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Assault on America, Day 163: For Trump and the GOP in 2020, it ain’t just the economy, stupid

Trump economy roaring
Do African-American voters hold the key to the 2020 election?

Yes… but so do white voters, Hispanic voters, Asian voters and those from every other ethnic group. At least that’s the way President Donald Trump and his campaign advisors should view the upcoming campaign since all the votes will end up in a big machine somewhere tabulated and examined to determine a winner. Let Democrats pander to the different blocs and worry whether they’ll do well enough with each to knock off Trump. That’s what Democrats do, transparently assess one’s looks, genetics and gender and assume they’ll favor or dismiss you based on skin tone alone.

Democrats see numbers on a strategy sheet and freak out whenever their percentages fall. Trump sees human beings. And logic is on Trump’s side.

But at the same time, the Republican incumbent shouldn’t dismiss the importance of appealing to each group individually, and if necessary, targeting his message towards them. By the looks of it the president’s people are already doing it where black voters are concerned. Philip Wegmann reported at Real Clear Politics, “Reviewing the last general election, it is clear that Trump didn’t win the black vote so much as Hillary Clinton failed to win enough of it. A New York Times analysis found that 4.4 million Obama voters stayed at home on Election Day, and more than a third of those no-shows were black. Trump has admitted as much. He even said thanks...

“Democrats don’t intend to let turnout lag twice. They aren't likely to nominate a historically unlikable candidate again, either. Unlike Clinton, former Vice President Joe Biden enjoys solid support in the black community. A national Quinnipiac University poll in May found that 46% of black voters backed the front-runner in the crowded field...

“...Republicans lost the national popular vote three years ago but won Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania by roughly 70,000 votes, a big enough sum to crack Clinton’s blue wall and carry the White House. And while Trump asked black communities what they had to lose in 2016, their answer in 2020 could say more about what he has to lose.”

It's true, if Democrats somehow reclaim the black voters they lost in 2016 -- or those who didn’t bother going to the polls at all because they weren’t wowed by Hillary Clinton -- it will be a much tougher slog for Republicans and Trump next year. Wegmann’s article quoted a couple African-American Democrats claiming the historically low black unemployment rate and improving economy won’t necessarily translate to increased support for Trump either, but is this really true?

If Trump won 8 percent of African-American voters last time and situations have improved for enough people, wouldn’t it make sense that at least some of them would be more inclined to look his way and possibly even vote for him? To assume otherwise means Democrats believe these folks are so mind-numbed and change-resistant that they don’t see things in an objective way, and they’re already so jaundiced that Republicans shouldn’t even bother asking for their votes.

Statistically speaking, Democrats are right, but at some point the ethnic wall will weaken and more black voters will leave the party that’s taken them for granted for decades yet produced little in the form of increased opportunities and improved standard of living for themselves and their communities. Democrats remain in firm control of virtually all big city governments, yet the age-old problems in these locales aren’t being solved (or even moved) by liberal policies.

Take public schools for example. Teachers unions supported Democrats are dead set against reform measures such as school choice, charter schools or homeschooling. Instead, Democrats scream racism! and keep inner city children safely toiling on their proverbial urban plantations with little alternative but to attend crime ridden neighborhood institutions with drug problems, poor academic performance and needless to say, disciplinary quandaries.

In Washington DC, for example, local officials (Democrats) got around low graduation rates by handing out certificates to students regardless of whether they could read or write at a basic, proficient level. If a young adult can’t read well or fill out a job application, no problem for liberals! Just rubber stamp a diploma, slap a few signatures on the exit documents and march the student across a stage to the tune of “Pomp and Circumstance.” As long as it keeps the taxpayers’ money flowing to the schools, who cares whether the individual succeeds!

Trump administration Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has made headway in fighting to change the status quo but she’s battling not only local school officials, she’s also combatting charges of racism, sexism and the dominant politically correct culture that won’t be subdued without an epic battle over their livelihoods. If Trump pounded education in his campaign pitches to black voters, he’d almost certainly sway some voters -- the ones who are open to hearing alternatives.

Republicans need more than to tout the great economy and pretend it’ll result in higher black vote totals. They need to appeal to the group’s common sense. Wegmann’s article indicated Trump’s campaign leaders believe there’s an undercurrent of African-American support that doesn’t show up in polls, but Republicans have been arguing this for years only to be shown how wrong they were on Election Day. Not every black person thinks like or agrees with Maxine Waters or Al Sharpton but it’s going to take a determined effort to turn the additional 4-5 percent the GOP needs to really make Democrats sweat.

It’s also obvious that the eventual Democrat nominee will lean heavily on racism in his or her pitch to all Americans. If you don’t believe it, look back to Joe Biden’s campaign announcement video, which all but implied Trump marched in lockstep with the torch bearing neo-Nazis and white power scum at Charlottesville (which he’s repeatedly condemned, including at the time of the incident).

Democrats earnestly bet they’ll maintain black voter enthusiasm and support levels by depicting Trump as a hood-wearing closet Klansman in the (Virginia governor) Ralph Northam mold. You can’t really blame them -- what they lack in policy proposals (and the means to pay for them) Democrats make up for with hysteria and shock tactics. Hillary Clinton and cohorts demonized Trump supporters as “deplorables” and Democrats appear bent on doing the same thing next year.

Sometime soon African-Americans -- and everyone else -- will notice Democrats’ crazy socialist schemes only result in poverty and hopelessness. Look what they’ve done to the once vibrant and enviable state of California. They’ve turned it into a slum decent people are leaving by the millions. Kurt Schlichter wrote at Townhall, “California is divided up into a few well-off people and a huge majority who scrape by. In much of West LA, or Silicon Valley, or parts of Scat Francisco, things are pretty nice. Everywhere else, not so much.

“Of course, that can’t last. The snobs and swells of Cali can’t see that any more than the nobles of Paris saw the guillotine blade dropping. I expect to be gone before the collapse, with my money, but hey – I’ll be watching the chaos on Fox. You rich libs, please try to look surprised!

“But, you wonder, won’t California get its act together before it’s too late? Of course not. It’s important to understand that there is no bottom, that no matter how impoverished, oppressive and generally miserable a land under the Birkenstock heel of socialism becomes, the cadres of the Red Guard will never shift course towards freedom. After all, freedom and prosperity are not their goal; in fact, those things are obstacles to achieving the true objective – unlimited power for the leftist nomenklatura.”

As a longtime former resident of the Golden State, I’d say Schlichter’s assessment is right on. From its rapidly deteriorating infrastructure to its exploding homeless (and illegal alien) population, California is a shadow of its former self. Democrats often talk about “two Americas” when describing Republicans’ policies, yet if there ever was a place where “two” of anything exists, it's on the American west coast down below Oregon.

There the super-rich dwell in gated and secured fortresses while the shrinking middle class scrapes by under the weight of oppressive taxes and regulations, making plans to exit as soon as feasible. The rest live in virtually lawless enclaves equivalent to the most hideous of third world countries. Black Californians see it, just like everyone else.

No one ethnic voting bloc will determine the outcome of next year’s election but taken as a whole, Republicans can’t afford to assume they’ll do better just because the economy is strong. Everyone wants a better life and it’s up to the political class to convince voters it will happen.

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