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Assault on America, Day 121: Who hurts his party more, Trump or Crazy Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Transform Country
Is Donald Trump good for Democrats?

It’s an argument we’ve heard for three years now. Ever since President Trump assumed leadership of the Republican Party (which became semi-official when Ted Cruz withdrew from the GOP primary race after getting trounced by Trump in the May 3, 2016 Indiana primary) Democrats have snickered and sneered at Trump’s polarizing presence, which they swore nauseates Democrats (which it does), repels independents (not in the 2016 general election, though) and even pits diehard Republicans against one another.

Now at least one longtime Democrat claims they should forego impeaching Trump because, get this -- he’ll destroy the Republican Party. Caitlin Yilek reported at The Washington Examiner, “A former White House press secretary under President Bill Clinton urged Democrats to forgo impeaching President Trump because, he said, keeping him in office will obliterate the Republican Party.

“’Mr. Trump is three years into destroying what we know as the Republican Party. Another two years just might finish it off. Trumpism has become Republicanism, and that spells electoral doom for the party,’ Joe Lockhart, Clinton’s press secretary from 1998 to 2000, wrote in a New York Times op-ed published late Monday night..

“’Allowing Mr. Trump to lead the Republican Party, filled with sycophants and weak-willed leaders, into the next election is the greater prize. Democrats have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to realign American politics along progressive lines, very much like Ronald Reagan did for Republicans in the 1980s,’ he said.”

Forget the fact Democrats utterly lack any “high crimes and misdemeanors” to charge Trump with in the House and the votes to convict him in the senate. With such a flimsy foundation for asserting Trump must be removed from office, not a single Republican (probably not even Sen. Lisa Murkowski!) would vote to impeach him. So, for Lockhart to indicate Democrats shouldn’t try impeaching Trump doesn’t take much intestinal fortitude, does it?

Besides, it’s not clear what Lockhart’s evidentiary basis is for his “Trump is the GOP’s end-all” contention, but the objective facts don’t back him up. While it’s true the GOP did lose 40 House seats last November, allowing Nancy Pelosi to assume the Speaker’s chair for the second time in her decades-long political career, Trump’s party did gain two senate seats (which theoretically makes it easier to confirm his judicial nominees as well as further guards against impeachment).

As a result, not much is getting done on the legislative front, but it’s not any different than recent times. As long as creepy “Chucky” Schumer and his merry band of Democrat socialism-loving senators possesses enough voting power to instigate filibusters, hardly any topic that hasn’t already been freed by the “nuclear option” will crawl by. Similarly, Trump wasn’t responsible for the Paul Ryan-led GOP House’s lack of progress on several elements of the conservative agenda. If anything, Congress’s inertia indicates the swamp will persist long past Trump’s outsider presidency, a malaise that’s ruining the country from within.

Democrats may have gained some governorships, state house and senate seats in ’18 -- and assumed control of the federal House -- but this doesn’t mean their policies took over the hearts and minds of Americans. For three years the establishment media and Democrats did their darndest to spread innuendo and non-truths about Russian collusion hoping to destroy Trump’s credibility with his own voters -- and it didn’t work.

The problem? The accusations were bogus from the outset, advanced by ideologically driven people on a mission. CNN and MSNBC fanned the flames and now there’s egg on all of the haters’ faces. It’s ugly.

Not every GOP devotee loves Trump’s personality but only a small fraction is willing to cast him completely aside to promote a primary challenger or, gulp, choose a Democrat instead. In the wake of the recently released Mueller report, #NeverTrumpers have been so thoroughly humiliated that no one listens to them anymore. Even those “conservatives” who held out for all this time had to admit Trump was subjected to deep state spying and ultimately was innocent of cooperation with Russians to “steal” the election (as if it’s even possible) from Hillary Clinton.

So if Lockhart can’t realistically claim Trump has already wrecked the Republican Party, what would do the trick in the next year-and-a-half? The president is preoccupied with trying to shore up national security along the southern border, work on foreign policy abroad, and, to the extent he can, lay low politically while the 2020 Democrat field disembowels itself.

And there are plenty of signs it’s already taking place. Heck, 2016 embittered loser Hillary Clinton made news last week by claiming Mueller would’ve indicted Trump on obstruction charges if he weren’t president -- and she added the only reason Trump wasn’t wrung up was because he’s in charge of the Justice Department. This coming from the woman who willingly skirted the law with her private email server, lied about it, and was exonerated by James Comey and former Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch after the infamous Phoenix airport tarmac meeting between hubby Big Bubba Bill and Lynch shortly before the no-prosecution announcement was made.

Clinton’s hypocrisy is stunning. She carries on as though she’s got an invisible truth shield sealing off her ears and brain. The Mueller report was more notable for what it didn’t address than for what it actually did, most notably how and why the Trump witch hunt (a.k.a, “investigation”) originated in the first place. Democrats are falling over themselves to shout “obstruction” while purposely neglecting to mention how Mueller’s Democrat-dominated team couldn’t corroborate a single wild tale of collusion (via the Steele dossier) or Trump working with Russians to defeat Clinton.

How do these people sleep at night? If there was no crime, how could there be proof of obstructing the investigation into the non-crime? It’s like complaining about a person not cooperating with a policeman on a reckless driving charge when there’s unassailable proof he or she wasn’t even driving a car at the time of the infraction. Or accusing someone of driving drunk when the car keys weren’t in the ignition. It can’t be done.

Democrats are having a difficult enough time keeping their own coalition together. Bernie Sanders’ “bros” are on the verge of staging a revolt if they don’t get their way. Emily Larsen reported at The Washington Examiner, “’Bernie or bust’ is their rallying cry, and many supporters of socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., say they will vote for President Trump if their candidate is denied the Democratic nomination a second time.

“After the 2016 election, the Cooperative Congressional Election Study found about 12% of those who voted for Sanders in the Democratic primaries voted for Trump in the general election. There are early signs that Sanders fervor is so strong that this could double in 2020, a development that could hand the White House to Trump for a second term.

“An Emerson College poll this month showed 26% of those who support Sanders in the Democratic primaries and caucuses would support Trump over Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., despite their overlapping policy positions.”

Herein lies the Democrat elites’ dilemma. Sit idly by as Sanders spouts his typical nonsense, such as arguing for convicted felons (like the Boston Marathon bomber) to be able to vote from prison (Kamala Harris thinks so too!) and therefore siphon off semi-sincere support that could go to a more “mainstream” party candidate (if there is one), or risk alienating the same Bernie-backing socialism-touting income redistributor-loving freaks who flock to the Vermont senator’s banner.

Yes, apparently the Bernie honks are so bent on getting back at Democrat leaders for fixing the 2016 primaries that they’re contemplating keeping Trump in office for another four years to spite the poohbahs. And people like Lockhart say Trump will destroy the GOP? What about this growing conglomeration of angry leftists who think Democrat heads are too “moderate”?

If the Republican Party is full of “sycophants and weak-willed leaders” (Lockhart’s words), how would he describe the potential Bernie-bro mutineers?

It’s always comical whenever a liberal commentator offers advice to Republicans and even more hilarious when he or she attempts to define the Democrats. There’s no way that keeping Trump as head of the GOP hurts Republicans now -- a lesson Democrats will realize soon enough.

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