating situation, essentially leaving the two sides to confront one another unrestrained by the authorities.

The liberal cable news networks loved the dramatic footage garnered from the brawling. It made for good TV and played right into their politically correct elucidations on what transpired. Trump was merely reacting to the overall hullabaloo over the Lee statue -- and now Joe Biden is grounding his presidential campaign on Trump’s words. You can’t help but conclude Biden is a man of deep, deep convictions, right?

Whomever thought Biden should fashion his campaign announcement this way should be fired. If anything, Biden’s widely viewed as someone with a cheery “Lunch bucket Joe” optimistic, upbeat personality, not as a soothsaying harbinger of doom. If Biden continues with this “I’m the nation’s savior” line of persuasion for long, he’ll be crushed by his fellow leftist presidential hopefuls. Why? Cheeky people like Pocahontas Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders are much better at fanning panic and fear than the back slappin’ good guy Biden.

Joe’d be better off humming a catchy little ditty and going around sniffing women’s hairdos after whispering sweet nothings in their ears.

Who knows, maybe Biden’s handlers said, “Somebody go put Joe down for a nap while we talk about what he’s going to say in his first campaign video,” then positioned the former VP in front of a camera shortly after he woke up. Biden’s eyes looked dead in the presentation, a cross between a zombie and a death row inmate anticipating his final stay of execution being rejected. And the video’s accompanying music wasn’t exactly uplifting. Did they actually pay someone to produce this?

Remember, it’s the Democrats we’re talking about -- they’re like a collection of menu offerings, alright -- they either all look good (to the Democrat base) or awful… to anyone with common sense.

Democrats recognize they can’t assail Trump’s policies so they’re portraying him as they always do -- as a man who’ll preside over the destruction of our nation. “That’s not who we are,” Democrats claim, yet they’re the ones who consistently play the race card in every situation. The microscopic part of the American population that puts stock in white supremacy dogma is so insignificant it isn’t worth talking about. Yet Democrats still (as embodied by Biden) persist.

If I were a leftist billionaire and hoped to sway the upcoming campaign I’d compile a list of every KKK kook or Nazi scumbag in this country and pay their living expenses for the next year, including travel costs to innumerable fake “Unite the Right” rallies -- and then provide the black hooded, urine bomb toting Antifa thugs a bus ride to the events as well. Kind of like the thinking behind the Beatles’ awful “Magical Mystery Tour” movie, put them all in the same vicinity and film what happens!

Meanwhile Trump will continue traveling the country talking about national security, foreign policy, the economy and “Making America Great Again,” touting the stellar unemployment numbers and the two originalist Supreme Court justices he appointed. Let Biden have his Charlottesville racism moment -- it might win him enough liberal black votes to prevail in the Democrat primaries, but it’s a sure loser in the general election.

How to be sure? Remember Hillary Clinton and her “deplorables” speech? Biden’s basically advanced the same “us vs. them” argument, suggesting Trump’s backers are akin to the white rights violent filth in Charlottesville.

Will Joe be able to reinvent himself in such a way? Reid Wilson reported at The Hill, “Former Vice President Joe Biden’s third run for the White House will test whether an old-school politician from another era can reinvent himself for modern times more than 30 years after he made his first bid for the White House.

“Biden enters the race for the Democratic presidential nomination as the front-runner, the best-known and most beloved figure in a crowded contest that has exposed a party in search of a unifying identity.

“He leads every national poll of potential Democratic primary voters, and he runs ahead of or just behind Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in early state match-ups.”

It’s almost as though Biden thinks there’s a nationwide craving for the second coming of Obama. Hardly. The former president and VP Joe dredge up nothing but unpleasant recollections of social turmoil, economic stagnation and American weakness abroad. Go back to it? No way.

And why would a man who’s been in politics for over 40 years and is 76 years old need a makeover, anyway? Does it mean everything ‘ol Uncle Joe’s done for all this time was fake and phony? What’s it going to be -- a “new” conscientious Biden or bits and pieces of the one who’s plagiarized, gaffed and stumbled his way through an entire political career?

A thorough perusal of the Democrat presidential candidate menu reveals a collection of entrees that will either make Americans ill or put them to sleep. Joe Biden may be the special du jour but beneath his provocative ingredient description lies a man who doesn’t have a clue why he’s even running.

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