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The Mueller Farce Exposes The Enemies Of The People

Robert Mueller Testimony

A person who listened yesterday to the Mueller testimony via radio was likely left wondering if Robert Mueller was a doddering old coot or one of the world’s greatest actors impersonating a doddering old coot.

Among the many embarrassing incidents for Mueller and the Democrats one of the most embarrassing was one in which Mueller contradicted his own report and seemed to struggle with a question posed by Republican Rep. Doug Collins, (GA-9), on whether collusion and conspiracy were "synonymous."

"You're gonna have to repeat that for me," Mueller told the congressman, according to USAToday.

When Mueller said the terms were not interchangeable, Collins asked with some irritation, "Are you sitting here today testifying something different than what your report states?"

After a lengthy exchange, Mueller conceded to "leave it with the report" and Collins said he was hoped they could finally "put to bed the collusion and conspiracy" questions.

Another Mueller embarrassment, initially celebrated by Democrats as a big win, was when Mueller took back a comment from his remarks to the House Judiciary Committee suggesting he would have indicted President Trump if it were not for a legal opinion that sitting presidents cannot be indicted.

“I want to add one correction to my testimony this morning. I wanted to go back to one thing that was said this morning by Mr. [Ted] Lieu (CA-33) — who said, and I quote, ‘You didn’t charge the president because of the [Office of Legal Counsel (OLC)] opinion.’ That is not the correct way to say it,” Mueller said.

Lieu had asked him, “I’d like to ask you, the reason again, that you did not indict Donald Trump is because of OLC opinion stating that you cannot indict a sitting president, correct?”

Mueller responded, “That is correct.”

As Breitbart’s Kristina Wong explained, Mueller’s correction came during his afternoon testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, in reference to the comments he made  to Lieu at the earlier hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee.

“As we say in the report and as I said in the opening, we did not reach a determination as to whether the president committed a crime,” Mueller said correcting his earlier remarks.

But having to correct (some might say recant) his remarks to Lieu was only one of many disappointments for Democrats. In all, according to NBC News, Mueller declined or deflected questions 198 times leaving Democrats gasping like fish out of water, their gills pumping uselessly.

Ranking Member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Republican Rep. Devin Nunes (CA-22) summed-up the entire Mueller farce in his opening statement, remarking that Democrats asserting that they would unveil evidence of President Trump’s cooperation with the Russians was like the “Loch Ness monster, they insist it’s there, even if no one can find it.”

“Among Congressional Democrats this investigation was never about finding the truth,” the California Republican said. “It is a simple media operation.”

“Democrats have said [the hearing] today is not about getting new information at all but to bring the Mueller report to life to create a television moment,” Nunes said. “ use ploys like having Mr. Mueller recite passages from his own report.”

Nunes called the hearing a “Hail Mary” attempt to convince Americans of a conspiracy that was spread by “naive” or “compromised” reporters.

“Compromised” does not begin to cover or explain the role of some reporters in promoting this Democrat-inspired two-year civic disaster for our country, corrupt and cynical barely scratch the surface, but given the limits of language they will have to do. If there was one truth that came out of Wednesday’s farcical Mueller hearings it is that those who concocted and promoted this attack on President Trump really are enemies of the people.

In regard to the role of the media in advancing the fabricated charges against President Trump pursued by Robert Mueller and his team of angry Democrats, Republican Rep. Chris Stewart (UT-2) questioned Mueller regarding a binder which the Congressman said contained “25 examples of leaks” that occurred from Mueller’s office and associates.

“I’m holding here a binder of 25 examples of leaks that occurred from the special counsel’s office and those associated with your work dating back to a few weeks after your inception and beginning of your work and continuing up to just a few months ago,” Stewart told Mueller. “Mr. Mueller, are you aware of anyone from your team having given advanced knowledge of the raid on Roger Stone‘s home to any person or the press, including CNN?”

As The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott reported, Mueller declined to answer the question, first saying that he was “not gonna talk about specifics” and then stating he was “not gonna speak to that” when asked a second time.

Rep. Stewart then charged – without contradiction – that all of the leaks “were designed to weaken or embarrass the President – every single one.”

Yesterday’s House hearings featuring testimony by former Special Counsel Robert Mueller were not a search for truth; they offered nothing of substance regarding the charges fabricated to impede Donald Trump’s presidency. However, they did provide beyond a shadow of a doubt proof of the complete corruption and utter cynicism of the Democrats and their allies in the establishment media.

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