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What Conservatives Are Saying About Impeachment

Trump tweet Kim Strassel
After the release of the transcript of President Trump’s conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky we decided to do a quick recap of what conservatives are saying about impeachment and the release of the transcript.

First off is our take: A complete Nothingburger, with a side of Deep State fried BS a la Democrat fake Whistleblower.

Next is what Rush had to say on his program yesterday:

It doesn’t really matter, as far as the scandal of this, it doesn’t matter what was said in that phone call. That phone call is just the latest hook for the Democrats to not stop the ongoing series of allegations...

So, the whistleblower is effectively irrelevant today. It doesn’t matter what the whistleblower said. It doesn’t matter where he testifies, because with the release of the transcript, we know more than the whistleblower knew. In a legal sense, that is devastating. It just takes the whistleblower out of this. He’s irrelevant, whoever it is. The only interest in the whistleblower is for whom does he or she work? Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? Joe Biden? Chuck Schumer? Nancy Pelosi?

We want to find out for whom this whistleblower was doing his job, dirty work. But Phil Mudd had it right. Now you’re president of the United States and you’re on a phone call, and there’s all kinds of people listening to these phone calls. When President Trump calls another foreign leader, you’re in the Situation Room and there’s all kinds of people monitoring this. This is serious stuff. There have to be witnesses. There’s a memorialization of the call, a transcript, of all of these. Presidents make these calls with all of the confidence in the world that nobody’s gonna leak it.

Well, look what happened. Somebody leaks a bunch of crap about what Donald Trump said on the phone call with the president of Ukraine. Let’s review. Let’s go back and look what the Drive-By Media told us about this phone call. They told us that the whistleblower had heard that the president was going to withhold funds from Ukraine. The president was gonna blackmail Ukraine. The president was gonna withhold money that we had pledged if they didn’t investigate Biden.

Guess what? That’s not in the transcript. Trump didn’t do it. Never stated. It’s not there. Then we were told by the Drive-By Media that Trump had said eight times in that phone call “the Bidens” and “the Biden investigation” and “pressure.” We were told that Trump mentioned it eight times to the president of Ukraine: Investigate Biden, find out what Biden did, find out what Biden’s son has done.

Zilch, zero, nada. There were not eight times. And there was no quid pro quo...

The reporting on this has been a lie. Everything that was supposedly incendiary about this never happened. And yet the Democrats and Pelosi acted on it and created this phony impeachment scam.

Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4) a former Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said the [impeachment] inquiry is a sign of Democrats’ desperation. “Speaker Pelosi’s decision to pursue impeachment now — on the basis of unsubstantiated, indirect and anonymous allegations — only shows that the speaker has finally succumbed to unrelenting pressure from the socialist wing of the Democrat Party.”

Rep. Jordan later tweeted:

THIS is why @SpeakerPelosi launched impeachment? REALLY?

-No quid pro quo

-No discussion of foreign aid

To top it off, President Trump was asking Ukraine to look into serious and troubling issues regarding foreign interference in American elections.

Rep. Mark Meadows, the immediate past Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus tweeted:

I've read the transcript and the Democrat spin was wrong... again

- President Zelensky initiated the Giuliani convo and asked the WH to send him to Ukraine

- ZERO discussion of foreign aid quid pro quo

That's it? THAT'S what Democrats are impeaching on?

Give me a break.

"The transcript conclusively determines, despite Democratic promises to the contrary, that there was no quid pro quo. No mention of military aid. No violation of the law," Rep. John Ratcliffe, (TX-4), said in a news release reported by The Dallas Morning News.

"Democrats have today unequivocally and irreparably harmed our national security and compromised an important ally," he continued. "Instead of forming an impeachment line, Democrats should consider forming an apology line."

"Despite the wild speculations from the media, career intelligence community staffers, and congressional Democrats, the actual transcript of the call reveals no illegal quid pro quo," said Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, asserting that "facts don't matter to congressional Democrats."

Cruz later tweeted: At least they’re honest:  Don’t let “facts” or “evidence” stand in the way of our lynch mob....

And our good friend Mark Levin (@MarkLevinShow) tweeted:

What a stupid, baseless, phony scandal the Democrats, Nevertrumpers & media are trying to promote. Endless conga line of Democrats and the like crying crocodile tears while covering up for the crooked Biden family. It won’t work.

Club for Growth President David McIntosh issued a strong statement in response to the newly released transcript of the call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky:

This transcript proves President Trump did nothing wrong and was acting under his constitutionally granted authorities. Article II, Section 2 of the Constitution gives the President broad authority to execute the nation’s foreign policy. Article II, Section 3 also makes the President Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the United States. If a U.S. citizen is suspected of criminal activity, the President can and should discuss the matter with foreign leaders. Unfortunately, this represents another attempt by Democrats to smear the President and overturn the 2016 election. Instead of passing legislation to make the country better, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are obsessed with impeachment in order to feed their insatiable far-left base at the expense of the truth and prosperity.

We offer the comments of Wall Street Journal columnist Kimberley Strassel, one of the wisest people on politics we know, as the conclusion of this brief survey: Having read DOJ’s Trump-Ukraine release, here’s the real story: This is another internal attempt to take out a president, on the basis of another non-smoking-gun.

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Nancy Pelosi revealed impeachment has no factual basis

Nancy Pelosi screwed up big. She declared to the media that she was going to open the impeachment process after Trump declared he had authorized release of the complete unredacted and unclassified text of the phone call, but before its release the following day. In doing so, she was saying that it didn't matter what the facts were. She got swept up in the extreme reactions of fellow Democrats to the possibility of something Trump actually did which might deserve impeachment. She wanted to be in the lead of those reactions, so acted without the facts. And thus undermined her own case.

Since the whistle-blower's statement admits that he has no personal knowledge of the phone call, only second or third hand knowledge, his statement is no longer relevant to any investigation. It is however valuable in understanding how the deep state operates. How they created, in their dialogs with each other, purported contents of the phone call which did not, in fact, exist.

She also made it clear that she is not a real leader, and would be a terrible President. Imagine a President making a decision, knowing the full facts would be known the following day, and with no particular downside to waiting a day.


They will keep the inquiry alive until the election, hoping to paint Trump as the villain. It worked in 2018. That is how theyt got control of the House. And if they get control of the Senate, they will attempt to convict him once he is reelected.