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Anti-Trump Republican Congressman Justin Amash Earns A Primary Opponent

Justin Amash Loser
Anti-Trump Republican Congressman Justin Amash (MI-3) has already drawn an opponent in the upcoming 2020 Michigan Republican Primary.

Amash, who built a reputation as a libertarian for his outspoken opposition to FISA and other government encroachments on civil liberties, recently drew the ire of conservatives and Republicans for joining Democrats in claims that President Trump’s conduct as documented in the Mueller Report was cause for impeachment.

In a lengthy Twitter thread on May 18th, reported by Sofia Carbone of Human Events, the congressman said the Mueller Report revealed “President Trump engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment.” He continued to claim that “any person who is not the president of the United States would be indicted” based on the findings of the report.

Amash then doubled down telling reporters outside the Capitol on Tuesday morning that the process of impeachment "should be begun" against President Trump, but he also admitted he had not read any of the impeachment resolutions saying, “Speaker Pelosi is in charge of that, not me.”

As the establishment news media made Amash the poster boy for impeaching President Trump having “bipartisan” support, Michigan State Rep. Jim Lower announced he is running against Amash in the 2020 GOP primary.

Speaking with Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Monday, Lower explained why he is running against the five-term congressman.

"He is calling for our president to be impeached and he doubled down on it today. I saw that he doubled down on those comments saying the Mueller report indicated he should be impeached. There is nobody besides Bob Mueller that would have loved to come out with that conclusion, and even he couldn’t come to that conclusion. It is completely ridiculous," Lower said according to reporting by Julio Rosas of the Washington Examiner.

"You know at this point, Justin Amash has more in common with Rashida Tlaib than he does the average Republican primary voter in the district. So, we are going beat him on this issue, but we’re also beat him on the fact that in ten years in Congress, he’s gotten one bill passed and it was to rename a post office. Completely ineffective," Lower said.

Todd Spangler of The Detroit Free Press reports state Rep. Lower said he had been planning to run for some time and had expected to make an announcement closer to July 4. But he said he decided to move up that schedule after Amash said on Twitter on Saturday that after reading Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report he believes the president committed impeachable offenses.

Mr. Spangler reports Lower described himself as "pro-Trump" in making his announcement.

"Congressman Justin Amash tweets yesterday calling for President Trump’s impeachment show how out of touch he is with the truth and how out of touch he is with people he represents," Lower said. "He must be replaced and I am going to do it."

While state Rep. Jim Lower hit Amash for his bizarre reading of the Mueller Report, Ms. Carbone of Human Events noted a much more likely and prosaic reason for Amash’s opposition to the President: Money.

As Ms. Carbone reported, in 2010 the Michigan Live website detailed how Amash and his family were ostensibly profiting from the creation of tools in China which were then sold by the Amash family business in Michigan.

Ms. Carbone reports, “the impeachment impresario’s 2017 Financial Disclosure Report details the congressman reported between $100,001 and $1,000,000 in income from a company called Michigan Industrial Tools, which in turn is owned by Dynamic Source International, based in China. Dynamic Source International manufactures products overseas and sells them in the United States via Michigan Industrial Tools (MIT).”

Clearly, President Trump’s tariffs and tough policies against Chinese trade practices have hit importers of Chinese goods and the Amash family could, and probably already has taken a financial hit.

What’s more Amash and his family have been sketchy, if not downright deceptive about their business in China.

Ms. Carbone unearthed a statement from the Amash campaign back in 2010 quoting Michigan Industrial Tools’ Human Resources Manager Nancy Hill who said: “We enjoy stable jobs with free health benefits at an amazing West Michigan company.”

Amash’s brother and campaign spokesman John Amash said at the time that the family’s company has staff in China who help “facilitate trade” but stated there was no manufacturing plant. But the website of Dynamic Source International states: “We are located in Hangzhou, capital city of Zhejiang Province, we have factory facilities.”

The Amashs said the website was incorrect, but an opposition campaign in 2010 showed a picture of Amash’s family product with a sign on the back which read: “Manufactured in China for Michigan Industrial Tools.”

Adding to Amash’s political problems, the conservative House Freedom Caucus took an official position condemning him for his call to impeach President Trump.

“We had a good discussion and every single member, I think now based on who was there and our board meeting was probably over 30 members, every single member disagrees and strongly with the position Justin took over the week, and we're focused on the now,” said former Freedom Caucus Chairman Jim Jordan (OH-4).

“Justin was viewed as a leader on protecting civil liberties, and now he’s siding with the very people, the FBI, who spied on the Trump campaign at least twice,” Jordan told the Washington Examiner.

Jordan said Amash is “absolutely wrong” to call for impeachment proceedings against the president.

We agree with Jim Jordan: How can Justin Amash claim to be a defender of the Constitution and civil liberties, and then side with those who spied on President Trump and committed the gross abuses of power and civil liberties that have been revealed in the hearings and media reports to-date? To us this looks like a crude exercise of self-interest, where protecting his business in China matters more to Rep. Amash than protecting the Constitution.

To learn more about Michigan state Representative Jim Lower or to donate to his campaign go to .

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