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Assault on America, Day 300: Impeachment ruse exposes Dems as unfit, incompetent and stupid

NeverTrump Human Scum
Well over four decades later, hard as it is to believe, I still remember the first time I heard the story of “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” For those of you without similar powers of recollection of the Hans Christian Andersen classic children’s story, it involves an attire-loving emperor who two swindlers duped into purchasing a fabulous and unique suit of clothes with which he could impress the people of his kingdom with his good taste and remarkable poise.

The only problem was -- and here’s the kicker -- there weren’t any clothes at all. The swindlers told a series of lies to the emperor to make him believe he’s wearing a finely tailored wardrobe (which is “invisible [only] to those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent”) while they took his bag of gold and for lack of a better way to put it, left him naked before the world.

Naturally, no one around the emperor wanted to be “outed” as unfit, stupid or incompetent, so his handlers went along with the swindlers’ ruse, professing to see what wasn’t there. Then, someone who wasn’t nearly so concerned about his own reputation or position finally blurted out the truth. According to Wikipedia, the tale ends, “When the emperor parades before his subjects in his new ‘clothes’, no one dares to say that they do not see any suit of clothes on him for fear that they will be seen as stupid. Finally a child cries out, ‘But he isn't wearing anything at all!’”

As might be expected, we hear a lot of “Emperor’s New Clothes” associations in today’s political world, with pundits suggesting that everyone who’s anyone can see something juicy, sordid and incriminating when there’s really nothing there. Most of the negative attention centers on President Donald Trump, with the enlightened snobby swampy elites swearing they know a high crime or misdemeanor when they see it, but the citizenry simply can’t glimpse what they are told to see. Democrats pretend Trump’s phone call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky constitutes an impeachable offense (a quid pro quo that didn’t happen) -- and cry “Stupid! Unfit! Incompetent!” whenever a person doesn’t back up their phony accusations.

Unfortunately, there are a number of GOP senators open to the Democrat House swindlers’ new set of impeachment duds, pretending to impartially weigh the “evidence,” intending to wait to pronounce final judgment until the trial/spectacle ends. What a crock. Mercifully, last week Senator Lindsey Graham and a few other conservatives indicated they’re launching a counter-offensive against the Democrats’ spurious witch hunt.

But what of the wayward group of Republicans? Perhaps they’re holding out hope Trump could sanitarily be removed and Vice President Pence ascend to the White House and all would be hunky-dory in the smarmy Washington swamp again. But those of us who see what’s going on with our own eyes know it would be a disaster for the GOP -- and everyone who believes in the cause of economic prosperity, individual liberty and religious freedom would suffer a catastrophic defeat. Would the “kingdom” survive? Let’s hope we never have to find out.

Rich Lowry wrote at National Review, “If Senate Republicans vote to remove Trump on anything like the current facts, even the worst interpretation of them, it would leave the GOP a smoldering ruin. It wouldn’t matter who the Democrats nominated for 2020. They could run Bernie Sanders on a ticket with Elizabeth Warren and promise to make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez secretary of the treasury and Ilhan Omar secretary of defense, and they’d still win.

“A significant portion of the Republican party would consider a Senate conviction of Trump a dastardly betrayal. Perhaps most would get over it, as partisan feelings kicked in around a national election, but not all. And so a party that has won the popular vote in a presidential election only once since 1988 would hurtle toward November 2020 divided...

“It’s possible to come up with a scenario in which Ukraine developments are much worse than imaginable right now, and Trump’s support craters, even among Republicans. Then, you might have GOP senators voting to convict. This is just another path to the immolation of the party in 2020, though; there’s no way it would snap back from a Nixonian meltdown at the top in less than a year.”

English playwright William Congreve once wrote, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” which can easily be modified for our purposes to read, “Hell hath no fury like a conservative base scorned” if Trump is taken down due to this Democrat charade.  

It's as plain as invisible clothing on a naked man’s body. Lowry recognizes it as do the vast majority of folks who identify as conservatives and Republicans. The Democrats have tried to get Trump since before he was inaugurated -- or even elected -- and this recent nonsense over Ukraine is merely their latest and most desperate attempt to accomplish a spectacular and improbable removal feat before they’d be forced to take up a campaign against a richly successful incumbent president of the opposing party.

Sure, #NeverTrumpers in the media still claim Trump’s doing a lot of lying and obfuscating himself, but the facts -- and the law -- are most definitely not on their side. Trump fully cooperated (despite his own personal objections at times) with the Robert Mueller Russia-gate farce and now the walls are closing in on the real perpetrators of the Democrats’ fantasies. John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Russia-scare has morphed into a potential criminal prosecution, meaning there are a lot of nervous people in and around the heart of DC these days.  

Before long Americans could very easily witness now-infamous deep staters like Andrew McCabe, James Comey, James Clapper and John Brennan paraded before the courtroom cameras in jailhouse jumpsuits and chains. Well, maybe not that far (too bad, isn’t it?) -- but even if they’re wearing a visible suit of regular clothes it will still be very satisfying to those who’ve waited a long time for justice to be served and to see them get their due. Swindlers can fool some of the people some of the time but they can’t fool all of the people all of the time.

It’s inevitable. Just like the plot-exposing child in “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” someone’s bound to admit they’re being had. Democrats were stunned when Hillary lost to Trump in 2016 and thought they could do an end-around on the process before and after the election. They’re wrong. Be prepared for a great deal of moaning and kvetching from party leaders and the Democrat presidential candidates when at last the federal grim reaper arrives to cart them away.

If only Republican senators were equally inclined to expose the truth. One can’t help but surmise that all but a few have personally dismissed any possibility of voting to convict Trump should the House prosecutors come calling. They’ll allow the trial to proceed while sitting quietly and fidgeting in their seats wondering when the circus will eventually die-down, hoping the political damage won’t be so severe as to kill their own selfish fortunes. It’ll be yet another grand waste of time in the nation’s capital, the only pastime the political class appears to be good at.

Should twenty or so GOPers (and every Democrat and independent) somehow lose their grip on reality and vote to oust Trump, all heck will break loose in the land slightly ahead of the Democrats’ first caucuses and primaries. Mike Pence will swear-in as president while millions of people stare in catatonic silence wondering, ‘What just happened?’ Those Republican turncoats will have sunk their own political fortunes and perhaps, as Lowry prophesied above, the party’s chances to govern will disappear for years to come.

But it wouldn’t stop there. Those Republican senators from red states with GOP legislative majorities could very easily face recall efforts or other drastic measures to censure them for defying the will of their own constituents based on such flimsy justifications as the House Democrat swindlers offered the nation. The focus will turn from the upcoming election and the upheaval will level the country. Party primaries will morph into contentious and nasty (more so than usual) battles between the grassroots and the elites.

Lowry suggested even if Trump were removed his tweets and various other public statements would only intensify -- and he’s right. The media networks won’t suddenly drop their Trump obsessions to cover the budding Pence reelection effort either. Instead of Trump just taking a high percentage of the news coverage he’ll get all of it. Innocent Americans who only hope for an accountable government that’s responsive to their requests and demands would throw in the proverbial towel. Pandemonium would ensue.

All of this because a troop of actuality-blind Republican senators caved to the pleas of Democrats and the media to “do the right thing” and impeach Trump on charges that couldn’t possibly be proved regarding crimes that weren’t consummated to begin with. These political seditionists will have committed the worst kind of intra-party treason and find themselves with no home and no friends -- other than grateful Democrats and #NeverTrumpers who’d then stab them in the back at the first sign of returning to normal.

What have we done? Why would anyone be dumb enough to go outside with no clothes on because tricksters like Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler told them some wild distorted untruth?

Schiff is the swindler in chief, tasked by Nancy Pelosi with hoodwinking everyone into trusting the impossible. He’s a hypocrite too. Tyler O’Neill reported at PJ Media, “In 2015, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) loudly condemned Republicans for the way they led the House Select Committee on Benghazi. He claimed that effort was politically motivated, an effort to help Republicans win in 2016. He condemned Republicans for allegedly: not setting up rules for the committee; not setting the scope of the investigation; not allowing Democrats to issue or vote on subpoenas; and orchestrating ‘selective leaks’ to help their narrative. Does any of that sound familiar?

“In the current impeachment inquiry, Democrats have: refused to hold a House vote to begin the inquiry; refused to allow Republicans to issue subpoenas; not clearly set the scope of the investigation; and orchestrated selective leaks to bolster their narrative — while carrying on the investigation behind closed doors. House committees are controlled by the majority and do not have to grant the minority equal rights and privileges, but Schiff vocally condemned Republicans for allegedly acting then just like Democrats are acting now.

“In other words, 2015 Schiff should be incensed at the actions of 2019 Schiff.”

Both the 2015 and 2019 Schiff(s) have no issue with accepting payment (a salary) for a collection of falsehoods and cons. The man is shameless. Republicans should rightly see him as the snake he is and do everything in their power to not only stop him, but condemn him. Only then will they regain some semblance of dignity in this unseemly political embarrassment.

With impeachment, Democrats clearly want Americans to see something that isn’t there and then lie about it lest we all be called unfit, stupid and incompetent. It’s our own modern-day version of “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” but this time the joke -- and the shame -- is on the swindler Democrats.

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