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Assault on America, Day 218: ‘National White Male Lobotomy Day’ coming to your town

Democrats Special Session Guns
If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Or if you’re a Democrat, if you can’t beat ‘em, change the rules.

If anyone still wonders whether we’re living in strange times, consider the fact one half the American political class appears to believe the other half is racist, the president is a corrupted unrestrained lout who successfully covered up his cooperation with a foreign power to steal the 2016 election, and that a sacred, God-given human right -- the right to bear arms -- is responsible for the majority of our societal problems. And all our cultural ailments would be solved simply by propagating more government involvement in practically every aspect of citizens’ lives.

Oh yeah, one more. That crossing the border uninvited isn’t a crime and the authorities are wrong to detain people for doing so if it means adults might be separated from their (purported) children for a period of time. And these same sovereignty violators deserve “free” taxpayer-funded healthcare and other government services while they await judicial determinations on whether they can legally remain in the country. (Plus, they should be granted citizenship, representation in Congress, etc… and don’t dare ask them if they’re citizens on a census form!)

Actor Kevin Sorbo famously tweeted, “Only in America are legal citizens labeled ‘racists’ and ‘Nazis,’ but illegal aliens are called ‘Dreamers.’”

‘Tis true. Common sense is tipped on its head these days and it doesn’t seem to be getting better as a large group of Democrats are now calling for the annual summer congressional recess to be cancelled or cut short so lawmakers can drag themselves back to the swamp to deal with the nebulous concept of “white nationalism.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Mike Lillis reported at The Hill, “Dozens of House Democrats are pressing Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to cut short the long summer break and bring House committees back to Washington to address the violent rise of white nationalism.

“Behind two freshman lawmakers — Reps. Veronica Escobar (Texas) and Tom Malinowski (N.J.) — the Democrats maintain that ‘urgent attention’ is needed to tackle ‘the threats posed by white supremacist terrorism’ after Saturday's deadly mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, where the suspect appeared to be driven by anti-immigrant sentiment.

“The pair is circulating a letter among House Democrats urging Pelosi to call back the relevant panels to take up related legislation.”

Never let a good “crisis” -- or mass media-created hysteria -- go to waste! Where are you, Barack Obama?

Hmmm. For months/years Democrats insisted “white nationalism” is a huge problem yet they were okay with leaving town a couple weeks ago without addressing it first. Then one wacko manifesto-scribbling nut snaps in El Paso and suddenly there’s a national emergency that requires the entire Congress to cut short their vacations (ahem, “district work periods”) to return to their day jobs and get something hammered out that the radicals will assent to.

When numerous Muslim domestic terrorist incidents transpired in the not so distant past there was no such similar clamor for a congressional meeting of the minds to address it, but if one lone wolf kook who said something derogatory online about immigrants goes on a rampage, automatically the problem is pervasive and must be snuffed out or we’re all gonna die. The Democrats insist these unhinged criminals are especially hateful towards minorities (including Muslims and Jews), but many of the victims of their acts were white Christians, too.

Couldn’t it be said they hate everyone when they’re running around frantically searching for victims to fill with lead? Did they discriminate when pulling the trigger?

And the Dayton (Ohio) shooter was an avowed leftist (and Antifa supporter) who wanted Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren for president. Doesn’t this sickness merit equal panic and scrutiny? Who in their right mind could hope “Pocahontas” becomes our nation’s leader? Isn’t that the clinical definition of insanity?

Not to mention in years past congressmen and senators couldn’t be bothered with subjects like passing a budget or working feverishly to avoid government shutdowns. And don’t trouble them with having to pay attention to real national emergencies -- like the one at the border just miles from the El Paso Walmart where the tragedy occurred last weekend. A trillion dollar annual deficit isn’t sufficient to scare politicians but “white nationalism” is justification enough to get the entire country in a tizzy? Strange. Where’s the proportionality?

Lillis’s article didn’t specify what the Democrats’ proposed legislative fix would look like but it isn’t difficult to envision the premises. Boosting “background checks” is a convenient way of suggesting every gun purchase application would involve a mental and psychological undressing and profiling that would set new standards for liberty invasions that would have the Founding Fathers doing somersaults in their final resting places.

Maybe Democrats will propose individuals’ medical records be examined as well as all social media accounts analyzed for buzzwords indicating a smidgen of “white nationalism.” Perhaps the liberal thought police would bring the tech barons onboard since they’re already adept at setting algorithms that sniff out and ban any trace of conservative philosophy. There won’t be such things as freedom of thought, speech or expression as gun owners from sea to shining sea ponder every single social media post to ensure it passes muster with the federal safety overseers.

In the alternative, the permits process will be dragged out to make sure no one dirty gets through. Anyone who ever expressed support for keeping civil war statues or historic relics tied to slave owners would be deemed a “white nationalist” and put on a red flag list. Due process? Who needs that? Would anyone placed on these inventories be granted a chance to appeal the designation, and what level of “proof” would they need to provide in order to show they don’t hate ethnic minorities, immigrants, women, homosexuals, Muslims, Jews, or transgenders…or teachers, union members, postal workers, public employees or any other Democrat constituency?

Would belonging to a multi-racial church do the trick or would it only engender further suspicion?

We’ve already seen what happens when liberals are put in charge of “believing survivors” on college campuses. All female students need to do is give a say-so that a guy sexually assaulted her and there’s no need to interview witnesses or gather evidence that would confirm the veracity of the girl’s story. How many lives would be ruined by hastily accrued and false accusations of being a “white nationalist”? And would an African-American, Hispanic, Asian or other “person of color” be perfunctorily taken for truth if he or she deems someone a racist?

Half the Democrat congressional delegation -- and most of the party’s 2020 presidential candidates -- couldn’t pass such a test. Heck, Democrats aren’t even sparing the “r-word” (racist) any longer. This is nuts. Simple suspicion is enough. Democrats hate prisons, yet how many people would be prosecuted and incarcerated if they’re suspected of being racists?

Lastly, if Democrats are creative enough, they might even be able to insert some sort of precursor to nationalized healthcare in the name of “safety” for every U.S. resident. The bill language could provide funds for a “National White Male Lobotomy Day” for all white (you know, non-Hispanic whites who have male genitalia with exemptions for those biological specimens who self-identify as female. This would be the “Caitlyn Jenner” exception) men.

Why not just simply instantly criminalize every baby born who’s perceived to be white? If they can’t possibly grow up without prejudices and “white privilege,” why bother waiting for them to be corrupted?

Aren’t we overstating the problem here (slightly)? David Marcus wrote at The Federalist, “[Y]es, white supremacy is a problem, it’s a scourge, it is a disgraceful stain on the country. But it isn’t a crisis. Mass shootings might be, but even they are fairly rare. Most Americans don’t walk around in fear of them. And they come in all kinds of demented flavors. The United States is not a white supremacist country, it does not have a white supremacist president, and the vast majority of her citizens are not white supremacists.

“Ours is not a nation that bends to the arc of history, ours is a nation that bends the arc of history. We are not shuffling towards white supremacy; quite the opposite. We are still in the process of creating the most free and equal society that the world has ever known. Let’s stay the course, and not let mad men lead us astray.”

Shouldn’t we heed this plea for common sense? Sure, technically speaking the “Alt-right” and “white nationalism” exists but it isn’t widespread and the purveyors of hate aren’t easily identifiable with tattoos that say “I hate all brown people, Muslims, non-Christians and immigrants regardless of national origin.”

America was founded on an ideal that’s worked pretty well since the beginning, even if the actions of people -- or laws -- weren’t always desirable or perfect. This country’s still a great place to live and judging by the number of immigrants -- legal and otherwise -- who’re begging to come here to settle, they’re not terrified that some racist idiot is waiting to kill them with a demented look on his face and a powerful weapon at his shoulder.  

If they’re not scared, why should we be?

Democrats will do anything to win, and their suggestion of a special congressional look into “white nationalism” is as ridiculous as they come. In time someone will devise a reasonable way to stave off the next irrational attack. Until that time, maybe the politicians should just stay the heck away from DC.

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