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Assault on America, Day 146: If Democrats stay in power the earth might not last 12 more years

Trump Rally
What did you expect?

Speaking of the shock expressed in some media quarters at the breakdown of talks last week between President Donald Trump and Democrat leaders. The heads of the two parties were set to discuss the particulars of a potential infrastructure package -- a “bipartisan” effort that would demonstrate how grown-ups in the Washington swamp could join together to accomplish something for the citizenry -- but it wasn’t to be. As would be expected, both sides blamed the other for forcing the impasse.

While the preponderance of evidence suggests Democrats are at fault for stonewalling the entire process, what’s really unfathomable is how a half year ago some naïve voters couldn’t see this legislative food fight coming when the American electorate opted once again for divided government over momentum -- and now we’re all paying the price. Democrats are obviously still afflicted with a get-Trump-at-all-costs disease -- otherwise known as impeachment -- and there’s no sign of them pursuing professional help for their self-sabotaging behavior.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi started the fray the other day by accusing the president of executing a “cover-up,” (of what?) then beamed while insisting it was Trump alone who wouldn’t just swallow his pride and work with she and her fellow Democrats.

Will Washington’s finest accomplish anything from here on out? Don’t bet on the “yes” side. Alexander Bolton reported at The Hill, “House investigations of the Trump administration and the prospect of impeachment are crowding out hopes for legislative progress on Capitol Hill, creating a poisonous atmosphere that makes it all but impossible for the White House and Democrats to work together.

“Senators in both parties didn’t expect much legislation to move this year, but they still reacted with dismay to the latest blowup between President Trump and Democrats, saying it jeopardizes efforts to find common ground on even basic issues of governance.

“Trump surprised Democratic leaders Wednesday when he turned a meeting that was supposed to be about finding ways to pay for a major infrastructure package into a stern three-minute speech on how the House investigations make it impossible to pass legislation.”

Trump’s 100% right here. Literally since the beginning of his presidency (and before, actually), Americans have been fed line after unsubstantiated Democrat line about how the leader of the free world is a compromised stooge, a pawn easily maneuvered at the behest of pint-sized Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Democrats claimed (and still do, actually) Putin possessed catastrophic dirt on Trump that would jeopardize his presidency and potentially bring down the republic. The only problem was their accusations had no connection to reality -- and the Mueller ”witch hunt” investigation exposed the ruse in spite of itself.

If anything, Mueller’s team of determined Democrat cutthroats unwittingly ripped the cover off the leftists’ coup d'état and the perpetrators are running scared.

Now congressional Democrats seem bent on relitigating the whole thing hoping something -- anything -- might surface to give them the “See, I told you so!” moment they’ve all been seeking. President Trump’s been consistent from the beginning, denying there was any collusion and calling for Democrats and other Trump-bashers to lay off and get back to the business of government.

This parliamentary stalemate certainly isn’t Trump’s doing. For most of 2017 he begged, threatened and cajoled Congress to pass an Obamacare repeal and replace it with something more market-oriented that would save American consumers bucketloads of cash while also ensuring people who couldn’t purchase health insurance received a little assistance -- but Democrats wouldn’t participate. None of the proposals earned a single Democrat vote in either chamber. Further, the feckless Republican establishment couldn’t even herd their cats into a coherent legislation-churning scrum despite enjoying enormous political advantages.

Opportunity after opportunity was squandered, perhaps the last being dealt the death blow by the late Sen. John McCain. In one of his final actions before leaving Washington for the last time as a senator, McCain voted no on a measure put forth by his buddy Sen. Lindsey Graham. Afterwards McCain pleaded for more colloquium and cooperation from his senate colleagues from both parties. You know, just like the old days, right?

A return to regular order wasn’t in the works despite McCain’s selfish gesture. Minority Leader “Chucky” Schumer wasn’t about to give Trump any legislative victories. “Chucky” brandished the increasingly untenable filibuster tradition like a Roman gladiator’s sword, lopping off the heads of any bills that might have accomplished something positive.

Not even shutting down the government and reopening it healed the divisions. The truth is, Trump’s conceded ground on a good many of his proposals, including his immigration stances, and it never helped foster “comprehensive” bipartisan bills that would’ve given all sides something. Trump even offered to legalize the “DREAMERS” in return for Democrat support for stopping chain migration, building a border wall and prioritizing the applications of skilled immigrants that American businesses were begging to get.

Democrats didn’t care about any of it. Over five dozen of them “boycotted” Trump’s inauguration and they’ve done nothing but obstruct and insult ever since. The party’s candidates staked their 2018 campaigns on their ability to “thwart Trump” and impeach him once Mueller came back with his certain-to-be (in their minds) damning conclusions. Along the way they promised “healthcare” and other fantastic giveaways they couldn’t hope to realize without cooperation from the president and Republicans.

Yet Democrats gained 40 House seats and sent Republicans back to the drawing board. People must’ve realized back in November that today’s stalemate would be the logical result of putting Nancy Pelosi back in charge of the lower chamber, yet they did it anyway. Pelosi may be a scatterbrained 79-year-old but she isn’t stupid. San Fran Nan knows all the procedural tricks in the book -- and uses them to wield dictatorial control over her caucus (in addition to dangling campaign money in front of them). Establishment Republican leaders notoriously struggled to get things passed -- have Democrats experienced similar roadblocks from their own people?

Nope. Not with Pelosi at the helm. She says, they do. Democrats are united while establishment Republicans worry about politics and the next election, listening intently to the media’s kvetching about “unfairness”, racism and other non-entities -- and use them as excuses for failure.

Outsider President Trump isn’t having any of it. If Pelosi says he’s “covering up” maybe he’s right about all of this -- let Democrats finish their inane investigations and then come back to the table when they’re ready to deal. But will it be too late?

According to many Democrats, it might be. They see the approaching end of the world, apparently. Matt Margolis reported at PJ Media, “Remember when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed that if we don’t do something about climate change the world will end in 12 years, and then she faulted the GOP for taking her literally and not being able to take a joke? ‘You’d have to have the social intelligence of a sea sponge to think it’s literal,’ she tweeted earlier this month.

“Well, apparently Democrats can’t take a joke either because according to a Rasmussen poll [released last week] a staggering 67 percent of Democrats believe Ocasio-Cortez’s climate change warning to be completely legit.

“According to the poll, 48 percent of all likely voters agree that the United States has only twelve years left to fight climate change before the effects are irreversible. The poll did not identify Ocasio-Cortez or Bernie Sanders (who still believes the doomsday prediction to be true) while conducting the survey. According to the poll, 40 percent disagree with the prediction, and 11 percent are undecided.”

Margolis further reported the percentage of Democrats who think the end is near has risen dramatically since earlier this year and argues AOC is the de facto leader of the party because the socialist environmental justice fringe is in complete control of the agenda.

It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it? I’m not saying Nancy Pelosi is the most reasonable person in politics but even she’s probably astonished by the wacko demands and statements of some in her caucus. The ”climate change” lobby has completely invaded the skulls of even “moderate” Democrats (if there are any left) and they’re holding common sense hostage.

Maybe Pelosi tolerates it because 12 years is almost like a lifetime to her…just saying.

But it’s the impeachment clamor that must drive Pelosi crazy. She knows it’s a political disaster waiting to happen yet can’t dismiss it without alienating half her troops. Quite a conundrum.

Anyone who looks at today’s political gridlock and thinks it’s the system’s fault clearly isn’t seeing the true picture. One party wants to push through reforms as fast as they can write them and the other hopes nothing ever gets passed. Nobody wins, but the American people certainly lose... big time.

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