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Assault on America, Day 147: What does Beto -- or any Democrat -- know about farming & trade?

Beto O'Rourke
The campaign’s already been raging for months, but now that the Memorial Day holiday is in the rearview mirror the two dozen or so Democrat presidential candidates will each be shifting their operations into overdrive to try and gain traction ahead of their party’s first presidential debate(s), which are less than a month away (June 26 and 27 in Miami on NBC News).

In preparation for what promises to be a down and dirty nasty intra-party slugfest between a collection of liberal candidates who basically all agree with one another on the main themes, certain Democrats are out front attempting to corner tiny fractions of the primary voter market to better repel anticipated attacks and shore up a base of support. As an example, Texan Beto O’Rourke’s spending a lot of time in Iowa these days and appears bent on being the down-in-the-dumps farmer’s government-solves-everything Democrat of choice.

Beto wrote at CNN last week, “Those living in rural America aren't looking for handouts. They don't want anyone's pity. They want a partner who will empower them, invest in them and allow them to make a profit as they grow the food and fiber that feeds and clothes us all.

“Meeting with farmers like the Sargents inspired me to revise my climate plan to make sure that federal crop insurance covers stored grain. Our plan will also protect communities against flooding and create new market incentives for carbon farming -- farming in more environmentally sustainable ways. And as president, I would work with rural America to end these awful trade wars.

“We won't address climate change or a broken economy with half measures or with only half the country. We need to go to forgotten places like Pacific Junction and Seminole -- and not only pay lip service to their problems, but listen to their ideas and welcome them to be a part of the solution. That's the only way we can transform this moment of peril into a moment of potential for all of us.”

Beto touched on a couple local Iowa cases and blamed the spotlighted farmers’ problems on Trump’s China trade policy and, of course, credited “climate change” for the unusually wet spring the region’s endured. If the weather’d been nice O’Rourke probably would’ve said don’t worry, doom is on the way!

As for “trade wars,” it’s all part of the business cycle in an agrarian community. As soon as the China situation irons out everything will return to normal and soybean growers will have so many buyers the prices will shoot through the roof. It’s part and parcel in the boom or bust life of farmers -- they’re used to it, and plan accordingly. And if they don’t there’s probably a federal program to plug the gaps. Why do you think the federal agriculture budget is so bloated?

What does O’Rourke know, anyway? He was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, played in a punk rock band as a teenager, attended Columbia University and has spent most of his adult life (since his early 30’s) as a politician. Yet he claims to know all about farmers and their struggles, right?

What is Beto really after here? Iowa is usually the first state to vote in every primary election cycle. Iowa is a farm-heavy state. O’Rourke is an opportunistic politician desperately trying to distinguish himself from his fellow Democrat competitors. Beto also realizes his only chance to remain in the Democrat presidential race for long is to finish high-up in Iowa, since the harder-to-win New Hampshire primary will almost certainly split between the establishment’s perceived “moderate” Joe Biden and the first choice of the burn-it-all-down kook fringe, Bernie Sanders (who won there in 2016).

Therefore Beto grasps he’ll need to get a real job early next year if he doesn’t dramatically amp up his poll numbers in the Hawkeye State now. Since Beto lost his regular employment -- he left a safe House seat to run against Ted Cruz for the senate in 2018 -- he doesn’t have much to do these days other than make appearances on news shows, write op-eds for CNN and go around spouting his typical nonsense to any Iowa audience that shows up and pretends to pay attention to him.

Feed all these variables into a solar powered computing machine and what do you get? Beto LOVES farmers! Don’t be surprised if sometime soon Beto starts wearing overalls, speaking with an “Iowegian” accent, driving a dusty old Ford diesel pickup truck and becomes conversant in hog commodity prices and the best types of fertilizer (environmentally friendly, of course) to maximize yield per acre. He’ll attend a corn shuckin’ with his best gal Amy, hum along with popular country music anthems and leave behind his skateboard to take combine driving lessons.

Maybe he’ll even be spotted kissing piglets, calves and baby chicks at county fairs. Who needs to plant a peck on a human baby when some radical feminist might then accuse him of favoring real-live and fully formed children instead of their precious abortion industry?

It’s all phony, but what do you expect from a guy like Beto, who has perhaps the worst affliction of naked political showmanship of any of the Democrat candidates (he’d get a good run for his money from Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, however, though at least she’s been a senator for a while)? There’s absolutely zero substance to the guy, and unlike his fellow candidate “Mayor Pete” Boot-edge-edge, Beto has difficulty stringing two sentences together that don’t contain an outlandish falsehood or wild fantasy gimmick (Climate change caused the border crisis?).

Yes, it’s true, the Trump administration’s trade policy is causing ripples in industries heavily dependent on China trade, and yes, tariffs act as a big tax hike on those with moderate incomes who count on the availability of cheap consumer goods to safeguard the family budget. It’s only natural when the price of something goes up that someone suffers -- it’s unavoidable.

But it also doesn’t mean the policy is inherently bad, harmful in the long term and that the country needs a political switch to a dolt like Beto to squelch the pain and suffering. O’Rourke’s stupid climate change proposals, if ever enacted, would boost prices on practically everything a heck of a lot more than a surge in tariffs, and the increases would be permanent. Next time a Democrat gripes about trade policy ask them how they propose to confront the immediate threat of the cheating, ultra-protective Chinese and their domination of the world economy -- and in addition, how will Democrats force China to participate in their beloved climate treaties?

Reality says consumers still have a choice at the store, too. Tariffs only apply to certain nations, which means other manufacturing countries’ goods will be that much more competitive in comparison. If China’s products are too expensive, why can’t someone choose an item made in the U.S.A, Mexico or Canada? Or Vietnam, Taiwan or South Korea? Is China the only country that makes anything anymore?

Who knows, perhaps cheese-loving Kim Jong-un will get his act together and set his country on a path towards economic viability like his neighbor and countrymen to the south. It sounds crazy now, but maybe in a couple decades North Korea will be making lots of stuff and selling it here to Yankee buyers. China can’t hold out forever -- and if they do, someone will fill the opening.

Beto’s barking up the wrong tree, which isn’t surprising. Some Democrats are even arguing their candidates should focus on…gulp, gun control. Pundit Douglas Schoen wrote at The Hill, “Ending gun violence is a unifying issue for Democrats, independents, and moderates. It should no doubt be a central theme for Democrats in 2020. Unfortunately, Democratic candidates have thus far not given this issue the attention it demands and have instead focused on championing other issues, such as putting an end to Citizens United…

“Ultimately, combating gun violence is not only the politically expedient thing to do, it is the right thing to do. Mass shootings in the United States can be described in many ways as tragic, devastating, disturbing, and inexplicable. However, it is also often times preventable…”

Most conservatives would agree mass shootings are preventable, but only if we eliminate ridiculous “gun free zones” that make people sitting duck targets together with easing restrictions on responsible citizens’ right to concealed carry. Let the wackos worry whether someone’s out there to fight back and they’ll think twice about a rampage.

And as exposed by the Parkland high school tragedy, serious warning signs can’t be ignored by politically correct law enforcement (not true in all cases, for sure) either.

Will Beto try the “gun violence” angle in firearms-loving Iowa, where even liberals pack heat? Not likely. He’d be laughed out of state…and he’d lose.

Up until recently the 2020 Democrat presidential race featured a bunch of candidates saying and doing everything they could to attract attention and boost name recognition. Now it’s almost time for the Trump bashers to get serious… Brace yourself for a lot of crazy stuff in the coming months.

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