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Assault on America, Day 308: If idiot ‘Beto’ falls in the Democrat race, does he leave a mark?

Beto Bails
“Why Beto, why?”

The question echoed off the walls of the soon-to-be-shuttered campaign office in early state X last week as exasperated and shaken true believers and assorted staff gathered around a distraught and circumstantially humbled “Beto” O’Rourke, who’d called the meeting to inform them it was time to hang up the phones, fold their proverbial tents and slink back to El Paso where he could hide from public view unnoticed and unpicked-upon in his cushy white-guilt mansion and ponder what just happened to his political career -- and his life.

The scene was reminiscent of a once proud and thriving army that’d dwindled down to practically nothing, the wounded and skeletal veterans hugging the ground for comfort and their commanding general perusing the space with downtrodden eyes and folded, helpless arms. Men and women alike choked back tears as the “Beto 2020” campaign banners were furled for a final time. In the end, Beto’s operation was so broke they’d even used up all the tissues, leaving desperate and sorrowful followers to dry their eyes with tattered sleeves or partially-spent coffee filters.

What had previously looked so promising -- a bold and fresh presidential run amidst a weak and uninspiring 2020 Democrat field with only the old and washed up as the frontrunners -- had devolved into a public relations nightmare. It wasn’t entirely “Beto’s” fault; he’d been goaded into entering by brainless liberal dolts who imagined they’d seen something in him that simply wasn’t there last year when the little known skateboarding “cool” former congressman nearly spoiled Senator Ted Cruz’s reelection bid, coming within a few points of pulling off an historic political upset in redder than red Texas.

But alas, it wasn’t to be. Over the course of a few months in 2019, “Beto” discovered all the hype about him had as much substance as a “climate change is causing illegal immigration” white paper he must’ve relied upon for his amnesty policy. Now there were only ashes where the flames of passion had burned so bright. O’Rourke sighed and sniffed as he reached to turn out the lights for a final time as a candidate for the nation’s highest office. ‘What now?’ he thought.

--If the above fictional snapshot of “Beto’s” last moments seems unrealistic, just think about what a farce his presidential campaign was from the very beginning. Dimwitted dunce Beto probably didn’t realize what hit him, but then again, he wasn’t all that astute to begin with. Instead of following in Barack Obama’s shoes as the next “woke” commander-in-chief, the unemployed Texas loser now ponders his more-than-uncertain future. But is he truly done in 2020? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Matt Margolis reported the news over the weekend, writing at PJ Media, “Beto O'Rourke, once a darling of the media, has decided to end his presidential campaign. He tweeted his announcement, linking to a blog post on Medium.

“’Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully,’ Beto wrote. ‘My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee. Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country.’”

There you have it. “Beto” didn’t utter the exact words but it’s right there for all to see. He’s bowing out because he ran out of money. Though O’Rourke personally (through his wife’s family) likely has “the means” to self-fund and continue his own unique crusade to rid America of all of its vaunted rights and valued traditions (like being able to own firearms and churches being tax-exempt), maybe his family convinced him he’d be better off doing something new. Months of stump speaking to small audiences in the first-to-vote states hadn’t paid off in better poll numbers. Appearance after appearance on friendly media hadn’t resulted in new waves of admiring fans -- or donors -- either.

Further, four nationally televised network debates hadn’t propelled him forward. “Beto’s” shallow persona and lackluster presence hadn’t impressed anyone. Even the nominally friendly post-debate media commentators were mean and unsympathetic regarding his lack of speaking time and monotonous answers. There were no “wins” to be had, only shrinking stature and continued debasement as a lightweight among Democrat “heavyweights” like Joe Biden, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren and Bernie Sanders.

At the final bell there was only silence and despair for “Beto”. What he said in his farewell statement was true (probably the only time he spoke plainly this year) -- his leaving the race now is in the best interest of the party. There’s one less idiot to make the others appear equally stupid. And O’Rourke’s exit is definitely in the best interests of the country, too. Heck, a lot of liberals dumped money into his campaign at the beginning -- that’s millions less bucks that will go to a real contender!

Margolis continued his observation, “Beto's campaign has been one desperate radical announcement after another. In recent weeks he's announced his support for Menstrual Equity, vowed to strip tax-exempt status from churches that oppose gay marriage, announced a mandatory gun buyback program, and dropped the occasional F-bomb in order be cool.”

Cool? That’s one way to describe it. “Beto” may have played in a punk band in his earlier days and still looks like he’d fit in well with the other rebellious youth down at the skatepark, but more than anything he came across as dorky and undistinguished. It didn’t take long to notice how O’Rourke employs an overabundance of hand gestures when he speaks and his nervous demeanor didn’t exactly project an aura of confidence. In appearances with the other candidates the guy was like a fish out of water. Just think about how unimpressive he would’ve appeared next to President Trump in a presidential debate.

Margolis speculates “Beto” may not be permanently leaving the Democrat race after all, and that he’s really just bailing out early so as to position himself as a strong vice president candidate. If this is true, it’s more far-fetched and delusional than his campaign for president was in the first place. Party nominees typically look for someone who compliments themselves in certain ways or hails from a winnable state or brings a skill set and expertise in issue areas he or she might lack or needs to augment.

“Beto” fulfills none of these prerequisites. Though he does come from Texas, there’s no way his home population would consider voting Democrat just to get him as the second in line. He’ll be lucky to receive a Democrat convention primetime speaking slot much less headline one of the evenings. He’s boring and doesn’t come across as knowledgeable, serious or authoritative. O’Rourke’s also phony along the same lines as “Pocahontas” Warren, having adopted a Hispanic sounding nickname to pander to immigrants and other race-conscious people.

“Beto” tried a number of avenues to separate himself from his fellow Democrats. He worked hard to be seen as the “climate change” candidate, for example, only to have his thunder stolen by… well, all of them. O’Rourke similarly attempted to be viewed as the biggest, angriest and most aggressive gun grabber of them all -- and did his best to play up the recent mass shooting in his hometown to his advantage -- but no one paid him any mind. Then he floated the hope of rescinding tax-exempt status for religious institutions that don’t condone same-sex marriage.

He came across as powerless and grasping for any straw that might stick with a Democrat voter constituency. But like with so many of his cohorts, there just wasn’t a “lane” for “Beto” to occupy. The Democrat establishment wasn’t about to take a chance on a guy with such a light resume and no stage presence. And the ultra-left already had more than enough stormtroopers to choose from (Warren, Sanders, Harris, etc.). Even the “young guy” lane was already commandeered by “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg.

“Beto’s” repeated apologies for white privilege and advocacy for slavery reparations didn’t even help him catch on. What a failure. He's now a footnote to history and a charter member of the American political losers club. Who knows, maybe he’ll be elected the group’s president! He deserves it!

Of course the congressional Democrats’ insane impeachment drive didn’t help “Beto.” What little spare non-impeachment news coverage there was to be had was appropriated by the frontrunners. The entire party will suffer for the witch hunt, too. Roger L. Simon wrote at PJ Media, “...The Democrats are digging deeper and deeper holes for themselves. Some, rumor has it, already have buyer's remorse on impeachment. Soon enough the bombs will start to go off. You can already read the fear in their eyes. It's made manifest in the bad acting you see from all these Democratic congressmen and women — the phony ‘grave’ assertions of how ‘sad’ they are that they must undertake this ‘unfortunate’ impeachment inquiry. But they do so for us, for the Constitution...

“The deep state — the instigators of all this, from the fake Russia probe though Kavanaugh and now the risible Ukraine nonsense — made a big mistake in their approach. (And considering they're in a large part CIA, that's worrying.) … But they bollocked up the entire thing and alienated a huge swath of the republic in the process. After 2020, more of the deep-staters will be gone — and they know it (hence the panic). Good for us. Keep up the fight. And, as you know, never give up. Pessimism is a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

It’s ironic how Simon urges folks not to give up because that’s exactly what “Beto” did last week and we’re likely to see a lot more Democrats following suit (and not just the ones running for president) in the coming months. There are persistent rumors that Kamala Harris’s campaign is on a death watch and several others can’t be far behind.

Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff have taken the Democrats’ (and especially the party’s presidential candidates’) fortunes into their own hands and bet it all on the theory the public is so incensed with Donald Trump that citizens will do anything to be rid of him -- including impeaching him less than a year from an election. The numbers -- and common sense -- are against them.

It's doubtful anyone outside of “Beto” O’Rourke’s own narrow sphere gave a hoot about his pulling out of the Democrat primary race. As the months go by it’s clear the contest is down to a three or four candidate grudge match. Then the winner gets to take on a newly bolstered President Trump. Any way you slice it, it’s ugly for Democrats.

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