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Assault on America, Day 295: Is Biden surging again or is Pocahontas Warren simply choking?

Biden Polling Black Voters
For many months now, commentators discussed the phenomenon that was Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden’s faltering presidential campaign. As the beloved (to party faithful at least) Barack Obama’s vice president, right-hand man and all-around back slappin’, hair sniffin’ good guy, the half-century serving Delaware pol entered the party race and on day one enjoyed a hefty support advantage over his hungry but lesser-known competitors.

Then Joe’s polling margin slowly vanished. Beset by a virtually never-ending series of gaffes and other questionable statements of fact -- and an inability to explain away huge “Warning!” blips in his background -- Biden squandered his once seemingly impregnable lead to Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren. The ultra-liberal Massachusetts maven benefited from the Democrat faithful’s perceived need for an alternative to Biden, since the man was demonstrating at every turn how he wasn’t up to the job.

Now the trends appear to have reversed. Whereas before folks in-the-know were conducting a death watch on Joe’s presidential hopes, the lead Democrat liberal has vaulted out to another double-digit lead. One particular recent poll showed Biden’s margin was fully restored, and may even be growing.

Joseph Simonson reported at The Washington Examiner, “Joe Biden is enjoying one of his largest leads over the rest of the Democratic field since joining the presidential race, a new poll finds.

“A CNN survey conducted by SSRS finds that 34% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters currently back the former vice president to unseat President Trump in November. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts sits in second place, with 19% support. Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont placed third with 16%.

“The rest of the pack is even farther behind, with Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana, and California Sen. Kamala Harris earning 6% support, while Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke garnered 3% support.”

Simonson’s article further reported Biden’s renewed good polling fortune is likely due to his consolidation of conservative and “moderate” Democrat support. 43 percent of those identifying in those two ideological categories back Joe now, an increase of 15 percent from a month ago. Biden can boast of a similar (14 percent) bump in African-American enthusiasm from September as well. Not bad for a guy who’s at the center of the current impeachment frenzy, all due to son Hunter’s name being mentioned in the famous Trump July phone call with the Ukrainian president.

Biden’s certainly forged a reputation over the years as being a master of the political snow-job, but this episode probably takes the cake. Sure, most of his rivals took off after Warren in the most recent Democrat gripe session -- a.k.a., debate -- but there must be more at play here for the frontrunner to be gaining such big chunks of sampling ground on his rivals at this stage of the contest (basically just over three months from the first official ballots are cast in Iowa on February 3, 2020).

It should be noted another recent Iowa poll placed South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the top-tier in the state, a fascinating development considering just months ago the man had no national profile and has little more than his homosexual sexual orientation and boyish good looks to offer voters in terms of qualifying personal characteristics.

Polls constantly fluctuate and it’s always difficult to garner true levels of support this far out from the actual voting, but Biden’s resurgence is likely related to a few factors. First, Democrats have now had about a half year to weigh the respective candidacies and may have reached a point where attitudes are hardening on the individual prospects. At this same juncture (in late October/early November) in the GOP primary struggle in 2015, for example, Donald Trump was receiving his most serious challenge from Ben Carson, only to see the fellow outsider (and gifted neurosurgeon) fall back to the pack by Thanksgiving.

Campaigning is a little bit like dating. Citizens first assess the outward attributes of the candidates (style of speaking, issue platform, background, chance at winning the nomination/election, and yes, even what the guy or gal looks like) and decide whether to agree to “date” the person. Once the first few feeling-out sessions (forgive the mental image) are over, however, the romantic light fades a bit -- and the challengers don’t appear so promising under the heat lamp of concentrated scrutiny.

Republicans briefly flirted with Carson (and to a lesser extent Carly Fiorina) before settling on Trump as the frontrunner and Ted Cruz as his most credible competitor. Marco Rubio also received a lot of attention back then, though as the establishment choice the Florida senator never really had a chance with the anxious-for-change 2016 conservative liberty-minded GOP electorate.

Democrats seem to be going through a similar culling process now. Ever since Hillary Clinton crashed and burned so infamously in 2016, liberal pundits have propped up Biden as the next-in-line and anointed “savior” of the party -- and country. Only when it came down to it, people discovered Joe was the same full-of-it blowhard gaffe manufacturing robot he’s always been, but with less hair and teeth practically falling out this time.  

Which brings me to factor two -- there isn’t an obvious credible alternative to the “moderate” establishment honk Biden. “Pocahontas” looked to be the one who might fit the role, though her dreadful performance in the last debate revealed she probably isn’t up to the task. Folks -- including ardent liberals such as late night talk show idiot Stephen Colbert -- noticed how Warren couldn’t explain her positions very well, and it’s reflected in the polls.

Iowans are beginning to doubt Liz too, which is a very bad indicator for the faux Native American who’s already got a lot of ‘splaining to do about her outlandish giveaway programs like Medicare for All, universal college tuition and big government subsidies for childcare (this isn’t even mentioning her threats to trash the energy industries that are helping fuel America’s economic boom, all to stave off “climate change”). The more Warren speaks the less sense she makes to people who demand real policy beef to deliver substance to their political diet.

Biden doesn’t really add much either, though his lifelong reputation as a DC dealmaker and good ol’ boy provides the impression he can get things done, even if he’s gotten so old and senile that he can’t remember what he had for lunch yesterday much less articulate a coherent agenda that solves vexing dilemmas like taxes, debt and healthcare. Joe’s the prime beneficiary of an incredibly shallow Democrat field where his main competition is two out-of-this-world socialism embracing kooks who wow young people but turn-off about two-thirds of Democrats.

And we’re not even mentioning the general election. When Trump gets past this stupid impeachment nonsense he’ll be primed -- and motivated -- to really stick it to the Democrats. He has a big “war chest” too. 2020 promises to be political Armageddon.

Lastly, Biden’s apparent political resurrection is due to the media’s noticeably laying off him of late. Instead of diving head-first into an investigation concerning Biden’s quid pro quo demand to Ukraine (to fire a domestic prosecutor examining corruption in the country, including his son’s Ukrainian “employer”), journalists and talkers would much rather chase the insane rantings of scumbag Adam Schiff and his merry band of secretive Democrat impeachment bagmen.

The Biden family is at the center of the controversy yet all the focus remains on Trump. With liberals in full control of establishment media outlets, poor Joe and his ethically challenged boy Hunter look like sympathetic characters when pitted against the big orange meanie in the Oval Office. The media’s also trying desperately to make it sound as though there are fissures in the GOP, with wishy-washy lawmakers fretting over the possibility Trump might be removed.

It’s nonsense. The GOP base is solidly behind Trump. “Pierre Delecto” Mitt Romney’s been exposed as a fraud and the #NeverTrump contingent isn’t swaying anybody. Not like it ever has. What a collection of desperate political derelicts they are, castaways without an island to survive on. No wonder Biden is making a comeback.

#NeverTrumpers still don’t get it. Jonah Goldberg wrote at National Review, “Trump’s popularity with Republicans is sustained by the fact he drives the Democrats and media ‘CRAZY!’ His supporters don’t want to hear about him caving to the demands of liberals. But admitting the truth would have been worse; too many Republican legislators couldn’t or wouldn’t defend his indefensible decision [to hold the next G-7 summit at his Doral golf resort], and they let the president know he’d gone too far. Normal presidents feel constrained by the political needs of their party, and it turns out even Trump isn’t immune to pressure from his team.

“Of course, he feels more constrained by GOP congressional support now that he’s staring down the barrel of impeachment. But if Trump had cared more about reciprocating the loyalty he so often demands from the party, he might not be looking at impeachment in the first place. And if the GOP had worked harder at constraining Trump from the beginning, they might not be looking at the implosion of their party.”

Implosion of the GOP? Hmpf! The only ones who are imploding are the same establishment wannabe fools on Capitol Hill who always worry way too much about what the polls say and neglect to give common sense its richly deserved due deference. The heart of the Republican Party is with Trump, and it isn’t just because he’s won so many victories for the conservative agenda.

Jonah should get it through his head that conservatives and Republicans appreciate Trump’s combative personality as much as they admire his ability to keep his promises. Trump’s rallies are as entertaining as they are substantive. Why else would so many folks hanker to see the president when he visits town? It isn’t just because Trump’s kept gasoline prices low or pulled the troops out of Syria. True, these things are popular, but conservatives respond to Trump because he’s battling the swampy status quo. Hard as it is to believe, Trump is all of us… he’s the everyman in nice suits and orange hair.

And they realize the Democrats’ impeachment drive is pure farce. There’s an element of fundamental fairness involved. Any elected Republican who wavers on this risks his or her political scalp. If the party “implodes” it’s because the establishment failed to defend the man who’s become its symbol of success.  

Joe Biden’s return to a solid lead in the Democrat presidential race likely means party voters are still unsure about which direction to turn. Perhaps “Pocahontas” Warren isn’t the one to challenge the frontrunner, and it’s not clear if one of the others will either. Could it be Hillary’s time?

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