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Assault on America, Day 307: What do Virginia & California have in common? We’ll know today

Virginia Elections 2019
With all the recent scrutiny and media obsession over the upcoming 2020 election (in less than a year now!) and impeachment there’s been precious little national attention paid to today’s elections in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Voters will head to the polls in more than the Mid-Atlantic’s premier state, of course, but the rest are of trivial importance because of the huge and meaningful stakes in the Old Dominion.

According to Wikipedia, “This off-year election includes the regular gubernatorial elections in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. State legislative elections will also be held in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Virginia, as well as for the New Jersey General Assembly (the lower house of the New Jersey legislature). Numerous citizen initiatives, mayoral races, and a variety of other local elections will also occur. Three special elections to the United States House of Representatives took place in 2019 for vacancies that arose.”

But make no mistake, all eyes are on Virginia today. In a nutshell, the issue is whether the commonwealth will remain a true two-party state or if the ancestral home of George Washington, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison will make a hard left turn and go the way of neo-socialist, sanctuary state and ICE-snubbing California, home to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, chief impeachment inquisitor (and liar extraordinaire) Adam Schiff, and a massive contingent of the most rabid out-of-touch liberals (Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters?) in the nation. The Golden State’s slide into ruin began over 25 years ago and its current sorry condition could offer a preview of Virginia’s future if political trends don’t change.

For those in need of a refresher, it was only two short years ago that now-Democrat Governor Ralph Northam led a scorched earth racism-based campaign against (establishment-to-the-core) Republican Ed Gillespie, triumphing by a surprising (almost) nine points. Polls had suggested a much tighter contest would ensue, but voters apparently responded to the media’s provocations by turning out in record numbers (for an off-year election) to anoint Northam to succeed Democrat carpetbagger Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Anyone who doubts the power of negative campaigning should use 2017 Virginia as a test case. Mundane and milquetoast Gillespie’s about as far anyone gets from a true racist, but Democrats sure made him out to be a card-carrying skinhead-type who threatens little brown children with big scary sounding pickup trucks wielding confederate flags.

Ever notice how Democrats reliably predict they’ll win everywhere then react in horror and shock when they don’t? They didn’t need to in Virginia.

In essence Virginia swapped one corrupt-o-crat for another two years ago. Democrat wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing always depict themselves as “moderates” in order to win elections and then revert to their rubberstamp liberal leanings once safely protected by doors with big nameplates. Of course ‘ol blackface Northam (or was he the one in the KKK hood?) earlier this year was nearly levelled by scandal, as were Democrat Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (who two women accused of sexually assaulting them at the height of the #MeToo outrage) and Democrat Attorney General Mark Herring (who, like Northam, apparently had a fondness for donning blackface in the days when white Virginia Democrats did that kind of stuff practically every day! Hilarious, ain’t it? NOT!).

None of the three racist/sexist stooges had the decency to step down when they were exposed as hypocritical jerks and precious few Democrats at the national or local level demanded they do so either. For if they’d all resigned, Republicans would’ve gained power -- and Democrats can’t have that, right?

In Fairfax’s case, his accusers came forward in the months after U.S. senate Democrats tried assassinating now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s character based on faulty memories (which absolutely no one could corroborate) of an ambitious leftist woman with an abortion-protecting agenda. Fairfax’s accusers had actual evidence, including dates and circumstances, mind you, but Democrats don’t care about such things when their governing fiefdom is threatened! How impertinent of people to question them!

At any rate, receiving much less attention in 2017 was the partisan balance in the Virginia legislature, with Democrats picking up fifteen seats in the General Assembly (nearly turning a 66-34 GOP majority into a Democrat controlled body) while also teetering on the edge of a state senate majority (where Republicans still hold a 20-19-1 (vacant) advantage). All 40 senate seats are on the 2019 ballot. Perhaps most notable from two years ago, the residents of Prince William County elected the nation’s first openly transgender person (Danica Roem) to the legislature. Of all the firsts, that’s a heck of a dubious honor!

Roem is running for reelection against solid conservative Kelly McGinn, a mother of four who knows a heck of a lot more about the real lives of her would-be constituents than Roem does, who campaigned on a platform of improving the traffic situation on Rt. 28 but hasn’t done a (darn) thing about it. If you don’t believe it, just go ask the motorists jammed in traffic every workday on the way up to the Dulles corridor.

Democrats in the age of Trump have little but big promises to offer and Roem is no different. Should Democrats dominate the Virginia legislature, bad things will happen. Fairfax County (in the DC suburbs) serves as a sorry foretaste of what’s to come under liberal guidance. County resident Fletch Daniels reported at American Thinker last week, “My home county of Fairfax, Virginia was once a safe suburban area with some of the best performing public schools in the nation. It's now a blinking warning sign to America as it hangs on the edge of complete disaster thanks to unchecked immigration and Democrat takeover of the government…

“Fairfax's descent into its current state started with a wave immigration, much of it illegal, into the area which washed away Republican political viability…

“Fairfax is our country in a microcosm. What happened here is happening all over America. If we don't reverse the trends, both at the local and national level, the long-term prognosis on America is not promising. While the battle will rage on at the local level, Virginia is lost to the Democrats at the national and soon state level. Other states, to include Texas, aren't far behind.”

Having lived in Fairfax and Prince William counties for nearly the past quarter century, I’ve personally witnessed much of what Daniels mentioned in his piece. What used to be a fairly ordinary suburban enclave -- and a darn nice place to live -- has morphed into a gang-ridden illegal alien sanctuary that’s even made the national news for its particular brand of decline. Local schools are overrun with non-English speaking children, and, as Daniels highlighted, enormous resources are devoted to servicing them at the expense of the kids who just want to learn the basics.

Not surprisingly, it isn’t just illegal immigration that’s made a difference. Big numbers of legal immigrants also call the area home now due to lenient federal policies which encourage mass resettlement without much assimilation. While the vast majority of these folks are law-abiding and just want the same chance to live a good life, the politics they bring with them leans heavily towards the Democrat side. Democrats exploit the newcomers by spreading lies about Republicans and President Donald Trump. They’re simply not told the truth about the political situation here and of course the liberal-dominated schools aren’t exactly doing their part to educate children on America’s history, freedoms and constitutional protections.

Facts are facts. Immigrants (illegal and otherwise) consume government benefits at a much higher rate than people born here. Try going through a Walmart checkout line without spotting someone with a federal benefits card. And it’s not like they’re limiting their purchases to healthy nutritious food either.

If ever there was a laboratory of what can go wrong with unchecked immigration and uncontrolled welfare programs, it’s northern Virginia. And it’ll only get worse -- a lot worse -- if Democrats win big in today’s state legislature elections. If that were the case, is there a California-like future in store for the commonwealth?

Victor Davis Hanson wrote at National Review, “The state’s elite took revolving-door entries and exits for granted. They assumed that California was so naturally rich, beautiful, and well-endowed that there would always be thousands of newcomers who would queue up for the weather, the shore, the mountains, and the hip culture. Yet California is nearing the logical limits of progressive adventurism in policy and politics.

“Residents carefully plan long highway trips as if they were ancient explorers charting dangerous routes. Tourists warily enter downtown Los Angeles or San Francisco as if visiting a politically unstable nation. Insatiable state tax collectors and agencies are viewed by the public as if they were corrupt officials of Third World countries seeking bribes. Californians flip their switches unsure of whether the lights will go on. Many are careful about what they say, terrified of progressive thought police who seem more worried about critics than criminals.

“Our resolute ancestors took a century to turn a wilderness into California. Our irresolute generation in just a decade or two has been turning California into a wilderness.”

The inimitable Hanson lives in California and frequently reports on the state’s sad deterioration as it descends into one-party liberal control with “leaders” who value the appearance of wokeness more than they do the plight of the citizens there. The well-to-do in the Golden State could care less about an out-of-control bureaucracy because they’re situated in scenic waterfront estates with security protection and big bank accounts from which to cushion the blow of excessive taxation and overregulation.

The ordinary folks are the ones with the burdens. Infuriating.

I was born and raised in California and can scarcely believe how much it’s changed in the years I’ve been liberated from it. Spanish language billboards are prevalent, crumbling infrastructure, tent cities and general rot are noticeable everywhere outside of the moneyed enclaves. Wildfires rage every year and large blackened areas are a common sight these days.

California’s Democrat political officials blame “climate change” and the state’s public utilities for the huge increase in property losses in recent years due to conflagrations. Expanded suburban development into wilderness areas and poorly managed brush growth is the real cause. But if people like Jerry Brown and Gov. Gavin Newsom can gain popularity by placing responsibility on the climate (instead of themselves), why not? And there’s no political will to counter it either.

I got out of California when the government looked like it’d taken an irreversible turn in the mid-90’s. And I’ve never looked back. It’s heartbreaking to think of the same thing occurring in my adopted home of Virginia. What would the Founding Fathers think? Medicaid expansion? Abortion on demand up to the moment of birth? Transgender public restrooms? This could be the Old Dominion’s future if Democrats achieve their aims today. California, here we come.

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