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Assault on America, Day 153: Since when does equality mean some are more equal than others?

Taylor Swift
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson’s words were controversial in 1776 and remain so today, but for vastly different reasons. As we all know, back in the 18th century an impressive assembly of great minds gathered in Philadelphia (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) to debate the meaning of political freedom and inalienable natural rights and ended up severing bonds with by far the most powerful nation in the world at the time, Great Britain.

By contemporary 21st century standards, liberals view Jefferson and most of his fellow Founding Fathers (the slaveholders, at least) as hopelessly ethically compromised hypocrites for failing to include women in their original “equality” avowal as well as for glancing over the truth that not all people were politically equivalent in their world. Far from it, in fact -- slavery existed in every one of the original 13 declaration-signing colonies and indeed, most of these jurisdictions also adopted rather stringent restrictions on the voting franchise, too.

So, all men are/were created equal, but the privilege apparently ended at the moment of birth. America’s liberals still have difficulty defining exactly what “equal” means (and certainly have no clue what Jefferson meant by life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness), and one particular self-styled progressive singer thinks President Donald Trump is a non-believer in the concept.

The Associated Press reported, “Taylor Swift says she’s kicking off Pride Month by asking Tennessee’s Republican U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander to protect LGBTQ rights and support the Equality Act.

“The pop star, who lives in Tennessee, posted a letter on social media early Saturday that she supported the House’s recent passage of the Equality Act, which would extend civil rights protections to LGBT people by prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The protections would extend to employment, housing, loan applications, education, public accommodations and other areas…

“Swift added that she ‘personally rejects’ the notion that President Donald Trump’s administration supports equal treatment of all people.”

Really? Does Swift honestly claim to support “equal treatment for all people”? If she did, then why did she build her pop music empire on the still maturing backs of prepubescent and teenage girls who by the millions purchased her music, attended her concerts and bugged their parents to buy her merchandise until they relented? Further, Swift’s made an entire career out of writing “break-up” songs where she’s treated the males from her past very un-equally. Listen to Swift’s material long enough and you’d surmise she doesn’t think much of men in general.

But gay men seemingly get a pass in Swift-world. Why the discrimination?

Swift is just the latest famous entertainment industry person to use her fame and notoriety to stump for causes she obviously doesn’t have a clue about. It used to be semi-humorous when celebrities lent their names to missions dreamed up and championed by other people with gobs of money and too much time on their hands. How else do you think the climate change quest ever got started? Would people get animated and motivated solely by what Al Gore thought?

Heck no, but if Leonardo DiCaprio says it’s so, then better shut off those air conditioners and start riding your bike to work! And it doesn’t stop there, either. “Hey look, there’s celebrity X telling us to donate to cause Y to save the planet! Run, grab your checkbook and be sure to write down that phone number before the commercial ends! Someone is standing by to talk with you!”

Up until now Swift has largely avoided being overly-political but it appears she’s ready to leap headfirst into the swamp mosh pit by stumping on behalf of the hopelessly mislabeled “Equality Act,” which if it actually made it into the federal statute books, would harm many of those impressionable little misses who grew up idolizing titanic female icons like Taylor Swift. Among other things, by granting absolute equality to transgender men (who think they’re ladies), the Equality Act places women at a distinct disadvantage in endeavors where a preponderance of testosterone equates to superior speed and strength.

You don’t see it a whole lot today but it’s not hard to envision a future where someday the NCAA women’s softball tournament will be dominated by biological males. Or women’s volleyball. Or track and field events. Or in the WNBA. Since the law would require businesses and educational institutions to treat everyone equally, what will happen to past legislative efforts to level the proverbial societal playing field, such as Title IX?

How could feminists like Swift be so shortsighted? The transgender issue is splitting our culture as well as imposing impossible compliance demands on local governments. What if every parent in a public school opposed letting a boy play on a girls sports team because of his inherent physical advantages? Is it really so unreasonable? And are parents who object to allowing biologically equipped males to shower with their daughters the oppressors, or is it the government telling them to sit down and shut up doing the real oppressing?

And needless to say religious freedoms and conscientious objectors would be out of luck if “Equality” is realized. Imagine Catholic churches being required by law to distribute condoms to sexually active gay men after their lawsuit alleging health benefits discrimination reached some liberal judge who decided the institution was in violation of the new rules. Or to force a church to perform same-sex marriages. Biblical teachings? That’s so yesterday -- and besides, Taylor Swift thinks President Trump is a bigot -- so by all means, do what the feds say!

The late Andrew Breitbart said “Politics is downstream of culture” and the conservative media pioneer and unabashed pro-liberty freedom warrior was certainly correct. Cultural figures such as Taylor Swift and others with her twisted feelings-based belief system helped foster a political stalemate where ordinary citizens are punished for their thoughts as well as their words. How long will it be until Americans are locked up for saying something against the law?

If Jefferson truly meant all men are created equal, why is it that some in today’s society are treated more equally than others? Why do certain groups enjoy additional rights and privileges by nature of who they say they are (gender or sexual orientation, etc.)? It’s almost like being traditional or “normal” puts one at a disadvantage in today’s “everyone’s the same” mentality.

The thought police aren’t limiting their witch hunts to present-day topics either. Rick Moran wrote at PJ Media, “Forty-five years ago, Mel Brooks made what many critics agree is the single, funniest film in Hollywood history. Blazing Saddles is not only an iconic comedy, but its social message about racism is also among the finest example of using satire to make a serious point that you could find. Now, four decades after it was released, the film has come under fire by social justice warriors because of its portrayal of white racism as comedy...

“The works of Mark Twain have undergone similar assaults over the years. Huckleberry Finn is banned in most school libraries and there has been a continuing controversy over Twain's views of Native Americans. And, of course, there is a running debate about Civil War monuments.

“The upshot is the slow erasure of the American past, replacing the real and genuine accomplishments of historical figures, forcing the public to see them through contemporary eyes -- unforgiving of any imperfection that may have been ‘acceptable’ in their day but now violates the norms of civil society.”

It was only a matter of time before someone like Mel Brooks was dissected and ripped to shreds by the social justice movement. What was once considered droll and ironic is now judged solely based on how many non-politically correct words are contained within the script. Do these haters even bother viewing what they’re chastising?

Has Taylor Swift ever tried to gain an audience with President Trump to listen to what he really thinks about “equal treatment of all people?” Or should the leftist mindset completely determine what is “equal” -- and those who deviate are automatically condemned without even hearing from them?

Perhaps we’re fortunate prominent liberals like Taylor Swift keep highlighting the absurdity of their causes. The “Equality Act” is the most egregious recent example of a politically correct mindset gone bad. Those who truly stand up for “equality” will remember what the word actually means. Why is there no middle ground?

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