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Assault on America, Day 119: Trump can’t even send congrats without being called a racist

Trump Tweet Bosa
It’s a funny thing -- when our favorite sports teams inevitably lose for the final time each season (be it in the final regular game, the playoffs or even the championship), in the postmortem analysis there’s usually some comment to the tone of, “Well, it was a long season, there were a lot of great moments and with such and such returning to anchor the team next year, at least there’s the potential for a better ending.”

Fortunately for professional football players there are lots of winners every year regardless of the numbers on the scoreboard. The sport’s draft was held last week and included the promise of an impending big paycheck for hundreds of America’s preeminent college players (assuming they make the team, never a given). For every one of them, being selected by an NFL team (there are thirty-two) came as a dream come true, the ultimate recognition from years of hard work, numerous personal setbacks, sometimes severe injuries and the overcoming of countless obstacles.

These guys are the best of the best, special for freakish athletic gifts, superior acumen (in football at least) and in many cases, being in the right place at the right time.

It’s a happy occasion, right? Not necessarily for the hyper-sensitive liberal establishment media. When President Donald Trump singled out one player for a personal note, the haters emerged from the shadows full of denunciations and venom. Tom Joyce wrote at The Washington Examiner, “President Trump tried to do something nice on Twitter over the weekend and was immediately blasted with misguided outrage.

“The president tweeted out a congratulations to San Francisco 49ers first-round pick Nick Bosa, who was selected second overall in this year’s NFL Draft…”

No doubt Bosa and his family blushed at the thought of his name being prominently emphasized by a man with 59.9 million Twitter followers (think of the endorsement potential -- $$$). But the president didn’t reference the draft’s top pick, former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray (who was selected by the Arizona Cardinals one spot before the Ohio State product) in a similar tweet.

Why does it matter to the chattering class? Murray’s ethnic background suggests African origin; Bosa’s a white dude (his name sounds Italian but he’s listed as Native American). The never-to-let-a-sleeping-dog-lie media naturally read racism into Trump’s choice to wax poetic on a pale skinned number two rather than provide the dark-complexioned number one an equal or greater shout-out.

Joyce added, “Trump tweeted a congrats to Bosa because he has said nice things about the president in the past. He didn’t tweet about Murray because Murray has never made a public statement about Trump. There’s no grand old Trump tradition of congratulating the first overall draft pick on Twitter every single year that he skipped out on and instead tweeted about the white, No. 2 pick this year. Case in point, if one were to search Trump’s tweets for anything about Baker Mayfield, last year's No. 1 pick who is white, nothing comes up.”

This is how crazy political correctness has become in America. The duly elected president of the United States, a noted sports fan, sent salutations via social media to someone who’s expressed positive impressions of him in the past and was then chastised (for an alleged purposeful slight that’s clearly not there -- namely, racism) by people who don’t know either man,.

Joyce pointed out how Trump has similarly underscored a number of minorities in the past with tweets, White House invitations or other honorariums, the most recent being Tiger Woods, the “caublanasian” golfer receiving electronic kudos and the promise of a future Presidential Medal of Freedom. (Note: Woods calls himself a “caublanasian” because he’s half Asian (his mother is Thai), and smaller parts black, American Indian and white (from his father, Earl Woods)).

Trump is not only colorblind in dishing out praise, he’s also revealed a soft spot for folks of different religious backgrounds too. His “favorite” daughter, Ivanka, converted to Judaism years ago upon marrying son-in-law Jared Kushner, an observant orthodox Jew. The couple’s children are Jewish, a fact the president seems genuinely proud of.

If Trump is indeed a racist or prejudiced in any way, he’s done a darn fine job of disguising it. But the media doesn’t pay heed to objective facts, instead opting to stir up controversy based on appearances alone. Making matters worse (for the media) was Bosa’s having once called flag-protesting former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick a “clown.” Such heresy cannot go unpunished by the eternally watchful eyes of the leftist, culturally-unforgiving reporting class. Taken together with Bosa’s complimentary words on Trump and someone needed a high-tech scourging.

Liberals welcome athletes’ or celebrities’ personal opinions as long as they conform to the emerging politically correct universe. If Bosa were notorious for making pro-LGBTQ statements, for instance, he’d be hailed as a hero instead of castigated as a Trump-stooge. A similar fate befell New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady four years ago for possessing a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker.

For his part, Bosa seems determined to repair his already tarnished image with the judgmental set, having apologized to Kaepernick for labeling him a “clown.” Will the haters now crawl back in their holes and let the guy alone to do what he does best -- tackle runners, rush the passer and otherwise prevent the opposition from crossing the goal line?

Will the stupid inquisition never end? Why must receiving a compliment from the President of the United States be depicted as a bad thing? If children don’t inherit the crimes of their parents, why would an athlete be implicated for the false common liberal belief that Trump is a racist?

Like in sports, politics has mostly losers too -- and with Democrats now featuring over 20 contenders vying for the party’s presidential nomination, only one will prevail. Realistically speaking, only a handful actually have a prayer (based on poll numbers, fundraising capacity, name recognition and other factors relating to their suitability to the DC swamp) to win the nod. Politics is more like Bloodsport than a good-natured competition, however.

Since only one Democrat will survive to the end, perhaps the rest will settle for a primetime convention speech, frequent interviews on cable TV with a “former candidate” designation and the memories of the long days and nights on the campaign trail, fondly recalling the what-could-have-beens.

In the meantime, Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s being given strong commendations…from an admiring group that’s partial to one of his curious hobbies. Steven Nelson reported at The Washington Examiner, “Former Vice President Joe Biden is turning heads among American nudists as he plunges into the 2020 presidential race.

“Although proudly pan-partisan, nudism activists believe Biden’s reported preference for swimming without a suit could lead to an administration sympathetic to their policies.

“’We are encouraged by the prospect that someone who understands how much you enjoy your birthday suit is seeking higher office. That’s a great thing,’ said Erich Schuttauf, executive director of the American Association for Nude Recreation.”

How can you not laugh? There’s such a thing as an “American Association for Nude Recreation”? Dying to find out if the office staff must interview in the buff to receive consideration for a job there. No doubt Biden-like Democrats would enjoy stripping and be recognized for their eagerness to parade around au naturel. Biden can be the first president (though supposedly several enjoyed the practice) to skinny-dip at his inaugural balls. (Think of the puns on the invitations! Wow!)

The always-interesting anything-goes Democrat convention would be the “in” place to be if Biden’s the lone Democrat to run the primary gauntlet. If that’s the case, then being renowned for swimming naked is the least of his embarrassments to contend with.

Receiving recognition is special and it’s a great thing to earn praise from the president no matter what the hyper-sensitive liberal media thinks of it. It’s a sad fact Trump can’t even offer a compliment without some commentator reading racism into it. Will the left’s baseless assaults never end?

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