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Michael Knowles And The Crumbling Conservatism Of Fox News

Michael Knowles
The alleged conservatism of FOX News, based mostly on their stellar evening line up of Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, keeps taking hits from their far-from-conservative commentators, such as Shepard Smith and lately from the network management.

The latest example of the network caving to Leftists came after Monday night’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum” with the even handed and even-tempered Harris Faulkner substituting for Ms. MacCallum.

During a panel featuring conservative podcaster Michael Knowles and Democratic Party activist Chris Hahn, Knowles said “[Meatless diets] increase emissions, the increased energy use, water use, but none of that matters because the climate hysteria movement is not about science,” said Knowles. “If it were about science, it would be led by scientists rather than by politicians and a mentally ill Swedish child who is being exploited by her parents and by the international left. So, what you’re seeing is a political movement and a religious movement, and it’s fulfilling religious and political goals of the Left, but it isn’t doing that much for science.”

Hahn launched an attack on Knowles before he had even finished – but it wasn’t about the scientific or factual content of Knowles’ commentary.

Hahn could be heard scoffing and saying “how dare you” in the background, reacting to Knowles’ comment. And when Ms. Faulkner came to him Hahn expressed his outrage at Knowles’ characterization of Thunberg, but he didn’t even attempt to refute Knowles’ argument.

“You’re a grown man and you’re attacking a child,” said Hahn. “Shame on you.”

“Relax, skinny boy!” Hahn later said. “I got this, okay? You’re attacking a child. You’re a grown man. Have some couth, ok, when you’re on television.”

Knowles insisted that he was simply “attacking the Left for exploiting a mentally ill child” and later noted that Thunberg is, in fact, “mentally ill” “She has autism,” he said. “She has obsessive-compulsive disorder. She has selective mutism. She had depression.”

And in conclusion Hahn dropped this personal assault on Knowles:

Maybe on your podcast you can get away and say whatever you want because nobody is listening… You’re on national television. Be a grown-up when you’re talking about children. She’s trying to save the planet because your president doesn’t believe in climate change. And kids need to take to the streets to worry about their future. You are despicable for talking about her like that and you should apologize on national television right now.

FOX later issued this statement caving to the Liberal mob, saying:

The comment made by Michael Knowles who was a guest on The Story tonight was disgraceful. We apologize to Greta Thunberg and to our viewers.

It turns out Hahn was right, you can’t tell the truth about Greta Thunberg, or probably any other Leftwing child activist on national TV.

And that’s the whole point of using children to sell Leftwing propaganda and policy goals, they perform, as Tucker Carlson put it, like human shields, shielding the Left from any criticism, no matter how factual.

The reality is that Greta Thunberg and others like her aren’t trying to “save the planet” they are trying to steal your liberty, reduce your quality of life and impose their cult-like beliefs upon reluctant populations, all while advancing the economic interests of Communist China.

Michael Knowles is unlikely to be invited back on FOX News any time soon, but from our perspective Knowles was dead on right about Greta Thunberg and the rest of the millions of children who have been rendered mentally ill by the Left’s well-funded effort to induce mass hysteria over “climate change.” Shame on FOX for caving to the Leftwing mob and abandoning the conservative principles of free exchange of ideas based on science and facts.

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Been a bad week for Chris Hahn

Gee, first Hahn starts the week by insulting Mr Knowles, who was completely right about the mental illness of Greta Thunberg. Ms Thunberg suffers from Asbergers Syndrome, on the Autism spectrum of DISEASES. Ms Thunberg denies it is a disease, but it has an ICDM diagnosis and treatment reimbursement code, so...
Then Hahn appears with Rudy Giuliani, and states he "used to respect Rudy, especially for his work as Mayor after 9-11" Rudy responds, "That's nice, Chris. I never respected you."

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