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Assault on America, Day 222: Two years since Charlottesville and Dems haven’t learned a thing

Two years ago today there was a riot in Charlottesville, Virginia, where an unruly mob of angry losers representing two polar extreme viewpoints clashed, brawled and shouted, resulting in numerous injuries and the death of a woman (two state troopers also died in a helicopter crash related to the incident) who just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

As would be expected, the liberal establishment media had everyone believing the uprising resulted solely from blood-seeking “white nationalist” racist vermin getting out of hand and perpetrating crimes on crowds of innocent onlookers. In reality the episode ensued largely because the governing authorities (Gov. Terry McAuliffe, et al) intentionally pulled the police back from the gathering storm, effectively permitting the violent thugs on both sides (who weren’t local residents, either) to have at each other. The tragic consequences were predictable.

Immediately after the melee President Donald Trump went on TV, condemnd the violence and asked for unity and calm. (Two days later) He also responded to a question about the Robert E. Lee statue that was originally at the center of the controversy in Charlottesville and remarked there were “very fine people on both sides” of the removal issue. Journalists and opportunistic Democrat politicians took Trump’s words out of context and ran with them. The ignorant, biased and uninformed immediately re-branded Trump a “racist” and the schism persists to this day.

Heck, “Uncle Joe” Biden based his entire campaign launch on the Charlottesville fight and the media’s false interpretation of Trump’s “very fine people” observations. Joe regularly mumbles something like “that’s not who we are” and adds further insults of the president.

Last week’s mass shootings in Texas (El Paso) and Ohio (Dayton) revealed that feelings are still quite raw from Charlottesville even 730 days later, only now the Trump-haters are using the El Paso shooter’s four-page “manifesto” as evidence that Trump’s rhetoric was life-threatening and reactionary (note: the perpetrator also wrote how his beliefs pre-dated Trump, but so what?).

It didn’t get much play last week, but Democrat congressman Juaquin Castro (brother of Democratic presidential candidate Julián Castro) published the names of 44 Trump donors in retaliation for the president’s perceived anti-immigrant attitudes, endangering their safety (think they have anything to fear from leftist “activists” who now know who they are and where they live?). Such an irresponsible and incredibly mean-spirited act deserved much greater focus and condemnation from the national media, but instead the matter practically died without anyone even hearing about it.

For his part, the president said he believes his rhetoric is unifying, not divisive. Jordan Fabian reported at The Hill, “President Trump … defended himself against accusations that his immigration rhetoric inspired the suspected El Paso, Texas, shooter, who shot and killed 22 people after allegedly posting a manifesto warning of a ‘Hispanic invasion.’

“Speaking before departing for El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, the site of another weekend mass shooting, Trump accused his opponents of ‘looking for political gain’ by tying his comments to the shooting in Texas and insisted he would like to ‘stay out of the political fray’ even as he sought to link the Dayton shooter to prominent Democrats.

“’I don’t think my rhetoric does at all. I think my rhetoric brings people together. Our country is doing really well,’ Trump said at the White House when asked by reporters if his comments contribute to violence.”

Watch the video of Trump’s brief interview; he didn’t try to “link” the Dayton shooter to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren -- he merely pointed out the shooter favored them, not him. Considering all the flak Trump’s taken from being “linked” to the El Paso murderer, such contrast is heartily necessary.

Two years after Charlottesville, is there anything Trump could say in response to the “rhetoric” question that would satiate his detractors? What did they expect him to reply, that he admits he was wrong to call the “invasion” happening at the southern border an “invasion”? When statistics show there’re about a hundred thousand illegal crossings a month, what are you supposed to label it, a “friendly act of saying hello -- then feed us, care for our medical needs, give us asylum and permission to stay and chastise those who disagree”?

If a gaggle of strangers showed up at your doorstep speaking a foreign language demanding to be let in and taken care of (and who are most likely sick and potentially carrying contagious diseases), would you be in the wrong to tell them to go back to where they came from? Does “Beto” O’Rourke welcome illegal newcomers onto his property? Someone needs to ask him.

And Trump was equally correct to point out that Dayton shooter, Connor Betts, was quite active on the internet espousing views that most folks would consider a bit over the edge. Betts hated Trump, supported prominent leftist Democrats (like Sanders and “Pocahontas” Warren) and recently claimed that an Antifa member who was killed while attacking an ICE facility was a “martyr.”

In other words, the Dayton shooting didn’t have anything to do with “racism.” So why all the clamor over Trump and his rhetoric? Why isn’t the media running to Bernie and “Pocahontas” to stick microphones in their faces and ask them whether they’re inciting violence with the way they’re talking about the president and his policies?

Trump’s own official statements stressed the need for unity and condemned racism in the strongest possible terms, yet his Democrat political opponents weren’t soothed. Just like with Charlottesville two years ago, when there’s a score to be settled they don’t care what the other side has to say -- it’s never good enough. Democrats don’t want to wait until the next unhinged nut goes off the rails and shoots up a public place to get their fix of gore and murder. And who knows, future perpetrators might turn out to be Antifa goons like Betts. What would they say then?

The media seems bent on convincing people that Trump supporters are mind-numbed crazies who lie in wait until their leader speaks and activates the latent violent tendencies that lie just below the surface of every gun-toting Republican. Democrats made much political hay over Trump’s fondness for direct and confrontational language, as did the president’s so-called “conservative” critics (#NeverTrump). The rest of the country appears to find it refreshing when Trump calls things the way he sees them and disdains the thick sugar coats of crapola that wrap around every other politician’s public utterings.

Charlottesville was an easily preventable tragedy if the (Democrat) state leadership had just fulfilled its duty to allow the two viewpoints to have their public grandstanding moments (complete with nightly news coverage) and then be done with it. The worst that might’ve happened is people would’ve been offended by the predictable “hate” and fear-mongering. If the police were permitted to do their jobs -- keep the peace -- then no one would’ve ever heard about the incident and it would be long forgotten by now.

CNN would’ve had a lot less to sensationalize on that hot summer afternoon, but the network would’ve found some other way to fill its airtime with anti-Trump content. It’s what they do, remember? And Joe Biden would’ve had to find some other example of projected Trumpian “hate” to talk about during his campaign this year. We know he could do it!

In Charlottesville’s aftermath, what have we become? It isn’t pretty. David P. Goldman wrote at PJ Media, “…The crisis of Muslim cultures has produced a fearfully large number of individuals willing to kill themselves in order to kill civilians of another Muslim sect, not to mention Americans or Israelis. Our Cultural Revolution has the same effect: We have hollowed out the sense of purpose in life that formerly sustained us and reduced large parts of our population to atomized lost souls. It's not surprising that individuals with severe psychological problems lose all restraint and turn into killers.

“I find it especially loathsome that the liberal ideologues who have done everything in their power to undermine family allegiance, congregational devotion and patriotic loyalty now blame the problem on guns.”

Goldman’s essay is a must-read for anyone searching for meaning in all of this. Our complete loss of identity is to blame for incidents like mass shootings and the senseless violence of Charlottesville.

The scum (on both sides) wasn’t there to further any particular cause or make the world a better place. They came because in many cases they didn’t have anything better to do and had no meaningful connection to others and society; in essence, they’re all “lone wolfs.” All they had was an allegiance to the human trash standing next to them with the sole purpose of inflicting harm on the filth positioned opposite them. Most decent folks wouldn’t give a hoot if they all eliminated each other -- but like the shooters in El Paso and Dayton, they’d take a lot of innocent lives down with them.

We’re certainly not going to make anyone value life more by calling each other racist and pinning blame for irrational individual acts on leaders who had nothing to do with it. Listening, Democrats?

It’d be great to say America’s learned a lesson in the two years since the deadly riot in central Virginia, but glancing around it certainly doesn’t look that way. Liberals are still attempting to pin blame for tragedies on the political leadership in the White House. And it ain’t working.

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