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Tell Mitt Romney to Stop Colluding with Democrats!

Club for Growth Romney
The only thing worse than having Mitt Romney in the Senate would be having Jeb Bush in the Senate, because, post his failed presidential campaign, Romney has been on the wrong or losing side of every public policy debate he has poked his head into.

Now, Romney has emerged as an outspoken opponent of President Trump. In just the past few weeks, he has denounced the president and claimed his phone call with the President of Ukraine was an attempt to solicit dirt on a political rival calling it “wrong and appalling,” suggested that his fellow Republicans are looking the other way out of a desire for power and condemned Trump’s troop withdrawal in Syria as a “bloodstain on the annals of American history.”

People close to Romney told McKay Coppins for a recent article in The Atlantic that his decision to run for the Senate was motivated in part by his alarm at Trump’s ascent – an observation of the obvious, that could be phrased another way; Romney ran for the Senate because he realized that a Republican Party remade as a conservative-populist party would permanently deal him out of the presidential poker game.

Mr. Coppins claims Trump has nursed a grudge since 2016, when Romney denounced him as a “phony” and a “fraud,” and warned of the “trickle-down racism” that would accompany his election.

And Coppins may be right: Trump would have to be a saint not to harbor a grudge against someone like Romney who is allegedly in the same political party and tried to torpedo his presidential campaign with false charges of racism.

After he won, Mr. Coppins reminded us, President-elect Trump briefly considered tapping Romney as his secretary of state, but the match was not to be. And in the years that have followed, the tension between the two men has only grown more exaggerated.

And now there’s Romney’s openness to joining Democrats to impeach President Trump.

Romney told Mr. Coppins that he does not have an abstract definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors,” and that when it comes to identifying impeachable acts, he follows Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famous standard for defining hard-core porn: “I’ll know it when I see it.” Asked if he’s seen it yet, Romney told Coppins that he’ll make up his mind once he hears all the evidence at the trial.

All of this led our friends at the Club for Growth to conclude that Mitt Romney is working as a secret asset for Democrats, plotting with them to take down President Trump through impeachment.

The Club for Growth has launched a television advertisement urging Utah voters to contact Senator Mitt Romney and ask him to stop supporting Democrats and their push to impeach President Trump. The ad will run statewide in Utah on FOX News from October 17th to the 27th, and can be found at

“Romney already ran for President and lost; he should stop running in 2020 against a Republican incumbent,” said David McIntosh, President, Club for Growth. “We are calling on conservatives in Utah to contact Romney's office and tell him to stop working with Democrats to impeach President Trump who is being falsely targeted because Democrats didn’t like the results of the 2016 election, and they know they can’t win in 2020 with a socialist. There are two things Sen. Romney is good at: changing positions and alienating conservatives, and now he is bringing his unique brand of self-promoting flip-flopping to yet another issue.”



ANNC: Slick, slippery, stealthy:

Mitt Romney had us fooled.

ROMNEY (2012 NV press conference): “Being in Donald Trump’s magnificent hotel and having his endorsement is a delight.”

ANNC: Posing as Republican, he tried to infiltrate Trump’s administration as Secretary of State.

ROMNEY (@ Trump Tower Nov. 2018): “President-Elect Trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future.”

ANNC: Now his cover’s blown — exposed by news reports as a Democrat secret asset.

Sources say Romney’s plotting to take down President Trump with impeachment.

Tell Romney, quit colluding with Democrats on impeachment.


We suspect that the main reason President Trump did not choose Mitt Romney as his Secretary of State was that, drawing on his preternatural ability to read people, Trump recognized Romney is a weasel and would screw him the first chance he got.

Romney’s politically motivated attacks only serve to embolden the leftist Democrats’ outrageous and illegitimate witch hunt against President Trump which undermines his pro-growth economic agenda, his non-interventionist foreign policy and his pro-life and pro-family domestic policy.

We urge CHQ friends and readers to go to the Club for Growth site to send a message to Senator Romney and to call his Washington office (the toll-free Capitol Switchboard number 1-866-220-0044) to register your support for President Trump and your outrage that Senator Romney is open to joining the Democrats in their anti-constitutional attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election.

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