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Call To Action: Demand Your Senator Vote To Confirm Steven Menashi

Rachel Maddow Ethnonationalism
President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced a new round of judicial nominees, including Steven Menashi for a seat on the New York-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Menashi is a senior associate White House counsel who also serves as a special assistant to the president.

Menashi, is a graduate of the Stanford University Law School. He clerked for Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, taught at the Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University, was a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, and prior to joining the White House counsel’s staff, served as Acting General Counsel for the Department of Education.

Menashi’s nomination quickly became controversial when some on the left, particularly MSNBC host and commentator Rachel Maddow, zeroed in on the focus of a law review article Menashi wrote on “ethnonationalism” back in 2010.

Maddow called passages in the article a “highbrow argument for racial purity.”

The 66-page article, titled “Ethnonationalism and Liberal Democracy,” appeared in the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law (link courtesy of Fred Lucas, White House Correspondent for the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal).

In it, Menashi defended Israel’s status as both a Jewish state and a liberal democracy, contending that ethnic diversity is not a precondition for liberalism by citing a lengthy list of liberal democracies that have constitutional or other legal ethno-national characteristics.

Maddow grossly misrepresented Mr. Mensahi’s article which argues only that Israel’s status as a Jewish state is consistent with liberal democracy.  We note that the article did not oppose ethnic diversity, it merely rebutted the notion that Israel is unique as a liberal democracy and nation-state based on ethnic identity.

The Left’s anti-Semitism takes a very weird turn in their constant attempts to make Israel look like Hitler’s Germany, but when Far Left Progressives like Rachel Maddow talk about “racial purity” and criticize Israel’s Jewish identity in the same sentence that’s what they are doing.

But it is even weirder when the smear is used to attack Steven Menashi, a Jew whose heritage spans the Jewish diaspora from Iraq to the former Soviet Union, because it betrays Maddow’s anti-Semitism by categorizing Jews as a group incapable of assimilation into any other nation-state or ethnic group.

Is being a Jew a religion or a race or a cultural identity? Is a blue-eyed blonde Jew from Bavaria a German or a Jew? Is a Russian Jew from the former Pale of Settlement a Jew, or a Russian or a Lithuanian?

If a Jew converts to Christianity or Buddhism is he or she still a Jew? Hitler and Stalin both said YES, a Jew can only be a Jew.

Carried to its logical conclusion, Maddow and others who echo her critique of Steven Menashi’s law review article, are arguing, just as Hitler and Stalin did, that for the purposes of “diversity” Jewishness negates any other marker.

So, if Maddow is arguing Jews are always going to be a people apart, incapable of assimilation, then that would seem to us to not only fail to rebut Menashi’s law review article, it would also prove the necessity of the establishment of Israel as a Jewish homeland.

The Republican Jewish Coalition expressed its outrage at Maddow’s smear of Steven Menashi by tweeting:

MSNBC allows @maddow to accuse an Iraqi Jew of racism because she can't comprehend the highly qualified social science evidence cited in his law review article published by @Penn.

How can @MSNBC allow her to stay on air? This is both ignorant & defamatory

Our friend Carrie Sevarino of the Judicial Crisis Network also tweeted:

[email protected] should be ashamed of herself for the anti-Semitic rant she just launched against 2nd Circuit nominee Steven Menashi. Had she actually read his law-review article, she would know that Menashi says the exact opposite of what Maddow claims. Intentional distortion?

We will answer Carrie Sevarino’s question: Yes, Rachel Maddow is intentionally distorting what Steven Menashi’s law review article said because she shares the Left’s anti-Semitism and because she can’t countenance the idea of a well-qualified Jewish member of the Trump White House Counsel’s staff sitting on the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.

It is downright offensive and irresponsible for Maddow and the Left to imply that Menashi – the son of an Iraqi Jew whose family was forced to flee to Iran and then to Israel because of ethnonationalist and anti-Semitic policies – is a white nationalist.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to call their Senators, the toll-free Capitol Switchboard is (1-866-220-0044), tell your Senator to vote YES on the confirmation of Steven Menashi when it comes to the Senate floor.

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This woman has no credibility left and must be showing up to work for free......

Confirm Steven Menashi

All this obstruction has gone too far. Confirm Steven Menashi!