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Assault on America, Day 149: Distraught Dems out of options as impeachment dreams dwindle

Dirty Harry
Go ahead, make my day.”

It’s the line Clint Eastwood made famous while staring down the barrel of his Smith and Wesson .44 Magnum in the early 80s Dirty Harry classic “Sudden Impact”. Toss out the saying and pretty much everyone knows exactly what you’re referring to.

President Donald Trump would certainly understand the reference, and visions of Dirty Harry are probably going through his head a lot these days as his political enemies’ hysteric cries to investigate and impeach him are reaching a crescendo. Robert Mueller’s no collusion/open obstruction final report conclusions were supposed to significantly dampen -- or end -- talk of forcibly removing Trump, but instead the situation only appears to be getting worse.

Democrats aren’t taking no for an answer on impeachment and on a certain level Trump must be hoping they’ll just go ahead with it -- and make his day. If for nothing else a full-blown impeachment hearing would expose his zealous detractors for what they are, a gaggle of phony egocentric hypocrites who simply won’t accept that they lost on Election Day, 2016. Trump is here to stay -- at least until next year’s election determines whether he’ll get the extra four years as president he richly deserves.

In the meantime, Trump’s Democrat antagonists are throwing a hissy fit.

The Editors of The Washington Times wrote, “Impeachment of a president is a solemn proceeding, not to be taken without long and careful consideration, not only of justice but of the consequences of justice. Impeachment at bottom is a political decision, and that’s why serious people are reluctant to take that solemn step until all other remedies, such as an election, are considered...

“At this time, impeachment of this president is a Democratic pipe dream. Republicans in the Senate have made it abundantly clear they have no interest in that pipe dream, or in threatening the survival of a Republican administration.

“Nancy Pelosi’s latest broadside against the president accuses him of conducting a ‘cover-up’ in ‘plain sight.’ If you’re conducting a cover-up, it seems to us, in plain sight is not the place to do it. But it’s like so much about the rabid Democratic pursuit of the president. It doesn’t make much sense.”

No, it doesn’t. Nothing makes much sense these days and it’s hard to isolate any one symptom that’s causing the American political world to spin out-of-control. Liberals, Democrats and #NeverTrumpers would have us believe it’s all because Donald J. Trump entered the fray (almost) four years ago when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower (on June 16, 2015), declared he was running for president and immediately began railing against the Washington political establishment that had failed everyone so miserably.

Little did they -- or anyone else at the time -- know Trump would achieve the unthinkable, first besting a fine field of Republican presidential hopefuls (which included good conservatives like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul and also formidable establishmentarians such as Jeb Bush and Chris Christie) and then go on to defeat Barack Obama’s anointed successor, Hillary Clinton, in the 2016 general election.

How did Trump do it? Improbable doesn’t explain the story. He was a lifelong business tycoon and tabloid celebrity, a face practically every American recognized on sight but probably couldn’t be described as especially popular. Trump was rich -- everyone understood it -- and he wasn’t the least bit shy about telling people he had money, fame and whatever else he ever asked for. All “The Donald” had to do was announce he wanted something and he’d get it.

Build another skyscraper? Done. Purchase another golf club and call it “Trump National (whatever)”? Done. There were Trump ties, Trump steaks, Trump wine and Trump water bottles. The brand name is as ubiquitous as Trump’s personality -- you couldn’t get away from it if you tried. Trump knew the media and the media knew him. He’d had his own TV show where he famously declared “You’re fired!” in every episode -- almost like coining the phrase. The name, the face, the accent. Trump, Trump, Trump.

But run for president? Many thought Trump had finally gone too far by assuming he could just stroll into RNC headquarters and take over the Republican Party and win the nomination. Who did Trump think he was, a nationally viable Jesse Ventura? Herman Cain minus the pizza? Arnold Schwarzenegger without the muscles and indelible inflection?

From the start the GOP establishment was revolted by it all. Longtime conservatives weren’t sure what to make of Trump’s candidacy either, liking much of what he said but not quite trusting whether he was serious enough to accomplish it. He didn’t personally know most of the head swamp creatures in DC. And Trump was a late “convert” to much of the limited government, pro-liberty cause -- and lord knows he was not exactly renowned as a social conservative.

Trump was married and divorced twice before. His third wife was a former model from an eastern European country few people could locate on a globe. He’d brought his kids into the family business and all of them were as perfectly tailored and finely coiffed as he was. Americans didn’t quite know whether to place the group in the out-of-touch “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” crowd or declare they were representative of the American Dream.

None of it seemed real. But Trump’s tough message struck a chord in “flyover” country and large swaths of the Republican grassroots took to him instantly. He was so far removed from the hated and feared establishment that his poll numbers rocketed to the top of the field practically overnight, surpassing even the “next in line” Bush candidate everyone presumed would ascend to the top of the party just like his father and brother before him.

If Trump ever doubted whether he’d ultimately succeed he never let on. He constantly boasted about “winning” and promised the nation’s vexing problems would be solved on his watch. He also swore the GOP would no longer be known as the war party. Trump began keeping his campaign promises on Day One in the Oval Office and hasn’t let up ever since.

Conservatives and Republicans have taken to Trump’s direct confrontational style and admire how he gives better than he takes. No other president in history has endured the onslaught of hatred and negativity from the theoretically impartial establishment media on down to his sworn political enemies in the Democrat party. Their relentless barrage would’ve discouraged and possibly ruined a lesser man; George W. Bush clearly let it all get to him towards the end of his presidency. But not Trump -- the naysayers’ histrionics only made him stronger.

For Democrats, all they have left is impeachment -- they’re so obsessed with Trump they can’t fathom anything else. Victor Davis Hanson wrote at National Review, “The Democratic establishment has become something like novelist Herman Melville’s phobic Captain Ahab, who became fatally absorbed with chasing his nemesis, the albino whale Moby Dick. The great white whale once ate part of Ahab’s leg, and he demands revenge — even if such a never-ending neurosis leads to the destruction of his ship and crew...

“So far, Trump seems to have escaped all of their efforts to spear and remove him before the 2020 election. Trump, like Moby Dick, seems a weird force of nature whose wounds from constant attacks only seem to make him more indestructible and his attackers even more obsessed with their prey.

“Even if the quest to destroy Trump eclipses every other consideration and entails the destruction of the modern Democratic party, it seems not to matter to these modern Ahabs.”

It's true. Democrats’ preoccupation with impeachment is heartily self-destructive and unobtainable. Like a stalker unwilling to acknowledge his victim is out-of-reach, Democrats continue clinging to the hope that something will magically turn up to shift public opinion far enough to take down Trump. In the process they’ve alienated independents and made fools of themselves.

Hanson argued Democrats are so far gone they’ve given up trying to pass a legislative agenda. It’s all over for Democrats -- they’ve crossed over to the dark side, never to return.

The other day I spotted a bumper sticker that read, “Trump 2020, finally someone with balls.” It pretty much summed up why Trump’s supporters are so solidly behind him.

Democrats’ dreams of impeachment aren’t helping to win anyone over. Robert Mueller’s pathetic impromptu press conference this week didn’t reveal anything new, either, and time’s running out for Trump’s enemies to make something stick. Sooner or later voters will pay attention… what will they see?

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