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Conservative Star News Digital Media Announces Principles on K-12 Education

Star News Education Principles
Star News Digital Media
the Nashville-based company that owns and operates five online news sites delivering hard news with a conservative editorial perspective – The Tennessee Star, The Ohio Star, The Minnesota Sun, The Michigan Star, and Battleground State News – and also publishes textbooks for secondary school students, has just released a statement of principles for its reporting on education.

We believe this statement offers conservatives crucial guidance in the battle to reform public education in the best interests of students, parents and taxpayers.

Star News Digital Media Statement of Principles on K–12 Education:

Our reporting on K-12 education is based on our philosophical perspective, which is reflected in our statement of principles.

Statement of Principles on K–12 Education

Seven key changes are required to return K-12 education in the United States to its previous position as first in the world. Those changes are:

1. Direct Instruction is the most effective way to teach the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic to K-5 Students, and it should become the preferred teaching methodology in all elementary schools in America.

2. Individual and local sovereignty and accountability should become the required standard for public school governance. School choice must be available to all citizens respecting the right of parents to make the best decisions for their children.

3. The objective of every high school in America should be to equip every student with skills that make them capable of economic self-sufficiency by the day they receive their high school diploma.

4. Civics and the Constitution should be required learning for everyone.

5. Shop Class (learning how to make things, build things and fix things) should be required for everyone, because developing a vocational skill is the starting point of economic self-sufficiency.

6. Home Economics (Consumer Sciences) should be required for everyone, because economic self-sufficiency begins with these skills as well.

7. Classical Curriculum, which instructs students based on the values and ideas of Western civilization, is the most effective way to develop thinkers and virtuous leaders in grades 6-12, and should be the preferred standard in all secondary schools. Character formation and the respect for human dignity nurtured in students through this curriculum provides the backbone for a civil society.

Michael Patrick Leahy
CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Star News Digital Media

Christina Botteri
Executive Vice President, Star News Digital Media

Nashville, Tennessee
October 21, 2019

In our view conservatives should, at a minimum, demand adherence to these principles from every candidate running for the School Board, because, as our friend Luke Rosiak documented recently in an article for the Daily Caller, the Soros-funded Left has a well thought out and well-funded plan to continue the Leftward movement and radical transformation of American K-12 education.

As Mr. Rosiak explained, in cities and counties across America, local politicians have in recent months begun proposing comprehensive race-based policies such as redrawing school boundaries to dismantle schools with too many white or Asian students.

They have pushed for radical changes that have roiled even liberal-leaning constituents reported Mr. Rosiak. The justification on all of their lips is oddly similar: “Equity.” The same buzzwords appear again and again.

The changes were justified by alleged “academic research” from the University of Southern California (USC) that was tough for any city or county, rich or poor, to pass up: If they enacted certain policies, they were told, the cities’ economies could gain billions of dollars.

An investigation by the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) found that across the country, these changes are being pushed on local governments by a constellation of groups who share the same funders, including George Soros. One of those groups alone is active in 33 cities and counties covering 1 in 10 Americans.

These interlocking groups, pushing USC studies that University of Rochester economist Steven Landsburg told the DCNF were “utterly ludicrous” and don’t contain enough science to be called “junk science,” form the basis of a social justice warrior platform that is profoundly destructive to children and to the future of our country.

The only way to fight these Soros-funded groups is to develop and fight for an alternative liberty-based model, and we think the Star Digital Media Statement of Principles on K–12 Education is the place conservatives must start.

We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact their school board members, especially those running for election, to demand that they commit to following the Star Digital Media Statement of Principles on K–12 Education and that they reject attempts by the Soros-backed groups, such as USC’s Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE), Local and Regional Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE), PolicyLink, “Equitable Growth Profile” and the Equity Atlas, to use junk science to radically transform K-12 education in your community.

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