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Assault on America, Day 303: Voter interest in Amy Klobuchar compares to a one-day sale

Pocahontas and Klobuchar
Candidate shopping. It’s an American tradition.

In an age when the party presidential nomination cycle lasts at least a year-and-a-half (if it ever actually stops and starts again), it’s no wonder that certain candidates rise and fall according to the fickle whims of an electorate that’s never close to satisfied. What may look good one day or week or month doesn’t necessarily appear appetizing the next. Political candidates don’t necessarily possess the same qualities as easily spoiled foods, but it doesn’t take much to turn people off when they’re searching for something digestible to vote for in an election.

Ben Franklin famously quipped, “Guests, like fish, begin to smell after three days.” The same could easily be said for politicians… but for many of them, the noxious odor is present from day one.  

The 2020 Democrat presidential candidates are a good example of the political buying phenomenon. With no clear frontrunner (and no, Joe Biden doesn’t qualify for the designation no matter what the media says), party members are doing a little window browsing to determine which man or woman might be the best flavor to match against President Donald Trump next year. For some, apparently, it’s looking to be Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. Is it so?

David Sherfinski reported at The Washington Times, “Ms. Klobuchar is enjoying a mini-surge lately. She qualified for next month’s debate and raked in more than $2 million in contributions in the immediate aftermath of this month’s debate, where she turned heads by pressing Sen. Elizabeth Warren to explain how she plans to pay for her universal Medicare for All health care proposal.

“Fresh off a swing through New Hampshire, Ms. Klobuchar hit 5% support in the Granite State in a CNN poll released on Tuesday after not registering at all in a July poll. Her net favorability rating in New Hampshire has jumped 13 points since July, which was second only to entrepreneur Andrew Yang’s 15-point increase.

“’New Hampshire voters are starting to tune into the primary in a serious way, and they are seeing that Amy Klobuchar is the candidate who will unite Americans behind her message of not only winning but winning big in November 2020,’ said Scott Merrick, New Hampshire state director for the Klobuchar campaign.”

Hmpf. Reading about Klobuchar’s supposed “mini-surge” makes you wonder how much these people (like Merrick quoted in the previous paragraph) are paid to utter inane exaggerated things to reporters who in turn make a living recording the stupid statements and then passing them on to an unsuspecting public. Do the messengers truly believe voters are actually seeing someone like “Minnesota Nice” Amy as a unifying force in the country? Based on what? I haven’t seen the exact poll numbers but here’s guessing the vast majority of people outside of the most devoted political watchers and party faithful have never even heard of the Gopher State senator with the funny sounding last name.

The Real Clear Politics average still pegs Klobuchar at or around 2 percent. Not exactly a groundswell of new interest there (despite her participation in four nationally televised “official” debates), and hard data doesn’t fib. So, what gives?

It’s a heck of an arduous task to build a brand when you don’t have much unique and different from your competitors to offer people. What does Klobuchar present (in the political sense) that can’t be found in much better-known quantities in the candidates polling above her? If she pitches herself as a “moderate” -- which she’s not -- then how would it detract from race leader Joe Biden’s much more famous packaging of himself in a similar manner?

Isn’t Grampa Joe going around telling everyone how he can “unite the country” because Trump is such a corrupt racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, you-name-it-ist in the extreme? How do you bring people together by brutalizing someone greatly admired by a lot of Americans? It’s a personal thing. Democrats can’t win by criticizing Trump’s policy successes so they make him out to be a culture destroying cretin of the first order. Amy gets in on the hate-Trump action like all the rest -- and she’s good at it too.

Yes, Klobuchar did have a relatively beefy “performance” in the debate a couple weeks ago, but only because she was able to highlight and exploit the vast flaws in Senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s socialistic healthcare proposals. Just about anyone could reside at the far end of the stage and toss poop bombs at those in the center, particularly the Warren/Bernie Sanders duo who speak lovingly of socialism (and/or its redistributionist programs) and swear on their honor that every single one of their pipedreams will be paid for with the wealth confiscated from anonymous but unvirtuous rich people.

Not to get too far off topic, but isn’t it funny how “Pocahontas” and “The Bern” habitually and instinctively rail against the wealthy and corporations but don’t ever name names in their tirades? For if the Democrats humanized the people or companies they’re demonizing, they might get a lot of people angry, particularly those who work hard to serve the businesses the politicians are savaging for selfish political gain. The fact is, wealthy individuals and corporations keep charities going and do a ton of philanthropy with their profits.

Rich people and companies make a lot of other people and businesses rich too. Where’s the other side of the story? Why isn’t the media doing its job?

And it’s not like Klobuchar is out defending the Trump voters she’s desperately trying to win back for the Democrats. She’s not addressing the concerns of Midwesterners on topics like trade, immigration, abortion, healthcare and the like. Just because she happens to hail from a state and a region that’s undergoing a bit of a political realignment (from longtime solid Democrat to purple state to borderline red state) doesn’t mean her views match those she purports to govern. She’s no populist even if she pretends to be one. It’s ingenuine; people aren’t dumb. They’ll see through the subterfuge.

Amy is hardly known as a “moderate” in the senate. She gained notoriety a year ago as one of the lead Democrat Senate Judiciary Committee inquisitors during now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings. Klobuchar didn’t separate herself from her fellow Democrats in order to expose the accusations against Kavanaugh as bogus, phony and destructive. Hardly; she was right there with ‘em crowing about inadequate FBI investigations, insufficient alibis (for something that never happened), “believing survivors” and questioning the character of a man with impeccable credentials. If the Minnesota senator were truly a bipartisan-type leader, she would’ve bucked the haters and voted to confirm Kavanaugh. But she didn’t.

It also merits highlighting that “moderate” Amy Klobuchar has been calling for President Trump’s impeachment for months and she claims she was one of the first to advocate for it. That’s going to make a lot of Trump supporters happy a year from now, isn’t it? Talk about appealing to Republicans. Sheesh.

Just because Klobuchar’s forged a strategy to try and steal “moderate” voters from Grampa Joe by blasting “Pocahontas” Warren as an incomprehensible spender doesn’t mean she now resides in the political center. If anything, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard is considered the lone authentic “moderate” in the Democrat race though the Hawaii congresswoman isn’t a centrist on any issue except perhaps foreign policy. Make no mistake, Gabbard’s a diehard liberal too.

The same “moderate” Democrat snow-job is also being advanced by “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, though he appears to be better at it than Klobuchar. Buttigieg’s another rust belt-focused politician who thinks he deserves a media free pass because he’s from the region and understands what citizens desire from their government. At least Buttigieg has the tolerant homosexual thing going for him; by contrast Amy’s as colorful as wallpaper paste and about as approachable as Crooked Hillary Clinton. Just ask her staff, they’ll tell you what Klobuchar’s like in person -- it sounds just like the 2016 Democrat nominee. Screech!

Here’s thinking with Klobuchar, Democrat voters might just be “shopping” for another viable alternative to the trio of senile and crazy septuagenarians in the top-tier, but they’ll pass on her as soon as they realize she’s as politically deep as a puddle, a steadfast swamp dweller with profound liberal roots who won’t solve problems -- she’ll perpetuate them.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll “shop” some more and won’t find anything to purchase. Would they then consider a third-party candidate? One poll suggests it might be happening. Tyler O’Neil reported at PJ Media, “According to a new Rasmussen poll, more than a third of U.S. voters say they are likely to consider a third option besides President Donald Trump and the eventual Democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election.

“Rasmussen asked likely U.S. voters, ‘How likely is it that you will vote for someone other than President Trump or the Democratic presidential nominee in next year’s election – very likely, somewhat likely, not very likely or not at all likely?’

“A whopping 38 percent of likely voters said they were likely to vote for a third option. More than a fifth, 22 percent, described themselves as ‘very likely’ to do so.”

Not to sound redundant, but hmpf here too. In his piece O’Neil rules out the possibility that third parties are taking over the American political scene and admits to having chosen one of the non-Republican or Democrat candidates in 2016… but he’d vote for Trump now.

Much of the third-party appeal to certain conservatives in the last election was due to genuine suspicions of his ideological leanings. But after witnessing nearly three years of his presidency and the depth of hatred liberals and Democrats feel towards Trump, those misgivings have all-but vanished. If anyone’s pondering voting third-party next year it’s because they’re tired of the relentless Democrat witch hunts and Trump’s naturally combative “return the fire” disposition.

It’s doubtful either Trump nor the Democrat nominee has anything to fear in terms of largescale defections. As the 2020 election nears the political stars will align and well over 90 percent will select R or D.

American voters like to “shop” candidates and we’re still a long way from folks hauling out their political credit cards and making a purchase. The media likes to suggest Democrats are giving Sen. Amy Klobuchar a long hard look -- but there’s no way the “moderate” label sticks to the woman. Any shopping curiosity ends soon.

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