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Mitch McConnell Goes Into Full Killer Turtle Mode On Impeachment

Killer Turtle
Looking at his long record in the U.S. Senate no one would ever mistake Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell for a movement conservative. True, he often sounds like a conservative, occasionally he even votes like a conservative, but he rarely legislates from the conservative perspective or agenda.

Indeed, some conservatives have referred to the Senate as the lair of the killer turtle due to Senator McConnell’s purported resemblance to a cartoon turtle, and the number of conservative bills that have been killed there.

However, yesterday McConnell was in full killer turtle mode, but sounding very conservative indeed about impeachment.

The Majority Leader began his remarks by saying, “From the very beginning of this presidency, Washington Democrats have lived in a state of denial. They seemed positive that some inside-the-Beltway maneuver would save them from the consequences of Secretary Clinton’s defeat.”

“All their energy is going into this all-consuming impeachment parade that has been rolling on for three years now, searching for a rationale. Remember, it was literally Inauguration Day, January 2017, when the Washington Post ran this headline: ‘The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun.’”

Senator McConnell continued, “Our Democratic colleagues have had their minds made up since long before this inquiry began. Remember, the chairwoman of one of the committees that Speaker Pelosi has put in charge of this process said in April of 2017, quote, ‘I’m going to fight every day until he’s impeached.’ So, this is not about seriously discharging constitutional responsibilities. It’s about the end result they’ve had in mind since day one.”

Senator McConnell concluded the set-up of his main objective by making the point that, “Three years of this. Now, finally, Speaker Pelosi’s efforts to hold back her left-wing caucus have officially crumbled and the House has thrown itself into impeachment.”

Senator McConnell then closed on the institutional violence Democrats were doing to Congress, saying, “The Democrats’ process already speaks for itself. For the first time ever, Speaker Pelosi has simply ordered the House to conduct an inquiry into impeaching a President without a full vote of the House. Just yesterday, the Speaker doubled down on this unprecedented and undemocratic process by once again refusing to hold a vote on an impeachment inquiry.”

He then pointed out the gross departure from precedent in which Democrats have been engaged, observing that, “Democrats have refused to give Republicans the same rights and fair treatment that Republicans afforded Democrats during the Clinton impeachment — things like equal subpoena power for the ranking members. Likewise, Democrats have refused to give President Trump’s counsel the same opportunities that Republicans gave to President Clinton — rights such as attending all hearings and depositions, offering evidence, and cross-examining witnesses.”

And Senator McConnell wasn’t afraid to make it personal, “We have already seen Chairman Schiff say in public that his committee had not been in touch with the whistleblower when they actually had been. We have seen Chairman Schiff bizarrely and brazenly fabricate what the president actually said to the President of Ukraine, during an official hearing that he was chairing. Only to claim that his fabrications were ‘parody’ when Republicans called him out for it.”

“The same Democrats who are running this circus turn around and claim with a straight face that they are solemnly following the facts and the Constitution wherever it leads. Give me a break. The entire country can see that’s not what is happening,” Senator McConnell.

Senator McConnell’s remarks were long overdue, and will no doubt be seen by many as some sort of milestone in the impeachment battle – and well they might prove to be if they are followed up with action.

One thing Senator McConnell could do is put into action his observation that the House conduct is unprecedented and undemocratic by moving the Senate to immediately dismiss the charges if they are ever brought.

As Keith Whittington observed in a September 25, 2019 article for the Niskanen Center, the Senate could make quick work of a House impeachment effort.

The Senate could entertain a motion to dismiss the charges at the outset of a trial on the grounds that the allegations did not meet the constitutional standard of impeachable offenses, and a majority of the Senate could send the House packing without ever hearing a witness or seeing evidence. If a majority of the senators thought the House was abusing the impeachment power by bringing frivolous charges, there is no reason why the Senate would have to pay obeisance to the House by going through the motions of a pointless trial.

Clearly that is what is going on in the completely unprecedented impeachment effort against President Trump and the Senate would have every reason to dismiss any charges that Schiff, through the outrageous process he and Pelosi have constructed, might bring.

The toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), we invite CHQ readers and friends to call Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to urge him to dismiss the frivolous impeachment charges being formulated in secret by House Democrats.

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Contacting Mitch McConnell

It is useless to call MM. His mailbox is full and no one answers the phone because they all are talking with others. Aren't they always?? Why didn't CHQ supply us with his e-mail address? This man was a major RINO, perhaps even the ringleader. His willingness to saddle up to President Trump is merely an attempt to demonstrate what? I appreciate his slowly, dragged-to-the-altar changing attitude, but he still needs to be far more forceful in tone, adamant in stance, and backed with overt action. We shall see what he does in the future and what the future holds for him (what we do during election cycles).