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Assault on America, Day 309: Stupid media blames Trump for Virginia’s vile Democrat swamp

Danica Roem
“It’s Trump’s fault.”

Such was the simple and unchallenged conclusion of most in the mainstream establishment media the other night as Virginia election results streamed in, showing how Democrats apparently wrested control of the state legislature away from Republicans for the first time in 20 years. The liberal party now holds the governor’s, lieutenant governor’s and attorney general’s offices as well as somewhat narrow majorities in the Old Dominion’s legislative bodies, the House of Delegates and state senate.

As I wrote the other day, California here we come. Democrats, if they stick together -- which they always do (because there’s no such thing as a “moderate” Democrat any longer) -- now have little standing in the way of realizing their ambitious leftist agenda, which aims to transform the Commonwealth into a carbon copy of its liberal northern Mid-Atlantic neighbors (Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York). Whereas Virginia was once thought to mark the line between where the liberal north ends and the liberty-loving south begins, conservatives in the state knew otherwise. The writing’s been on the proverbial wall for quite a while now, long before the current president even hinted he would run for office.

With the northern part of the territory basically serving as a suburb to the burgeoning over-bloated leviathan that is the federal government (a.k.a., Washington DC), it was only a matter of time before the population there switched over to the dark (blue) side. Make no mistake, Virginia is red no longer; heck, it ain’t even purple now. It’s deep, deep blue. And sadly, if things don’t somehow reverse, it’ll only get worse as the DC monster creeps further and further south and west from its boggy cocoon.

Nevertheless, the media seemed to be having a good ol’ time suggesting Trump is the sole reason Virginia completed its run to the political nether regions. David Sherfinski and Stephen Dinan reported at The Washington Times, “With anger at President Trump boiling over, Democrats steamrolled to victory in Virginia’s elections Tuesday, claiming majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly for the first time in two decades. They captured Republican-held Senate seats in Northern Virginia and the Richmond area, according to unofficial returns, giving Democrats enough for control, with other pickups possible...

“Liberal groups nationally said the results are proof that the anti-Trump Democratic wave that began in Virginia in 2017 and carried through last year’s congressional elections nationally will crest again next year.

“’What has happened here in Virginia’s elections will reverberate throughout the country,’ said Michael Keegan, president of the liberal activist group People for the American Way. ‘Flipping the General Assembly of this once-red state to blue puts Republicans on notice that voters have had enough of Donald Trump, Republicans, and their dangerous and divisive agenda.’”

Fiddlesticks. Making Trump the scapegoat in this -- and last year’s -- election is a convenient storyline for lazy reporters and commentators who don’t dare challenge the so-called ruling class conventional wisdom and dig out the truth like pigs hunting for deeply buried truffles. In case it wasn’t obvious, these were state district elections where the name Donald J. Trump-R didn’t appear on the ballot, just like Barack Obama-D wasn’t on it either in 2011 (when Republicans raced out to a huge majority (67-32-1) in the House of Delegates and tied it up in the senate).

The Democrats’ 2017 and 2019 victories were hatched year-by-year and inch-by-inch -- and million-by-million of outsiders’ money -- to the point where the tide could be resisted no longer. Where does Trump figure in this calculation? Aren’t the pundits and experts basically arguing that Virginia will return to GOP governance once Trump is gone? If you believe this, there’s some oceanfront property in New Mexico waiting for your perusal and purchase. Make checks payable to…

The media placed Trump in the center of the storm because some Democrat voters indicated they were lodging protest marks against him this year (and in fairness, there were quotes from a pro-Trump voter too). Virginia’s state and local balloting certainly contained a healthy number of national overtones -- stark disagreements over immigration policy/sanctuary cities, law enforcement, gun rights and abortion -- but what happens in Richmond largely stays within the confines of the Virginia border. It’s doubtful neighboring West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina will want to have anything to do with the new Old Dominion Democrat majority’s policies.

Virginia is a special case onto itself because of its geographical proximity to the epicenter of the federal swamp. Tens of thousands of government employees live and vote in the Commonwealth and needless to say, the state is heavily dependent on federal dollars and contracts. If Trump’s overall policy agenda is to give the government back to the people, many, many in these regions run for the voting booth to choose “D” out of fear of losing their gravy train.

Plus, what if the benefits-dependent population is eventually required to take a pay cut? Ouch!

If anything, Virginia is more like Maryland now than it is North Carolina or any state farther south. The chattering class needs to update their talking points because the GOP isn’t really competitive any longer in the heavily populated regions, including the suburbs. In addition to the aforementioned state offices, both U.S. senators and seven out of eleven House members are Democrats too. Liberal politicians approach every Election Day with a big voter head start.

Besides, if Trump is blamed for losses, shouldn’t he be given credit whenever a state votes to keep its Republican governor or legislature? There’s an inherent hypocrisy and contradiction there. For a variety of reasons Virginia is no longer indicative of a typical American state. And the liberal bastions of northern Virginia and heavily populated southeastern part of the Commonwealth don’t really match neighboring jurisdictions either.

Liberals like to say “Keep your laws off my body” where abortion is concerned, but here’s thinking if paper straws and sanctuary state status (like in California) are coming to the Old Dominion, others won’t stand idly by and accept it. Liberal policies lead to heightened crime, lack of respect for police officers, big public union pensions, tent cities full of homeless persons (many of which choose to be there) and out-of-control government spending. Not to mention the new Democrat ruling junta is hell-bent on rescinding whatever gun rights (citing mass shootings as the justification for their gun-grabbing designs) they can get their grubby hands on.

And it’s not like the 2019 election was a complete whitewash in favor of Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren’s party. Democrats will only control the state senate by a seat or two and the House of Delegates margin (54-46?) pales in comparison to the solid Republican majorities of a decade earlier. It should also be noted the GOP may have won more total votes in state House and Senate races. But my, what a difference a few years makes!

What can we learn from Virginia, 2019? Democrats think it’s a gun control thing or a policy thing. Or that Trump’s Twitter habit is motivating people to go out and vote for people like transgender Danica Roem (purportedly because candidates such as he/she are more “tolerant” than those awful conservatives and Republicans who wouldn’t want a guy who dresses like a girl to tell them what to do!). But it’s a population thing. When more Democrats than Republicans live in certain areas, Democrats tend to win elections. GOP candidates in heavily-Republican areas similarly don’t have much to worry about.

As I stated the other day, northern Virginia has changed drastically in the near-quarter century I’ve lived there. Like in other major American urban centers, the numbers of foreign-born individuals (legal and otherwise) has shot up like an Apollo moon rocket headed for the lunar surface. It’s a figures thing, and by the looks of it the trend is pretty bleak for Republicans in the DC suburbs. There isn’t a single Republican Delegate or Senator from the region any longer. But we do have a transgender elected official! (Liberals applaud!) Staggering.

Where to go from here is anyone’s guess. Perhaps the answer is found next door in… Kentucky, where state residents elected a black Republican as Attorney General. Zachary Halaschak reported at The Washington Examiner, “Voters in Kentucky made history Tuesday by electing Republican Daniel Cameron as their next attorney general. Cameron is the first black person voted individually to statewide office, the first black attorney general, and the first Republican elected to the role in more than 70 years, according to Lex18.

“’It's really heartwarming and encouraging when folks regardless of political affiliation walk up to you and express support for the idea that you put yourself out there and made a decision to put your name on a ballot,’ Cameron said Tuesday…

“Cameron won by a margin of 57.7% to Stumbo’s 42.3% President Trump endorsed Cameron… Trump also congratulated him after his win, writing, ‘Great going Daniel, proud of you!’”

That Trump sure is, as Democrats insist, a racist…isn’t he? Imagine the Republican president of the United States describing a black man as a “star” and then tweeting out congratulations when the man becomes a former slaveholding state’s first African-American Attorney General. It’s a documented case of judging by skin color, isn’t it? Oh wait! That’s what Democrats do when they dress up in blackface and then run ads accusing Republicans of being racists (like Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam did -- it’s a fact).

A fifteen-point victory over a well-known and accomplished Democrat indicates Trump’s endorsement made all the difference in Kentucky -- or that’s what the media should be writing. But no, that wouldn’t quite fit with their “Trump is noxious poison to Republicans” narrative. Well, the president’s backing is a positive in many places too.

Virginia Republicans could take a page out of Cameron’s book -- find conservative candidates (of any race) that appeal to different constituencies within the state. It’s the only way to gain back lost territory in places like Virginia. The ideological battle must be fought before it can be won. The stodgy establishment Virginia GOP can’t be caught flat-footed from here on out. Moving to the center and conceding issue territory will get you steamrolled. Democrats already claim the young, ill-informed and gullible. Why try to emulate them?

Blaming President Trump is far too unsophisticated of an excuse for the media or self-labeled “experts” to explain the Republican Party’s decade-long slide in Virginia. For now, the Old Dominion looks lost to GOP control. There’s a dire need for a change in tactics. Can conservatives adapt?

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