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Suicidal Fossil Fuels Exec Hosts Biden Fundraiser

Joe Biden Townhall
We had been planning to ignore the CNN Democrat presidential primary climate change “townhall” figuring that we knew in advance what it would entail: Calls for more coercion, fewer choices, costlier energy and a lower quality of life for us non-elite Americans.

However, there was one moment in the event that caught our attention and was worth mulling on a bit as the Democratic primary moves forward.

During the seven-hour marathon an audience member asked former Vice President Joe Biden about a fundraising event for his campaign, which was scheduled to take place last night (Thursday, September 5, 2019).

AUDIENCE MEMBER ISAAC LARKIN: I know that you signed a “No Fossil Fuel Money” pledge. But I have to ask: How can we trust you to hold these corporations and executives accountable for their crimes against humanity, when we know that tomorrow you are holding a high-dollar fundraiser hosted by Andrew Goldman, a fossil fuel executive?

Andrew Goldman, a co-founder of the Houston-based natural gas producer Western LNG, organized the event, according to reports and Biden at first said he “didn’t realize” Goldman was even involved in the fossil fuel industry.

ANSWER FROM JOE BIDEN: He is not a fossil fuel executive, I’m told. He is not a fossil fuel executive. And the fact of the matter is that what we talk about is: What are we going to do about those corporations? What have we done? And everywhere along the way — for example, I’ve argued and pushed for us suing those executives who are engaged in pollution, those companies who are engaged in pollution. I’ve never walked away from that.

AND LATER IN RESPONSE TO ANDERSON COOPER: What I was told by my staff is that he did not have any responsibility relating to the company. He was not on the board. He was not involved at all in the operation of the company at all. But if that turns out to be true, then I will not in any way accept his help. But my point of the fact is that — the point I was told by my staff. And we check every single contribution. That’s why we don’t send — we don’t list them immediately. We go through every contribution to make sure that we are not accepting money from people we said we wouldn’t or we shouldn’t.

But here’s how Maureen Mackey of Lifezette parsed information posted by The Intercept — ahead of the town hall’s start — describing the fundraiser Biden was planning to attend on Thursday: “Andrew Goldman, a co-founder of Western LNG, a natural gas production company based in Houston, Texas, is co-hosting one of two high-dollar fundraisers Biden will attend in New York on Thursday. Western’s major project is a floating production facility off the northern coast of British Columbia designed to provide Canadian gas to markets in northeast Asia.”

“Northeast Asia” is the establishment media name for Communist China if we remember our geography correctly, but maybe it also includes the Korean Peninsula.

Ms. Mackey reports further that, “Goldman and Biden have deep ties: Goldman served as an adviser to Biden while he was in the Senate and was the northeast director of finance for Biden’s 2008 campaign. He’s also an executive at the investment banking firm Hildred Capital Partners. He and his partner at the firm, David Solomon, along with their wives Renee and Sarah, will host a private fundraiser for Biden at the Solomon house, CNBC reported. Goldman co-founded a natural gas company called Western LNG and co-founded De Cordova Goldman Capital Management, which invested in ‘natural resources and energy.'”

But it gets even better. After CNN’s Anderson Cooper pushed Biden on the issue, according to a tweet from Biden campaign senior adviser Symone Sanders, the co-founder of Western LNG and De Cordova Goldman Capital Management, which invested in ‘natural resources and energy” isn’t a fossil fuels executive at all.

Tweeted Ms. Sanders:

What @andersoncooper just said about VP Biden's fundraiser is factually incorrect. Andrew Goldman isn't a fossil fuel executive. He's not involved in the day to day operation. He's not on the board of the company, nor the board of the portfolio company.

Mr. Goldman’s status as “not a fossil fuels executive” would be news to other social justice warriors who have targeted individuals involved directly or indirectly in industries they don’t like.

Warren B. Kanders, formerly a vice chairman of the Whitney Museum of American Art, comes immediately to mind. Mr. Kanders stepped down in July after months of protests over his company’s sale of tear gas. The protests culminated in the withdrawal of eight artists from the prestigious Whitney Biennial exhibition.

Social justice types have also called on the American Museum of Natural History to cut ties with board member Rebekah Mercer. Ms. Mercer and her family are prominent backers of President Trump and also donate to free market think tanks that have been critical of the bogus “science” behind the climate change movement.

Given the Democratic Party’s aggressive opposition to the use of fossil fuels it is fair to ask why anyone involved in the fossil fuels industry, especially as a passive investor as Mr. Goldman apparently claims to be, would support a Democrat candidate for President.

One simple answer could be that, given the examples cited above of conservatives who were targeted by the social justice crowd,  Mr. Goldman is suicidal or has some other kind of death wish and he wants (for reasons unknown) to subject himself and his family to a campaign of public humiliation culminating in their exclusion from polite society and their loss of all of the economic advantages his hard work has gained them.

Of course, it is entirely possible that given his “deep ties” to Biden, Mr. Goldman knows Biden’s opposition to fossil fuels is a completely disingenuous act and that Biden has no intention of making good on any of his promises to snuff the fossil fuels industry.

Another answer could be that Mr. Goldman thinks Biden is for sale and that given enough campaign money the former Vice President will lay-off the fossil fuels industry. This idea is not entirely without foundation since Biden has a long record of behind the scenes economic and political intervention on behalf of his son and business associates.

A third possibility is that Mr. Goldman, having been around Biden and Washington a lot, is smart enough to recognize that a good lobbying effort beats a good product or business plan any day, and that he is starting now to make sure his industry is exempt from whatever stifling regulations an imaginary Biden presidency might impose upon the rest of the fossil fuels industry, thereby giving natural gas a huge and profitable market advantage.

There is also another possibility that we discount but feel we should throw out there. And that is that Mr. Goldman is a secret Objectivist, who has a diabolical plan to elect Joe Biden president in order to tear down the fossil fuels industry, destroy the American economy and thereby advance the collapse of a Democratic Party that increasingly relies on looting and coerced income transfers for its existence.

You can take your pick from our reasons why a fossil fuels executive would host a fundraiser for Joe Biden, or add your own, but one thing is for sure, whatever his reasons for hosting the Biden fundraiser, Andrew Goldman IS a fossil fuels executive and he has his reasons for backing Biden.

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