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Club for Growth State Legislative Scorecards For Florida, New Mexico, Tennessee & Virginia

Club for Growth
The Club for Growth Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on educating the public about the value of free markets, pro-growth policies, and economic prosperity, has released 2019 Legislative Scorecards for FloridaNew MexicoTennessee, and Virginia as part of a new initiative. The organization has also issued a 2018 Florida Legislative Scorecard.

“The Club for Growth Foundation’s Congressional Scorecard is already the gold-standard in publishing the voting records of Senators and Members of the U.S. House of Representatives on economic legislation, and the State Legislative Scorecards will help educate citizens about which elected officials are champions of pro-growth policies at the state level.” said Club for Growth President David McIntosh.

Elected officials who scored 90% or better in a given calendar year and also had lifetime scores of 90% or better are recognized as Defenders of Economic Freedom by the Club for Growth. Only two elected officials received a perfect rating of 100% in 2019, Del. Nick Freitas of Virginia and Rep. James Grant of Florida.

Every year, the Club for Growth Foundation will issue Scorecards for several states. Additional state Scorecards will be released this year when ready for publication.

Key takeaways from each Scorecard and the names of the individuals who have been named by the Club for Growth as Defenders of Economic Freedom follow.

Key Takeaways – Florida’s 2019 State Legislative Scorecard

  • Florida Senate
    • 1 Florida State Senator Was Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 23 Republicans & 17 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 83%
    • Average Democrat Score: 42%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Tom Lee, 94%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. George Gainer, 61%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Bill Montford, 62%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. Gary Farmer, 23%
  • Florida House
    • 66 Florida State Representative Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 71 Republicans & 46 Democrats (3 Vacancies)
    • Average Republican Score: 96%
    • Average Democrat Score: 43%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Del. James Grant, 100%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Del. Thad Altman, 85%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Del. James Bush, 82%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Del. Kamia Brown, 13%

Key Takeaways – Florida’s 2018 State Legislative Scorecard

  •  Florida Senate
    • 23 Republicans & 15 Democrats (2 Vacancies)
    • Average Republican Score: 87%
    • Average Democrat Score: 50%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Rene Garcia, 94%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Tom Lee, 49%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Lauren Book, 75%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. Jose Rodriguez & Sen. Perry Thurston, 29%
  • Florida House
    • 76 Republicans & 41 Democrats (3 Vacancies)
    • Average Republican Score: 87%
    • Average Democrat Score: 36%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Rep. Cary Pigman, 95%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. Bill Hager, 72%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. Katie Edwards, 83%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Rep. Cynthia Stafford, 19%

Key Takeaways – New Mexico’s 2019 State Legislative Scorecard

  • New Mexico Senate
    • 0 New Mexico State Senators Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 16 Republicans & 26 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 53%
    • Average Democrat Score: 12%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. William Sharer, 72%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Sander Rue, 31%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. George Munoz, 24%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. John Sapien, 7%
  • New Mexico House
    • 0 New Mexico State Representatives Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 24 Republicans & 46 Democrats 
    • Average Republican Score: 69%
    • Average Democrat Score: 11%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Rep. Paul Bandy, 85%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. Rebecca Dow, 48%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. Candie Sweetser, 36%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Rep. Andres Romero, 2%

Key Takeaways – Tennessee’s 2019 State Legislative Scorecard

  • Tennessee Senate
    • 0 Tennessee State Senators Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 28 Republicans & 5 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 64%
    • Average Democrat Score: 37%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. Ferrell Haile, 82%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Richard Briggs & Sen. Todd Gardenhire, 45%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Sara Kyle: 42%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. Katrina Robinson, 32%
  • Tennessee House
    • 1 Tennessee State Representative Was Recognized As A Defender Of Economic Freedom
    • 73 Republicans & 26 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 67%
    • Average Democrat Score: 34%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Rep. Debra Moody, 90%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Rep. John Holsclaw & Del. Kevin Vaughan, 45%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Rep. John DeBerry, 67%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Rep. Gloria Johnson & Del. Mike Stewart, 17%

Key Takeaways – Virginia’s 2019 State Legislative Scorecard

  • Virginia Senate
    • 0 Virginia State Senators Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 21 Republicans & 19 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 55%
    • Average Democrat Score: 15%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Sen. David Suetterlein, 80%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Sen. Charles Carrico & Sen. Bill DeSteph, 43%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Sen. Jeremy McPike, 31%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Sen. Scott Surovell, 0%
  • Virginia House
    • 2 Virginia State Delegates Were Recognized As Defenders Of Economic Freedom
    • 51 Republicans & 49 Democrats
    • Average Republican Score: 63%
    • Average Democrat Score: 19%
    • Highest Rated Republican: Del. Nick Freitas, 100%
    • Lowest Rated Republican: Del. Gordon Helsel, Del. Barry Knight, & Del. David Yancey, 47%
    • Highest Rated Democrat: Del. Elizabeth Guzman, 30%
    • Lowest Rated Democrat: Del. Jeion Ward, 0%

The following elected state officials have been recognized by the Club for Growth as Defenders of Economic Freedom in 2019.

Sen. Travis Hutson
Rep. Vance Aloupis
Rep. Alex Andrade
Rep. Melony Bell
Rep. Mike Beltran
Rep. Chuck Brannan
Rep. James Buchanan
Rep. Colleen Burton
Rep. Cord Byrd
Rep. Mike Caruso
Rep. Chuck Clemons
Rep. Travis W. Cummings
Rep. Nicola DiCeglie
Rep. Byron Donalds
Rep. Brad Drake
Rep. Wyman Duggan
Rep. Dane Eagle
Rep. Juan Fernandez-Barquin
Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff
Rep. Randy Fine
Rep. Jason Fischer
Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen
Rep. Erin Grall
Rep. James Grant
Rep. Michael Grant
Rep. Tommy Gregory
Rep. Brett Hage
Rep. Mike Hill
Rep. Blaise Ingoglia
Rep. Chip LaMarca
Rep. Mike LaRosa
Rep. Chris Latvala
Rep. Tom Leek
Rep. MaryLynn Mager
Rep. Amber Mariano
Rep. Ralph Massullo
Rep. Stan McClain
Rep. Lawrence McClure
Rep. Jose Olivia
Rep. Toby Overdorf
Rep. Bobby Payne
Rep. Daniel Perez
Rep. Cary Pigman
Rep. Mel Ponder
Rep. Holly Raschein
Rep. Paul Renner
Rep. Spencer Roach
Rep. Will Robinson
Rep. Ray Rodrigues
Rep. Ana Rodriguez
Rep. Anthony Rodriguez
Rep. Bob Rommel
Rep. Rick Roth
Rep. Anthony Sabatini
Rep. David Santiago
Rep. Tyler Sirois
Rep. David Smith
Rep. Chris Sprowls
Rep. Cyndi Stevenson
Rep. Charlie Stone
Rep. Jennifer Sullivan
Rep. Jackie Toledo
Rep. Josie Tomkow
Rep. Jay Trumbull
Rep. Jayer Williamson
Rep. Clay Yarborough
Rep. Adrian Zika
Rep. Debra Moody
Del. Mark Cole
Del. Nick Freitas

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