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Assault on America, Day 166: With debts mounting, how much should Americans provide?

Bernie Democratic Socialism
If you’re ever on Family Feud and host Steve Harvey poses the challenge to “Name something politicians do particularly well.” -- chances are you’ll hit the number one answer if you buzz in and shout, “Spend money!

There’s almost certainly a high percentage of the one-hundred people surveyed who replied with the same response, because no matter which side of the political spectrum you favor, politicians excel at taking our tax receipts and sprinkling them like water from a garden hose over people and entities that tend to reward them politically.

Corruption is to politics like honey is to bees. You can’t have one without the other creating it.

Not every politician enjoys spending money but it’s a part of their jobs to fund the military and address other constitutional obligations to federal departments. For Democrats in particular, haphazardly appropriating billions is as natural as putting on pants, because they automatically assume productive revenue-generating citizens are always out to bilk the have-nots. Case in point is “Democrat socialist” Bernie Sanders, a man who so-loved socialism and communism that he honeymooned in the old Soviet Union (yes, before the Berlin Wall fell).

Bernie must’ve seen the Soviet demand economy as the perfect model to employ for the land of the free, as though politicians could ever divide money so everyone would be satisfied.

Sanders is badly lagging behind Joe Biden in Democrat presidential primary race polls, so perhaps he’s surmised it’s about time he turned up the heat a bit. Sanders recently wrote at the New York Times, “As a young man I learned the impact that lack of money had on family life. Every major household purchase was accompanied by arguments between my parents...

“Back in 1944, in his State of the Union speech, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt reminded the nation that economic security is a human right, and that people cannot be truly free if they have to struggle every day for their basic needs. I agree.

“We must change the current culture of unfettered capitalism in which billionaires have control over our economic and political life. We need to revitalize American democracy and create a government and economy that works for all.”

Wow, if you took Sanders’ op-ed and his arguments at face value you’d almost think the country he grew up in and has served for decades as an elected official (Sanders was Mayor of Burlington, VT for eight years in the 80’s prior to being elected to and coming to Congress in January of 1991) was a pretty awful place. According to Bernie, systemic income inequality was responsible for his family’s internal strife growing up, as though people with more impressive means didn’t ever bicker because they were too busy enjoying all the money they swindled.

In other words, the supposed well-to-do are happy because they act like politicians, right? Possessing an ability to go to the store and buy Filet Mignon as opposed to 25 percent fat ground beef and a box of hamburger helper equates to contentment in Bernie’s world. Imagine if Sanders and his ilk got control of the federal purse strings and confiscated all the wealth from the filthy rich (which when you get down to it, most really aren’t that rich) and redistributed it one check at a time to those who “need” an extra few bucks to pay for luxuries that everyone now enjoys, like smart phones, unlimited data plans and cable TV.

While practically everyone agrees American citizens should all live with basic needs, there’s a huge divergence on what constitutes a “need” as opposed to a “want.”

Today’s poor kids save their pennies for sneakers costing a couple hundred bucks (or more). Some of these people would engender a lot more sympathy if they’d get their noses out of their devices and get busy with trying to improve their own lives. The Trump economy is growing and providing record level opportunities for everyone, most definitely to those at the bottom end of the wage scale -- which also means minority populations in urban centers. Black and Hispanic unemployment is at or near record lows under Trump.

Not quite sure where Bernie’s getting his facts, but the economy is much healthier now than it was just a couple years ago with anti-wealth Barack Obama at the helm.

Sanders is right about one thing, however -- the system is inherently unfair, but it isn’t because wealthy people like Donald J. Trump live lavishly while the “other half” burns piles of coal to keep warm and heat up moldy and crusty stale buns for survival. No, the system is unfair because there’s not enough true capitalism all around us. The power brokers in Washington team with the big business conglomerates Bernie hates so much to fix the rules and favor their own special interests and donors.

More government will only exacerbate the problem, not solve it. There isn’t an “expert” on the planet who could devise a magic income formula that would work for everyone. It’s a sad fact of life that some people will always struggle in relation to the wealthy. Supposed socialist countries -- like Cuba, Venezuela, etc. -- have much larger income disparities than does the United States. In these places there’s the super-rich few and everyone else is dirt poor. Not here.

America’s middle class is the envy of the world. And everyone here has electricity, running water and decent roads, too. Maybe Bernie should spend time dwelling in a Venezuelan slum -- and he’d appreciate the great life (and the three or more houses he owns now) he’s lived.

In his piece, Bernie singled out oil and energy companies’ contributions to politicians as especially contorted, but what about the growing gaggle of leftist billionaires like George Soros who spread seed money to numerous leftist groups to foment social unrest and make it look like there’s a larger discontented underclass than really exists? One brick throwing Antifa goon does not equate to millions of unhappy people. And there’s a sizeable disagreement in this country about which benefits Congress has a duty to provide versus asking people to do for themselves.

Where in the Constitution does it guarantee a happy life with a chicken in every pot, a fully-funded healthcare plan and a couple new cars in the garage? Or a government paid-for college education? Aren’t there already tons of programs (both public and private) available to people to pay for these things if they really “need” them?

Capitalism isn’t the enemy here. It’s the cultural attitude which makes victims out of people who enjoy a plenty good standard of living. If anything, if these people demanded more of government, they’re the ones to blame. And you can lump Bernie in with ‘em, too.

Bernie even thinks American taxpayers should provide houses for people. Justin Haskins wrote at Fox News, “Sanders’ newest idea is to have government build ‘millions’ of new housing units to help improve access to ‘affordable’ housing.

“’When I talk about infrastructure, I’ll tell you what else I’m talking about: The need to build millions of new units of affordable housing,’ Sanders said at a rally on Wednesday in Reno, Nevada. ‘All over this country, you have people paying 40, 50, 60 percent of their limited incomes in housing. That is absurd. Let’s put people to work, with good wages, to build the affordable housing this country needs.’”

In his piece Haskins provided several reasons why Bernie’s proposed big boost in publicly funded housing isn’t a good idea. The fact Sanders is promising to spend federal money to benefit more Democrat voters isn’t exactly surprising. What’s sad is there aren’t more folks out there suggesting that government spending is out of control and there simply aren’t enough wealthy people to pay for all the Democrats’ fantasy projects.

It’s hard to tell your kids “no” at the grocery store when they’re begging for an extra package of cookies, and politicians aren’t doing the hard work of saying “no” to more and more federal spending. Somebody’s got to do it -- and with Democrats promising to pave the streets with taxpayer gold (as well as fund other impossible utopian fantasies like the Green New Deal), enough is enough.

With Democrats like Bernie Sanders campaigning on the necessity to spend more to provide a higher standard of living for everyone, it’s about time Americans had a conversation about the difference between “needs” and “wants.” Don’t trust a big spending politician to explain the distinction.

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