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Assault on America, Day 135: Which 2020 Democrats will join Alyssa Milano’s sex strike?

Alyssa Milano Sex Strike
In the vast ocean of movements in contemporary American politics, none were more shocking than the recent “sex strike” initiated by a small band of arrogant Hollywood liberal kooks to protest numerous states’ efforts to safeguard the lives of unborn babies.

It would be extremely difficult (if not impossible) to explain exactly what these people are up to and what they’re hoping to gain by proposing such drastic, potentially couple-splitting measures, so we’ll leave the hard part to the movers themselves. In a piece titled, Why the time is now for a #SexStrike,” actress Alyssa Milano and activist Waleisah Wilson wrote at CNN, “Our reproductive rights are blatantly and systematically being stripped away before our very eyes. Abortion care is a normal and at times necessary medical procedure, but anti-choice activists have strategically chipped away at abortion rights and access for decades, with the hopes of overturning Roe v. Wade.

“The attempts to treat women as second-class citizens have become increasingly brazen, and just last week Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp signed the ‘heartbeat bill,’ which bans most abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. The bill also allows a fetus to be counted in the census, and can be claimed as a dependent minor on income taxes.

“Georgia is the fourth state to pass a six-week ban this year, and is one of 16 states working to pass such legislation…”

Okay. We’ve heard this line of argument before -- it’s boilerplate language for the abortion on demand lobby, basically asserting that knuckle-dragging conservative men are conspiring to deprive women of their mythical right to extinguish the life of their unborn child if they so choose, all cloaked by pleasant sounding terminology such as “reproductive rights.”

So what’s their proposition? Tell women to stop having sex! If a man’s sperm doesn’t fertilize a woman’s egg at just the right time then she won’t need to worry about carrying the resulting inopportune tissue mass to term where it then emerges from the mother’s body breathing, crying and begging for life-sustaining care.

Everyone knows how babies are made…no need for the liberals to lecture on the nature of it.

Al Gore came up with “An Inconvenient Truth” to push his climate change baloney, but wouldn’t the title be more apropos to describe a pregnancy? After all, the “choice” involved in human procreation almost always involves two adults deciding to engage in acts that could lead to the woman conceiving a baby. If that’s not the case -- where there’s rape, incest or in medically verifiable cases of a woman’s life being gravely threatened -- even many pro-lifers would at least listen to the argument that the child should be taken.

But Milano and her kind don’t care about the other side of the story. To them it’s abortion or bust regardless of what the baby daddy thinks or the state’s interest in protecting the lives of its citizens. In our American federal system states pass different forms of laws either making abortion easier or more difficult to obtain depending on the prevailing views and values of voting citizens and their representatives. The Founding Fathers recognized differences of opinion would arise in the various locations, so they granted great leeway to states to decide for themselves.

But not according to liberals who consider the immensely flawed and outdated Roe v. Wade case (decided 46 years ago, no less) as the end-all on the subject. Science has advanced leaps and bounds since seven male and long-since dead Supreme Court justices sifted through the penumbras of the Constitution and concocted a “right” for a woman to end the life of her baby without state interference. Since that time well over 50 million Americans have fallen victim to the abortionists’ death-inducing techniques, never having seen the light of day or drawn a breath of fresh air.

The same twisted ideology that sees compassion in open borders, sympathy for the plight of “separated” illegal alien families and amnesty for “DREAMERS” finds no equivalent concern for a human being in utero. What if the leftists just envisioned all those people in their mother’s wombs -- would they then think it was okay to deny them entrance into American society?

Meanwhile the greater Roe v. Wade shoving match is becoming more and more ridiculous as time goes on. Even if the Supreme Court were to overturn the case tomorrow it wouldn’t spell the end of abortion -- not by a longshot. Many states have laws codifying the practice and some -- such as New York -- have even recently expanded the “right” to include just about any pregnancy up until the child’s life can’t legally be snuffed out any longer.

None of it matters to the tone deaf, knee-jerk reactionary crowd like Alyssa Milano and her hangers-on. If a state like Georgia (where she works but doesn’t live or vote) chooses to place reasonable restrictions and limitations on the practice of abortion they go nuts and instruct women not to be intimate with their male partners (would say husbands, but this goes beyond the marriage sphere since most abortions probably take place outside of traditional matrimony).

What the heck is a “sex strike” anyway? What are they after? Milano and Wilson elaborated in their CNN op-ed, “Lysistratic protest is a longstanding, effective and empowering method to fight for change. In the 1600s, Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) women refused to engage in sex as a way to stop unregulated warfare, and their demands were met. In 2009, activists in Kenya organized a sex strike to force an end the deteriorating relationship between the President and Prime Minister. The strike lasted seven days, and ended when the leaders finally agreed to talks. In 2011, Colombia women used a sex strike to get a dangerous 35-mile road repaired…”

Lysistratic protest? Had to look that one up. “Lysistratic” protest means, “Lysistrata is an ancient Greek comedy by Aristophanes, originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC. It is a comic account of a woman's extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War between Greek city states by denying all the men of the land any sex, which was the only thing they truly and deeply desired.”

Dang, those horny Greek males sure gave in easily, didn’t they? You mean all society’s women need to do to get their way (legislatively, at least) is to withhold their “attributes” and men fold like cheap tents to whatever they’re demanding? It seems too simple. And where did Milano and crew hear about this legendarily successful Iroquois sex strike, from “Pocahontas” Warren?

There’s more. “A #SexStrike is a way to target straight, cisgender men so they may feel the physical consequences of our reproductive rights being systematically eliminated. This form of protest has the potential to raise the issue far beyond the usual groups engaged in debates about reproductive health. It's a way to ignite conversation and help everyone understand the gravity of the situation and the immediate need for swift action,” Milano and Wilson added.

On the contrary, if this crackpot scheme ever caught fire there wouldn’t be any “conversations” at all -- but there’d be a heck of a lot of yelling at each other. Perhaps the biggest problem with the whole notion of a “sex strike” is not every woman supports this radical abortion ideology and even those who do… why would they then blame and penalize their own men for it?

Further, should cause-congenial males team with the Lysistratic gals and equally refuse to have interactions with their otherwise willing women (or gay?) partners if said person refuses to join the abortion-or-bust crusade? And does the “strike” just apply to females who can get pregnant or does it also extend to those beyond the childbearing age? Or to humans who’ve voluntarily endured procedures to sterilize themselves? What about women who’ve chosen conception prevention devices that last x number of years and therefore can’t get pregnant? Or those who regularly and responsibly use various forms of birth control?

If it came down to it, only a relatively low percentage of female humans could even conceive a baby if they wanted to. If they’re the only ones “withholding” their wiles the “strike” won’t get far. Not enough political pressure to bear!

Lastly, how would “strike” breakers be disciplined? If a woman who’s taken the pledge to refrain from relations with her partner succumbs to temptation, would there be a billy club wielding feminist goon waiting outside the bedroom door to dish out a severe punishment to both of them for bodily accepting genetic material (trying to keep this “G” rated) against the creed?

Some have suggested if only liberal women are taking part in the sex strike (and hence, birthing no more babies) then it’ll benefit society in the long run. On that point, it’s hard to disagree!

Search efforts didn’t reveal whether any of the 2020 Democrat presidential hopefuls signed on to Alyssa Milano’s call for a nationwide “sex strike” -- but they all side with the abortion-on-demand cause behind it. Just when you thought American politics couldn’t get any screwier…what will it be next week?

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